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The javascript geolocation service doesn't work with iOS 6 web apps. We have a web app that works fine in iOS 5 and it works fine in iOS 6 in Safari. But in iOS 6 if you create a web app by adding clicking on the middle icon at the bottom of Safari and adding the app to your home screen it doesn't work anymore. The geolocation call simply hangs.


I created a really simple test problem. Simply go to in Safari to try it out. Then create a Home Screen icon for it and click on the icon and you can see that your position is never displayed. You can look at the html to understand this trivial application.


So how does one contact Apple to get them to investigate this issue?


And by the way, we have already gotten a huge number of complaints about this problem!


-- Mike

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    I can confirm that this bug exists for our geo-caching web app as well.

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    Same here, it is waiting for Geolocation on my ipad..... Anything else looking for location after that misbehaves too. Huge problem.......

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    iOS6  - Save to Home Screen


    Simular problem, the intial - navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition - works fine and the position is returned.  However, the position is not updated with the - navigator.geolocation.watchPosition - statement


    and in Safari as link to WebApp all work fine.

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    MikeAtNextBus, Thanks for posting your test page.  We are having the same problem.


    I saved your test page to my iPhone 5 / iOS 6 home page.  I launched it many times.  50+.


    I received the following (good message) 66% of the time.


    Here is the content:

    Got position lat=xx.xxxxxx lon=-xx.xxxxxx timestampt=xxxxxxxxxxxx


    I received the following (bad message) 34% of the time.


    Here is the content:

    initial content


    Has anyone made any progress on this?  Apple? 


    Is there a ticket open?

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    I have opened a ticket with Apple Developer support on this issue.  Will post results when I get them.  I cannot resolve with the "User Agent" solution some articles are proposing on StackOverflow.  Customer wont accept that behavior.

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    Have noticed this behaviour. Your page -and others, mine included- works great on IOS5 but fails on iOS6. A possible solution, go to Privacity –or whatever name it has in English ios, Spanish ios here– > Localization, and check if Safari has localization enabled. If not, enable it. Now it should work

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    That may be true,  but it's an unacceptible solution.   I really don't feel like putting this on my webapp.


    "Dear Viewer,  due to a flaw in iOS6,  in order to play our geocaching game you have to go to settings,  click around for 10 minutes fiddle with it until you get it exactly right,  then you can play....  or just trade in your iPhone 5 for an iPhone 4s and it works out of the box"

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    You are right, is unacceptable.


    But beware, it's the same behaviour we have on iOS5: if you turn off localization for Safari under Settings, same error occurs. So, it might be that localization for Safari is on  by default on iOS5, and off on iOS6 –just guessing–, and that's why it hasn't popped out so clearly.

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    Same problem. Direct in Safari it works, as a web app, it doesn't work anymore since iOS6.


    ... and localization is enabled, for safari AND the web app (settings).

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    Hello, I've encounter the same problem after the iOs6 update. My web app use a "geolocate me" button, but the map isn't refreshed most of the time. It still works perfectly on iOs5 and browsers, I'm really going to be mad!!

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    Same issue here. Ios6 update breaks watchposition

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    I am having what I think is a similar problem - I'm not a developer so I will not get the technical terminology correct but here's what I'm expiriencing


    we have an HTML5 app that is using the geolocation api

    the app is meant to run on an iPad

    that app has been saved to homescreen

    it has a function that allows the user to click a button and return location and time 

    the first time user clicks it works

    the second time it just hangs with spinning wheel


    if I restart the app - same thing, first time fine, second time just hangs


    I can replicate the problem on safari 6.0.1 on OSX 10.8.2 on a MBP


    I'm pretty sure my location settings "e.g. localization" from other posts  are correct in iOS



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    Matt: Its the same problem

  • Wolfram13 Level 1 (0 points)

    I also encountered this problem. Hope that it will be fixed soon.



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