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    Phone has to be unlocked though

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    Apparently you define "unbelievably rude" as anything that doesn't accept your self-serving view of what you're entitled to, and "agonizingly drawn out" because no one would cave to the insufferable repetition of demands to have MMS without a data plan.

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    modular747 wrote:


    If you have a data plan with your GoPhone they will allow it now that AT&T allows unlocking.  Many in this thread do not have data.

    My wife is using the 10 cent per min GoPhone plan with the $5 per month text option.  Still wasn't an issue getting support from AT&T to get MMS working.  Tested and works like it did before 6.0 and no additional billing per MMS message. 

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    Not sure what you're saying since others report AT&T being unhelpful, and they still require a data plan if you use GoPhone with any smartphone, MMS or not.  Hard to see them advising you to get a T-Mobile SIM card and hack the APN number, as everyone else needed to do to get this to work.  What exactly did they say or do to get MMS working?

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    I called ATT twice about mine.  First when MMS stopped working.  i got the normal speal about iphones not being supported, but he was still somewhat helpful.  He did some sort of network reset and fixed my MMS problem. 


    But that killed my internet.  I called back and got a lady, she told me that iphones are nto supported on the go plan, I explained that i had been using it for a couple years with the extra data package w/o problems.  She was actually very helpful after that.  I had assumed that when i called the first time and told them i was using an iphone that they had blocked my data at that point.  She assured me that was not the case, and by the end of the conversation I believed her (but my problem was not fixed).  She also told me that they are working to provide iphone support on the go plan and should be up around the first of the year.


    Then I decided to do a full reset on my phone.  I did that and set up as a new iphone, did not load my latest sync.  Both internet and MMS worked.  Then I synced with my latest image to get my contacts, etc back and my internet was not working again.


    So I did another full reset and set up as new iphone, everything is working fine, but I had to rebuild music, contacts, etc.


    It seems something in the phone setup (on some phones) screws up MMS when updating the OS....or at least that is my theory

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    modular747 wrote:


    Not sure what you're saying since others report AT&T being unhelpful, and they still require a data plan if you use GoPhone with any smartphone, MMS or not.  Hard to see them advising you to get a T-Mobile SIM card and hack the APN number, as everyone else needed to do to get this to work.  What exactly did they say or do to get MMS working?


    I was just passing along my experience working with customer service on the thread that helped me solve my problem.  Nowhere did I say that AT&T advised me to get a T-Mobile SIM card; I told them why I needed to unlock the phone and got no pushback whatsoever.  All they did was unlock the phone which allowed me to make the required change.  I guess I could have just asked them to unlock the phone but I explained the whole situation.  


    All I know is MMS had worked fine for 2 years until 6.0 and I even set it up in the AT&T store when we first got the GoPhone account.  We weren't even sure it would work with the 3GS so we took it to the AT&T store and they helped us make sure it was working before we left.


    We've never attempted to use 3G data with the GoPhone account, just calls, text and WIFI and we've probably sent and received a total of about 20 MMS messages over the 2 years so it really wasn't a big deal other than my wife wanting to send 1 picture to someone yesterday which is when she noticed that it no longer worked. 


    Also, data is not available with the 10c per min plan so that has never been an option. My wife uses about 60 minutes a month so it wasn't worth using any of the other plans.

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    U must get off on trying to sell data plans.  Anyway I have had 2 iPhones with att SIM cards & no data is their job to catch me as I bought these phones from a 3rd party & pay the monthly bill, yet I don't need a data I a magician or are u just wrong??

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    I found if you turn off iMessage and just have the standard SMS/MMS on, it works. Pics send just fine. Wife has an Android, I've got the 5, both on Sprint. Wouldn't work at all. Seems to work fine now. Give that a try.

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    The following will only help iPhone 5 people...

    I don't know what's going on with anyone else - and I'm not going to assume to know...

    I just want to help you 5 users out - and stop the maddness!!!


    I just wanted to take a second to share my experience with everyone - because, man - I've done everything that's been recommended here within (and on other, similar forums) and let me tell you what - for me, at least:


    Not being able to send MMS and SMS messages outside of the realm of other iPhone users was all just a matter of being on the wrong data plan...


    I didn't handle this directly - but according to my IT manager (I get my phone through work), I was still a 4G Data Plan.  AT&T has a separate iPhone 5, LTE Data plan that must be activated in order for any of this to be corrected.  I don't even know if it's listed on their site - but it exists - because I'm on it.


    In the past 4 days I have:

    1. Reset the network

    2. Reset the phone and set it up as new

    3. Swapped out SIM cards

    4. Tried different APN profiles.

    5. Talked to my local priest.

    6. Turned off iMessage

    7. Turned off WiFi

    8. Monitored all of these forums for a sliver of hope.


    None of that worked..

    It was a small step that AT&T forgot to take when my phone was upgraded.

    Within seconds of my IT Manager getting off the phone - I was able to send anything to anyone anywhere.



    Don't give up hope.

    Call up AT&T, Verizon, whoever you pay your bill to - and talk with them.



    I really don't think it is iOS6 or 6.0.1..

    It could be - but then why am I able to send all of this data now?


    So - hopefully, this will fix it all for you.

    OH and your carrier will make it like this isn't happening - that we're all on drugs and we must be doing something wrong.  BUT don't give up hope!!


    Again - this is just my experience.

    There's a lot of wild voodoo out there about how these phones are interacting..

    I don't know if this will help everyone - I hope it does.


    Happy Holidays to you and yours...

    Free the data before it consumes you!!!!

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    Has anyone with an AT&T locked iPhone gotten their's unlocked from AT&T? My iPhone is eligible for unlock, and an AT&T Customer Support technician told me that if I connect my phone to iTunes and restore and update it, it will then be unlocked.  Then I'll be able to try the T-Mobile SIM card trick. Has anyone tried this? Does it sound logical?


    Really looking forward to doing this over Christmas vacation if at all possible. I really miss being able to send/receive pictures.

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    That's exactly how I unlocked my phone before selling it on ebay. After the restore it'll say "your iphone has been successfully unlocked."

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    iPhone 3GS (8GB), iOS 6.0.2



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    I tried it and evidently inserted a space.  It took avisit to T-Mobile to straightern it out.  They added one other line at internet tethering -


    None of the other fixes worked, i.e. new sim card, reboot, restore, imessage off/on


    Evidently one of Apple's updates set the cellular to null fields.


    Thanks for the help.  I can finally text pics!



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    Do you think I need a T-Mobile sim? I have an old Vodaphone SIM and I've tried the sim swap and its not working