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I recently tried to send out a request for my contact list off Address Book to "like" me on my business page. I did highlight a certain group I wanted to target and oddly only a few people got the message requesting action from Facebook? What did I do wrong? Is there a way for me to see who get sent the message? Can I not highlight a certain group out of address book? Seemed so simple to their instructions which are layed out right here.. but it didnt work and I cant for the life of me figure out what i did wrong?



To export a vCard file from Mac OS X Address Book:

  1. Open Mac OS X Address Book
  2. Select the contacts you would like to export
  3. Select "Export vCards..." from the File menu
  4. Choose a filename and a place to save the file (for instance, "Contacts.vcf" on the Desktop), then click "Save"

To upload your file to Facebook, simply hit "Browse" or "Choose File" below and select the contact file you've just created.