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iMessage needed for mac OS 10.7.5

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Sorry, but can't do it.  "iMessages" Only runs in Mountain Lion OS X 10.8; not Lion OS X 10.7.



    Hope this helps

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    But it was there in Lion OS X 10.7.4. what happend now?.....

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    Vijay Kotha wrote:


    But it was there in Lion OS X 10.7.4. ...


    No it wasn't...


    Messages was introduced in Mountain Lion... Not Lion...



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    Apple launched a Beta of iMessage while Lion was still on the market and you were able to download it on the Apple site. I think they have taken it down now...u may be apple to find the beta version of message somewhere...try google

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    As indocafe says iMessage was alive in 10.7 and even under 10.7.5 as I'm still using my "beta version" on my iMac (shhh don't tell anybody), however I remember very well that some months ago when Apple decided to end the Beta period they made available the same application from the App Store at 1 USD/1 CHF, obviously a nominal price.  Well it appears that it was not considered good strategy to make available one key feature of the 200+ features of Mountain Lion for 1 USD since the app has dissappeared from the App Store.  When I type iMessage the first search result is Mountain Lion followed by a couple of dozen apps that provide similar or related services.


    Well it happens to be that after an operating system re-installation using the hidden partition, messages or iMessage was erased or maybe it was considered/installed as part of the operating system instead of as a separate application. Result is, no more messages for my newly reinstalled MacBook Pro, I guess that if I try to reinstall the beta version app, it will show the message I've seen elsewhere in the discussions "Beta period is over".


    On the bright side, if you haven't reinstalled a fresh copy of Lion, you might be able to install a googled version of Beta iMessages.


    Anybody collecting signatures to request iMessage to be put back into the App Store???

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    Unfortunately, I am one of the disenfranchised owners of an older, but perfectly usable MacBook.  Apple decided that my MacBook was too old to upgrade to Mountain Lion, so I'm stuck at Lion.


    I would be interested in a reasonably priced app that would add iMessage functionality back into Lion.  I also have an iPad and use it to communicate with my wife (iPad Mini) and friends with iPads.  Having iMessage available on "legacy" Macs sure would be a nice gesture to those of us who are happy, or at least don't want to or can't afford to upgrade to the spiffy new MacBooks.




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    I have a desktop that is running 10.7.5 and laptop with 10.8.


    Can I just copy my edition of iMessages from the laptop to my destop's apps folder?


    Will that work? 



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    You may try to do that, however my understanding is that Messages sends the info of the host machine to Apple servers (because Messages is a server/cloud based service) and then it may simply block you in the same way it does with the beta version you probably had before.


    On the other hand, I had positive results in the past by copying recently retired applications like iDVD from an older computer to a Mountain Lion based computer.


    Bottom line is, you have nothing to loose by trying; only the time it takes to copy a file and install it.


    Good luck.