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    Am restoring now... Will let all know if it worked...

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    I have a contracted AT&T iphone 5. I had the same exact problem... no mms to anyone other than other iphone users, and then only those with ios 6. After reading through the forums and finding out what the problem was, I called AT&T tech support today and spoke to a person who could get into my APN profile and change them to the proper settings. Everything works fine now.

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    Ok- I restored my iphone 4 and itunes said "congratulations, your phone is unlocked". So that's good. Then I tried the tmobile sim again and got to the menu. so far so good. got the att sim back in and entered all the stuff. Backed out of the menu and tried to send a picture. Nope. Went through all of it 4 times. still nope. I sure can't figure out what i'm doing wrong if I am. Anybody got any ideas?

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    Put the t mobile sim in, click cellular data network, take the sim out put your att sim in, hit cellular again then cellular data settings and enter in the mms apn settings with the att sim in

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    Yup. That's exactly what I did. It seems like I might be the only one on here who switched to the gophone 65 dollar plan. And that's when my data stopped working. Anybody else on gophone 65? Maybe if I change back to the 50 plan and add data it would work again....

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    U must contact your provider and tell them u want to ( RE PROVISION YOUR ACCOUNT FOR MMS/SMS) The company (NOT APPLE!) will not want to do it, but it's your account. All rights by u, the account holder.



    My boyfriend has an ipnone 4 unlocked(Bought unlocked) USED ON THE GO PLAN. After the update it would not send or recive pic messages. After calling apple 5 TIMES yesterday I got this really cool guy who told us. (THE IOS 6 WAS DESIGNED TO NOT LET ANY IPHONE NOT CONTRACTED UNABLE TO BE USE!!!! FOR OTHER THAN TALK)

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    Try, chek sim and network > setting network

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    I was having trouble with not being able to send a picture well as having trouble with my mobile hotspot (verizon) and not getting my voicemails after upgrading to ios6.....


    after a few hours on the phone with verizon today, we determined that the app Onavo Extend (for reducing data usage on the iphone) was causing the problems.  apparently Onavo is not working properly with the ios6 upgrade. As soon as i removed the app (and the profile that goes with the app in my settings...had do remove in 2 places)....everything was working properly again.

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    So I did everything that was listed above, I mean everything. It even says that my messages were sent...but the people I'm sending them to aren't receiving them..Any ideas?

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    i didnt edit this! what the heck?

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    For AT&amp;T gophone users, simply call AT&amp;T and they will reset your settings. iPhone 3GS $50 plan, no data package. Mms working fine now.

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    You need to realize that using wifi or not is a problem with mms.  I can send a mms on 3G but once on wifi I can't send an mms just as others are saying in this thread!  Since upgrade to IO6 the ability to send a picture via iMessage or text is not working while on wifi!  That IS the thread!

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    That was directed at modular747

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    Huh?  This thread has absolutely nothing to do with MMS or iMessage over WiFi.  You need to read the thread you're posting in!!  It's about MMS over the cell data network, and in particular loss of MMS when using AT&T GoPhone or other PAYG services not originally designed for  iPhones.


    MMS never has and never will work over WiFi.  iMessage does and I and no one I know (or reporting in this thread) is having any issues with it under iOS 6.  If you are, see this support article:


    iOS: Troubleshooting Messages

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