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I started a shared Photo Stream today using iOS 6 and invited my family members to subscribe to it.


They do not have iCloud accounts and were prompted to enter their iCloud accounts in order to access the Photo Stream.


It says that subscribers can access the stream online without an iCloud account but I cannot find a way to enable this.  I would prefer not having my family members sign up to iCloud or download the iCloud control panel for their PCs.  Is there an easy fix so that I can update the stream and they will receive a email with a link to the stream online for viewing?





iOS 6
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    yes there is, but it would appear to not be working. I think Apple are having teething problems with Shared PhotoStreams.. last night I created a couple of different ones just to test the water and used my partners iphpone to subscribe to my shared stream, worked a treat. Then I decided to delete the two test streams but was no way of doing it after ages of looking online and playing with options I gave up.. woke up this morning and there is now a delete option there so all good in that area now.


    I have created another one today and invited a mixture of people to subscribe to it as this is one I intend to use regularly.. I hit the option for a public website for people to view this new album online, all seemed ok, clicked on the "Share Link" button which again worked ok, I looked on my facebook page and sure enough the album was set up, the link had been shared to my wall as I hoped, but then, clicked the link to view the album online and get the error message.. "iCloud can't find that page. Please double check and try again"


    What the **** Apple?? Please fix this or it is pointless

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    You are not alone. I've got the "iCloud can't find the page" problem as well.


    Short summary: It seems that iPhoto/iCloud uses the same URL when you delete a Stream and then create a new one. The new one can then not be found.


    Long story:


    Also set up a shared stream yesterday for testing, got the invitation email, clicked the link, browsed the page successfully. All fine - not as nice or useful as MobileMe galery, but at last something that is again usable to share to my parents AppleTV.


    - got rid of the first shared photo stream, confirmed the message the stream+files will be deleted

    - checked on icloud.com (original share email), yep it's gone


    - selected some images, clicked share, to PhotoStream, new

    - readded emails of people to invite, renamed stream to Friends+Familly

    - clicked on View website -> error message! ARRRGH!

    - disabled and re-enable public website, click on View website -> error.

    - called Apple Support: "Yes, some users are seeing problems, please try again later".


    The link looks terribly familiar. Checked my Safari History. And yes it seems that iPhoto re-used the same link as for the original Photo Stream I deleted.




    - made a new Stream, check website -> works.

    - remember URL

    - delete Stream

    - create a new one, check website -> broken.


    Apple: We love you, but your quality control, arrgh! Especially when it comes to iCloud.

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    Well I tried that, I have cleared out my cache and still no luck. I even tried using a different computer and accessing it.. Still says page cannot be found!!!???!!!???

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    So does this mean to share online with others

    the stream has to be public with all iCloud users?


    I see a big difference between sharing with subscribers

    via a unique URL sent by email and sharing with all iCloud users.  There

    has to be a way or I am not interested.


    Interested to see that others are having issues.

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    yeah, whats the real meaning of "Public Website"?. I just want to share my pics with my family and friends (who are not icloud users) whitout granting access to other people...

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    I've looked into things and it seems that putting the stream public is the only way to share with non-iCloud users.  I have gone ahead and done this and received a somewhat messy URL.  I feel that this means it is public but not "public" in the way that anyone can surf to it.


    I shorteded the URL to remove my specific address and found no Photostream page that has a bunch of galleries to choose from so I think it is only availble to those with a unique link.


    I am thinking about emailing this URL out to my subrscribers.  Not sure if adding photos to the stream will send an email notification to them now that I have gone "public" with it.  I could also send another notification message.  I figure that now I made it public it would add the link to the bottom of the notification.


    I feel like I should trust Apple on this one but have a nagging feeling my stream may be public in a Facebook default sorta way.  I'm hoping this isn't the case...

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    Just tried opening the webpage again, and the problem is gone (i.e. the slide show is shown, no more "iCloud can't find the page" error message).