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I updated my ipad2 and iphone4 to iOS6. Without complaining about the shortcomings of Apple Maps, I realize traffic data was lost for many countries but I would not expect the US to be on this list. Is there no longer traffic data for Portland, OR? I've tried toggling the show/hide traffic on both devices numerous times but I have yet to see any traffic data. Please Google release a maps program for iOS6.

Thanks for any info.

iPhone 4, iOS 6
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    Look carefully at the map.  For areas with congestion you will see a thin red line or dotted line.  Not very visible and it took me a while to notice it.

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    I've noticed the thin lines, too, but they're a lot harder to read than the old Maps traffic data was. The green-yellow-red system really worked well, and this seems like a step in the wrong direction to me.

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    Thanks for the replies. The dashes are actually very prominent on my phone but they simply did not show up yesterday in the Portland metro area when there was traffic everywhere. They were there this morning. Perhaps it was just a lag from the iOS6 roll-out. I also miss the green-orange-red system. I can say for certain, at least in my area that the traffic readout is much more inaccurate and incomplete than Google's. I'll still wait for a Google app or hope that Apple incorporates more accurate and complete data. It's definitely beneficial to have an intermediate indication versus the all or none.

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    I don't have any traffic data anywhere for Louisiana either.  No dashed lines or colors etc....

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    Im on an iPhone 5 with ATT.


    I agree, ios6 maps traffic is non functional

    Im having the same lack of traffic display with Navigon version 1.8.2 (I dont want to update to the garmin version of Navigon, if I can avoid it.)


    My solution is to use the free Mapquest App. It does show traffic, and it does give spoken turn by turn directions.

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    On my iPhone, just upgraded, I found that it requires turning on Location Services.  I didn't have to do that for Google Maps and I don't want to do it in general.

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    Location Services is required for the phone to know where you are. Google maps does not know where you are unless you tell it, and it does not update your current location as you go. Apple maps, Mapquest, and Navigon, all update your actual location as you move, even if you make a wrong turn, it updates the route from your new location.


    Yes, I agree the little red dashed traffic lines are useless on Apple maps. We need the green red yellow traffic indicators back.


    Like on the Mapquest App, which is what I use instead, to check traffic..


    I did update Navigon, and traffic now works.

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    In addition, the traffic overlay adds construction zones and road closures. But it seems that the ddirections function routes right through road closures. Since it know that the road is closed, it should route around that.

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    With Google Maps, I had a choice.  If I turned on Location Services in Settings, I could see my current location and it moved with me.  If I turned it off, I still had maps that would show traffic - perfect for my daily commute.

    Apple Maps require Location Services to be on just to have the map show traffic.  To me, that's another example of over-collecting information.

    Before demoting the icon to a back page, I took another look at the new maps this morning, just to make sure I had given them a fair chance.  I found that the streets I need to see, the small suburban streets that are handy work-arounds during high-traffic times, have very low contrast with the map background.  They're hard to see.

    In the end, the new maps are not as good as what they replaced, regardless of who makes them.

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    Google maps has the best traffic data. followed by Beat the Traffic, and lastly, very very lastly Waze. Mapquest uses Navteq/Nokia traffic data which may or may not be updated or current in your area. 

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    Thank you for the info. I had not tried Beat the Traffic.


    Beat the Traffic shows all kinds of yellow lines, where Google maps, and Mapquest do not. Also Beat the Traffic keeps recentering the map on my location, forceing me to zoom out over and over again. I will NOT be using Beat the Traffic, because it auto zooms, and because of the ADVERTISEMENTS.


    Apple maps displays ZERO of the traffic that shows on the other apps. Apple maps is totally useless for traffic.. even when it does display some, the little red dashes are impossible to see. I dont use Apple Maps.


    I do use Mapquest to preview traffic, and I like the Mapquest traffic display better than Google Maps.


    I also have WAZE. I do not use it. It is cluttered with useless info, the traffic display is not as good as Mapquest. The one thing WAZE has that is slightly interesting, is the ability to send someone a link to watch your route. But the link dies, if you dont keep Waze in the foreground, which I do not.


    So my rating from best to worst, for traffic info is





    Apple maps


    I rely, heavily, on Navigon. What Navigon does, that none of the other apps do, is display the speed limit. Navigon also displays your current speed, which I find very useful as my cars have different sized tires than stock, so their speedos are innacurate. Navigon will also avoid traffic automatically.


    If I pick only my 2 most used, they are Navigon first, Mapquest second.