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  • Wild Banchi Level 1 (0 points)

    My ability to send MMS on my PREPAID iPhone 4 has been disabled with the lovely new iOS 6 update... I cannot even express my frustration with this issue. Picture messages will send to other iPhones strictly using iMessage. The AT&T data network does no longer send my messages. I get a "Not Delivered" error on my phone's screen. The option worked JUST FINE on iOS 5.1.1. So nothing has changed at all on my phone except the upgrade to iOS 6.


    I went to and found the T-Mobile epc.tmobile APN settings that were mentioned earlier in this thread. I'm stuck on whether or not I should install them or not. If I do, I may be able to send MMS messages; I'm not sure. Also, it could screw up my phone even more and make me even more frustrated.


    Somebody, PLEASE help me with this. I never realized how much of an inconvenience it is to not be able to utilize MMS when unlimited messaging is part of my plan. My only other choice is to jailbreak/hack my iPhone to allow this, which I have NEVER considered and never have wanted to do in the first place.


    I don't really want to order a T-Mobile SIM card, because I don't want to have to transfer all my info. Please, all I ask is to be able to send MMS messages again. I've done nothing wrong except get sucked into this terrible update. Help is VERY MUCH appreciated.

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    I am also on the gophone plan, didnt jailbreak or hack my phone, and I did pay outright for the phone. I havent gotten used to not using data on the plan, but until this update, i never had an issues with MMS. IT ISNT JUST GO PHONE USERS HAVING THE ISSUE. My mother, cousin and several of my close friends who are on CONTRACTS are also experiencing issues with MMS. None of us can receive MMS thru imessage at all. My cousin is even on VERIZON, which as we all know, is completely separate than ATT. Another issue we have found is that my mothers iphone 3gs is showing that she has 500 voicemails waiting for her. ATT told us it was their problem, would "consider" allowing her to upgrade the phone but since im a gophone user, they tried to pawn off a ****** $100 and said they wouldnt buy back my iphone 4, which was working perfectly until the update. If I have to switch phones just bc im on a go phone plan (att is the reason my contract was cut short 2 years ago by a "mistake" on their end) then I want a phone comparable to the 32 gig iphone 4 i bought less than a year ago at full retail price.

  • alexgophone Level 1 (10 points)

    I am really not sure why there is so much discussion about this still??? 


    I have the solution for Go Phone users and it is free and easy!


    My iPhone 4S is unlocked since I purchased it at full price on eBay.


    All the instructions are on the unlockit website.  Make SURE you use the AT&T Go Phone APN Settings.  These are the correct ones:



    All you have to do is go to T-Mobile and get a sim card.  You will not lose any data, pictures, etc. by using this method.  It just unlocks a screen you are unable to get to using the AT&T Go Phone Sim.


    Now you have the ability to put in the MMS and Data settings from the unlock it site which I guarantee WORK!


    Please stop complaining and go do this today!    I got my T-Mobile sim free - but I think I was lucky by sweet talking the sales guy.  You may not have the luck I had. (I am female).



  • 300blk Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry to break the mold but I have been on an AT&T contract for years and have an iPhone4.  I did two things at the same time, changed my plan to the family shared data, and upgraded to iOS6 and I lost SMSMMS but iMessage still works.  The other iPhone4 on my plan works fine and went through the same upgrades at the same time.  No GoPhone here and I'm still not working. 

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    i am having the same issue with picture messaging and i have an unlocked iphone i use for tmobile and before the update my picture messaging worked fine

  • heatherm0520 Level 1 (0 points)

    i tried that an it didnt work for me and i have an unlocke iphone 4 for tmobile

  • iphonerocks12 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am having the MMS issue on WIFI only with an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 5 through AT&T. Over cellular, iMessage works fine but not through WIFI.  The picture message tries to send and then fails and says send via text.  It's not my internet because every other device works fine.  I have Comcast gateway, and a Netgear router.

  • alexgophone Level 1 (10 points)

    What exactly did you do?  It should work fine.

  • modular747 Level 6 (18,395 points)

    I am having the MMS issue on WIFI only with an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 5 through AT&T. Over cellular, iMessage works fine but not through WIFI.

    You appear to be confusing MMS and iMessage.   MMS does not work over WiFi - it requires cell data.  iMessage works over both, when connecting to another iMessage compliant device. 


    If you're having problems with iMessage over WiFi, that's a completely different problem from the topic of this thread and should be discussed elsewhere.

  • modular747 Level 6 (18,395 points)

    I did two things at the same time, changed my plan to the family shared data, and upgraded to iOS6 and I lost SMSMMS but iMessage still works.

    AT&T frequently screws up SMS/MMS provision when changing plans, even to one where they are incliuded.  They did this to me twice.  Contact AT&T and make sure SMS/MMS is still provisioned on your phone.

  • modular747 Level 6 (18,395 points)
    None of us can receive MMS thru imessage at all.


    That statement makes no sense - MMS and iMessage are completely separate. 


    If you mean you can't receive pictures or media over iMessage, that's a totally different issue than the topic of this thread.  There are other threads that discuss that with solutions.

  • ctstahley Level 1 (0 points)

    I was having this issue ever since I updated to iOS 6. I replied a few times in this discussion detailing my issues. I contacted AppleCare about these issues, and while being on the phone for about an hour trying to fix the issue, they had me send in my iPhone 4 for repair. They received it and found a few problems and sent me a new one.


    Once I received the new iPhone 4, I reactivated my AT&T account and attempted to send MMS to see if the issue was resolved (this was after I updated to iOS 6 again). The issue still existed. I contacted AppleCare thirty minutes afte receiving the new iPhone 4. They told me it dealt with AT&T's service and transferred me to them.


    After giving them my information to verify my account, they informed me that their systems were not compatible with iOS 6 therefor it would not allow MMS to work on their GoPhone service.


    Neither AT&T or Apple are to blame. Since iOS 6 is recently new, AT&T will test their systems and update it accordingly for iOS 6 to work with their GoPhone service (I'm assuming this).

  • iphonerocks12 Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry, I meant that I cannot send a picture message via iMessage while on WIFI.  I can however receive while on WIFI.  MMS over cellular works fine. 

  • modular747 Level 6 (18,395 points)

    Again, not the topic of this thread, which is about MMS.

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    Hello! I use  IPhone 4 in Ukraine (Eastern Europe). After iOS6 upgrade, my phone can send MMS only to iPhone users. Owners of other phones do not receive my mms. Red exclamation mark with the message "failed to send"  appears on my screen. Before the operating system update everything worked properly. What should I do now? How to downgrade on iOS5? All settings are present. The operator says the problem is with the phone.

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