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My upgrade went smoothly though took a couple of hours.  One thing I cannot seem to locate is 'Maps'.  I cannot find an Apple Maps App in the App Store and nothing downloaded with iOS-6.  Should it have or is it missing?  No Maps icon anywhere other than a previous UK map that was already on the phone.


Thanks for the help

iPhone 4, iOS 6, Unlocked authorised removable SIM
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    Do a search for "Maps" on your iPhone.

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    Press the UK map on the phone. It look very close to the older map icon, but now street is blue

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    In the U.S., it shows up on the second row of the primary screen.  It's called "Maps" and its icon looks almost identical to Google's Maps icon did before.


    If you don't have it, you could try Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout and see if that restores it.

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    Wow...I finally found it, buried within a London navigation box that has my Apps for the tube, National Rail, Oyster Card, Healthrow Express, London Olympics, etc.  I didn't see it before because it was sitting next to my Greart Britian Ordnance Survey Maps App.  I presumed it would load on the front page, no idea why it downloaded were it did. 



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    It downloaded where you had the Google Maps app.

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    Except I never had Google Maps.  I have 3 navigation boxes, one labeled Paris, one labeled London and another labeled Sydney.  Each has Apps for local trains, buses, tube, airports, city maps etc.  My only guess is that with the upgrade it must have sensed other maps apps or read the navigation software then stuck the new Apple Maps in with them.

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    You had to have the Google Maps app that came with the iPhone. There was no way to delete it. That app has now been replaced. I had mine in a folder called Travel, that is where it put the new app.

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    Iv always done updates or anything by way of iTunes on my MBA, never over air.  Things might be different with the iPhone4 than newer versions.  But, I really never had Google Maps.  Whether it's the iPhone, MBA or MBP I tend to remove things that I do not use.  It might have been there 15 months ago when I got the iPhone4, but due to my work I download local maps as they tend to be more specific.


    In any case ... it's solved now