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I upgraded to iOS6 today, along with the rest of the cool kids. I have multiple email accounts and on iOS 6 I can finally set a different signature for each account (seriously, this is a big deal for me)! Only trouble is I was able to set all 3 signatures once, but I noticed a typo and went back into the settings to revise the signature. As soon as I scroll down to see the last signature, the app crashes and I'm returned to the homescreen. The crash occurs exactly when the scroll should show the last signature, leading me to believe it has something to do with that specific signature. The only difference about the last signature is it has a phone number and URL in it, which were highlighted blue when I originally copied and pasted it in.


Being the tech savvy guy I am, I have tried everything short of deleting the affected account from the iPhone and setting it up again.  I would prefer not to do this.


Is anyone else having this problem?  Any suggestions?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6, 64GB Black
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    Hi I am facing this similar problem on my iPhone 4 please suggest something apple

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    I'm having the same problem.

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    I've iPad 2 and I can set many signatures (one for every account oc) and I can see and modify them in settings, but mail takes only the default email signature, not the other ones.

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    Hi. I have EXACTLY the same issue, word for word: url in the signature, crashes when I scroll down, etc. now let's wait for someone knowledgeable of a solution. Cheers.

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    I did not "solve" the problem but at least managed to avoid crashing. Once you open the signature page, instead of swiping quickly upwards, do it very slowly, half an inch by half an inch (not even that). It will not crash and you will at least be able to fix typos. I deleted the url that was in my signature, but kept the phone number and address (which still show as links) and the problem continued - which means it is not the url that is crashing. The problem now is that the solution I have just suggested is not working any longer - even at a slow pace, it crashes... :(

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    I have the same issue, although I didn't have any HTML in my signature.


    The only solution I was able to find was delete the offending accounts, reinstall them and everything now works fine.


    btw. I have now added QR Codes to my signatures successfully.





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    Hi, I am facing the same problem. Finding iOS 6 very 'buggy'


    Managed to scroll half inch by half inch, it did work, but as mentioned, not solved the issue.


    Using both the 4s and 5, as I have 2 numbers, is anyone finding syncing contacts over iCloud an issue? Birthdays do not sync on both phones, nor to numbers as favourites.


    Tried making changes in contacts from my mac online through iCloud, still no luck.

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    Same issue here.  iOS 6 on iPad 3 (new). I coped my signature from on if my work emails.


    My signature looks like this...







    Jonathan J. Mc Doe

    Software Manager, DEPT Application & Data Systems

    CA10-A250 : 555-555-5555

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    Hoping the wise guys at apple will see this!  I too am thrilled to have seperate signatures for the 9 email accounts I have on my phone!  Yes, I wear several hats and like to compartmentalize my emails by my job duties.  I had the exact same problem as I noticed there was an error on one of my signatures, (some of my signatures have URL, some don't)  tried scrolling slowly, that seems to fixed the problem, but I was very SLOW at scrolling.  I have a 4s. 

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    Update: I received a phone call for a gal at Apple today. She asked me to provide my crash logs and console output to assist them with the troubleshooting. This would indicate they are working on a fix. I'll post further info if I get any.


    I'm very happy that Apple took the time to follow-up on this issue! Thanks Apple!

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    I also received a call from Apple last night but was unable help (bad timing of the call).


    Anyway, I also confirmed my iPad still crashes while reproducing the steps.  However, I did also (like mentioned already) notice the crash doesn't occur if I scroll very slowly.  So I was able to edit the last signature. Regardless, it crashed again when trying to edit another signature while not scrolling slowly.

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    This is not encouraging, the thread has stopped with now solutions several months back and this is a big issue for me also.  I can't even use signature settings now because it keeps crashing, so I am on the latest IOS 6.02 for my mini iPad.  So I guess I can assume Apple has not fixed this problem and with the inactivity on this thread it appears its not a big issue also?  I hope not I have several business accounts that I need different signatures capabilities, does anyone have an update on this problem?  Any ideas on how to get it to stop crashing so I can make changes?



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    This really is crazy, I am also still experiancing the same issue. Apple has to have a fix for this!

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    I just had the same problem running iOS 6.1.2. Still no fix?!?!?

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