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    You will need a T-Mobile sim. It does not need to be activated. However, phone may need to be unlocked. Try this after obtaining a T-Mobile sim.



    I have done this and can verify it works.

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    Hi, I am in the Uk on O2 and cannot send a photo in a message any advice please.

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    I also have the same problem but I have a 3g and a 3gs.  3gs 6.0 3g 4.0 ?. I have a att pre pay card 10 cents a minut plan and when I put the sim in thr 3g mms works fine. If I take the same sim and put it in the 3gs mms does mot send of recieve. My 3gs worked fint till I updated it from 5.1.1 to 6.0. go figure.

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    Try what I mentioned in the post above yours. That should fix your MMS sedning issue.

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    iOS 6 Patches APN editing on Phones that are not using AT&T service. You have to edit your APN settings with two sim cards. Read my post above with the link, if you need any assistance, let me know.

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    Heres a simple guide on how to fix your MMS picture messaging on you iDevice WITHOUT THE NEED OF A JAILBREAK!!!






















    Internet apn:

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    After searching the internet for quite a while, I finally found a fix that requires not much effort, no jailbreak, and no cost.


    I have an iPhone 4 that I just converted from AT+T to Straighttalk. My number transferred easily enough in a few hours, and my cell phone made calls.


    Next, to get my data operational I connected via Wifi on my iPhone to the site


    This site very easily and quickly set my data APN correctly by choosing Straighttalk from the list.


    (By the way, it also downloaded a small Unlockit web app to my phone, which I later deleted.)


    Finally, to get MMS working, I found this useful video:


    You download the program "ibackupbot" from this website:

    (There are both Mac and Windows versions)


    It also is helpful to have the full text instructions:


    In a nutshell, what this workaround does is:

    1) You make a computer backup of your phone in iTunes

    2) The program ibackupbot allows you to edit individual .plist files in the backup

    3) Then you restore your iPhone from ibackupbot directly.


    I just completed the process and successfully sent a picture MMS!


    Two notes:


    There was a moment of fright after restoring the phone. It rebooted (as it is supposed to) but failed to reboot twice! Just got the white Apple, then it shut down after a few seconds. The third time, however, I got a progress bar and it rebooted correctly.


    There are some comments indicating that these changes don't "stick" for long. I'll update if I find this to be the case. Fingers crossed.

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    After unlocking the phone and purchasing a tmobile sim,I finally  got my picture text to work on my AT&T iPhone 4S with the help from gamerdude's link.


    Mahalos for the info fellas!

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    Why Would you buy annother apple product im having the same problem and I WILL NOT buy another product from them unless this problem is resloved

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    FYI For those of you who don't have an unlocked phone, I was finally able to get my LOCKED iPhone 4S AT&T gophone back in business using the T-mobile SIM and gamerdude's link. It took a few tries and I had to be pretty fast with the swap, but it definitely works.


    Just be sure (as many people have mentioned) to only use the T-Mobile SIM to get to the Cellular Data Network screen - then immediately pop it out and put your At&T SIM back in. It shouldn't boot you out of that screen, giving you a chance to enter the settings. But make sure you enter everything exactly as the link specifies - once you exit out of that screen, it's gone forever... Thanks a lot, AT&T.

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    My wife upgraded her 3GS to from 6.0 to 6.01 so I had to do this again.


    I decided to try a different method and it worked fine. 


    - booted with the ATT SIM

    - swapped to the T-mobile SIM without rebooting (this was an activated and working SIM)

    - made the required changes per the previous posts

    - swapped back to the ATT SIM


    All done without any reboots and it worked great. 

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    Am in kenya with Iphone 4.On Safaricom and unable to send mms.When i was on ios 5 things worked great.Any ideas???

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    Forgot to mention: the T-Mobile SIM card I used was NOT activated. So to recap this process works with:


    1) Locked AT&T iPhone 4S on 6.0.1

    2) Activated GoPhone SIM

    3) Un-activated T-Mobile SIM

    4) instructions


    Since then I've synced, rebooted, and still no problems with MMS. Good luck!

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    my iphone4s with the new 6.1 ios wont allow me to change my apn settings i need help

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    Thank you so much for your information and excellent instructions!  I just completed this on my Iphone 4 on iOS 6.1 (upgraded yesterday) with complete success.  With just a little effort and close following of the instructions to a "T", and I'm up and running 100%, talk, text, and pic text on Straight Talk with my previous AT&T phone in a short amount of time.  Awesome!