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    Both my husband and I are having this issue.  It appears as if we cannot send or receive SMS/MMS.  My family is all on Verizon and of course iMessage works to the iPhone guys, but others don't receive and I don't receive theres.  This happens on BOTH my husband's and my iPhone 4s with 6.0.1.  I also tested on my work cellphone which is a Sprint BB and same thing... it doesn't get my SMS/MMS and I don't get its.  Since it's both our phones, I doubt it's the device.  We just switched to the Mobile Share plan on ATT which is supposed to be unlimited text.  It could have been that, but I think the last time I got a message from anyone w/o an iPhone was back just before the IOS6 upgrade.  I"m very frustrated.  This is a big issue.

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    So this got fixed but it did require a call to AT&T and after some troubleshooting with Tier I they passed me to Tier II who was able to fix it through a series of "reset network settings" and some back-end re-registration stuff they had to do.

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    Follow this tutorial if you have a factory unlocked phone with AT&T GoPhone Plan. You can give it a try to other networks, doesn't hurt to try.

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    When I got iPhone 5 from apple store, they activated for me. I could sent MMS. When I got home and restore from my old back up to my iPhone, then, I found I could not send MMS anymore, SO, I realized that is something wrong with settings in BACK-UP. I have restored my iPhone 5 as a new phone, there was not a problem to send MMS at all again.


    Next thing I tried, is to restore an old back up from itunes, and RESET NETWORK in settings in my iphone 5, and I could send MMS again completely without any trouble.


    So, My suggesting is, try to reset up network in settings in iphone 5 and see if it will solve the problem or not, if not, try to restore the iphone to factory settings (this will remove all your personal items in iphone, so, back up first)


    if this will not help, then try to contact your service provider.

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    Have you restored a back-up from previous backup after you upgrade your iOS?

    If so, please try to do the following, it MIGHT work:


    SETTINGS ->GENERAL -> RESET (yes,reset) -> RESET ALL SETTINGS ( this will not create any damages to your personal files or contacts, but, you might lose some settings, such as WIFI passwords and so forth)

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    My problem is that i have lost my internet.  I have a 4S(ATT, gophone acct, with extra data package), lost MMS when i upgraded to OS6.  I called ATT and they did something to get it working.  but as soon as that started working i lost my internet.  I called them thinking they blocked it somehow, but I dont believe that is the case after talking to them.  I think I am going to down grade to OS5.1, but wondering if anyone else had this problem

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    I would like to add that myself and another person I know are having the MMS issue. I have an iphone 4 with the 65 dollar monthly plan gophone. Unlimited talk, text and 1gb of data. Before on ios 5.1.1 everything worked great until I made the mistake of updating. I am currently on ios 6.0.1 and still no luck with the mms. I even tried the tmobile sim trick but it never shows me the apn settings. I just requested an unlock from ATT (fingers crossed). Thinking about calling ATT tomorrow. For know I bought an HTC inspire and I hate it but I guess i get mms messaging so its worth it. Hopefully I can get this fixed soon.

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    I did a complete restore on my phone.  Once i did that the MMS and internet are both working in OS6

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    Here's my story: ATT contract, Two iPhone 3GS's, Family share plan, No data package, just wi-fi at home. MMS package. Prior to Thanksgiving, got the 3GS for my wife, when I set it up iTunes upgraded to 6.0.1. her MMS was working fine. I was still on 3G, MMS fine. That weekend I switch to 3GS, still working fine. Sometime in the last week, both phones stop getting/sending MMS. No new iOS upgrades (since we were already on 6.0.1)  NOT HACKED/ JAILBROKEN. No APN settings to reset. Reset don't work, switching data/message settings on/off do not fix anything either. I am at a loss. This is not just a "no contract" issue. Don't have a 5.??? version to restore to, since 3G was only 4.2, and 3GS jumped right to 6.0.1. So now that I've fallen out of the catergory of most every other post, any ideas?

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    No data package


    Don't know how you managed to have an AT&T contract/plan for an iPhone WITHOUT a data package (a definate requirement by AT&T for all smartphones).  They must have caught up with  you.  Data package is required for MMS with an iPhone.

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    I have an MMS package. As I stated above, I was able to send recieve picture texts proir to this, and for the first two weeks of using hers in mid Oct, my wife was too.


    I don't have a data plan because I "signed the contract" with other phones. All you have to do is put the sim card in the iPhone. I've been using my 3G for two years prior to upgrading to the 3GS last weekend. They are used, but belonged to co-workers, whom I've known since they got them directly from ATT. Again, not hacked or jailbroken.


    There is a disclaimer on ATT's website that "if you are using a smartphone, with no data plan, they reserve the right to automatically enroll you in a data plan". Just for S & G's, I checked my account last night, still no data plan attached. I do any "internet using" features while I'm at home, hooked up to my network. 


    I personally don't feel that I should have to pay for features that I don't need, just because I like the base product. (I purchase cars the same way. If there are a lot of other options I don't want/need, I go somewhere else!) Cell phone companies are already making ridiculous amounts of money, and I'm not going to let them bully me into stuff I don't need. They need my business, not the other way around, and I truly believe they have forgotten that fact. The blame for that, however does rest on our shoulders, the consumer.


    P.S. I forgot to mention that I now cannot send "group" text's either. Only to one person at a time. I can still fit nine "contacts" in the "to" box, but it gives me a "message delivery" exclamation.

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    I personally don't feel that I should have to pay for features that I don't need,

    Like it or not, your sense of entitlement is irelevent;  AT&T sets their own rules and requires a data package on smartphones, and requires a data package for MMS.  Take it up with the FCC.



    The fact that AT&T did not detect that you had switched your non-smartphones to an iPhone before, and you got away with MMS, doesn't mean you're entitled to it and AT&T is obligated to continue providing it.

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    Thank you for the irrelevant link.


    Reguardless of what I am using right now, I was able to send MMS with a Pantech non-smartphone, and just to try, I just (literally, as I am typing this reply) put my sim in my old 3G and wouldn't you know it, the MMS works like a champ!! It is not my phone, or data plan or ATT.

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    Ive done a complete restore as well Restoring the phone breaks both MMS and my data but the data part is easily restored with

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    My case was different.

    I had iPhone 5. It worked perfectly in the store after apple staff activated my iPhone 5. MMS did not work with 4G or LTE or whatever the internet with att after I restored a back up from my iPhone 4S, but worked fine with wifi.

    So I restored my iPhone 5 and setup as new phone, mms worked perfectly again. I restored a 4S backup to iPhone 5 again, of course it did not work, so I tried to reset all settings, mms is working perfectly with AT&T Internet and wifi.

    I personally think there is some settings changed with iOS 6.0 1.

    I personally don't like iOS 6.0.1, I even want to say I slightly hate iOS 6.0.1, so many little problems.

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