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After upgrading an iPhone and iPad to iOS 6, every time anyone responds to one of my emails, I get 100s of identical emails from them and both iPhone/iPad go crazy (beeping constantly as each mail is received).


The only way to stop this is to (Home+Power) each device.  This is also seen in Mail.app on my Mac(s).


Is anyone else seeing this?


One thing I can think of is that I have both an @mac.com and @me.com address and I selected both to be used for Messaging when installing iOS 6.




PS. No, I don't have any mail rules that loop (this wasn't happening with iOS 5 and I haven't changed any mail rules in a couple weeks).

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    I think I figured out the issue, but I'm not sure why it wasn't happening prior to the upgrade to iOS 6.


    In addition to other mail rules, I'd configured rules to move any emails from my relatives to the @me.com mailbox.  It seems with the upgrade to iOS 6, this is now an issue where before it wasn't.  Anyway, if anyone else experiences this, check to make sure you haven't configured a rule to move emails to your .mac or .me mailboxes.