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I have updated both my iphone (4) and iPad (3) to iOS6, and now one of my email accounts - the same one on both devices, and - oddly enough - NOT my gmail account - has stopped being able to connect to server. I have deleted and re-added, checked and triple-checked the settings, but no love. It is a good thing I can pull it up on my husband's computer, as it is my main email address.


I found a plethora of reports online of gmail account connectivity going tits-up, but none for generically Linux-hosted sendmail-based accounts.


Please tell me this is being looked into! Are there any fixes or workarounds yet?

iPhone 4, iOS 6
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    I'm suffering this too. I used to experience this when my Macbook's Apple Mail program was on at the same time I was accessing iPhone Mail. Sometimes even when I quit Apple Mail, it still thought I was in it. I used to just restart iPhone and it would fix it. Not this time though.


    Solution anybody?

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    Update: For me, I could send emails but couldn't receive. I checked all incoming server settings and they all seemed fine. In the end I deleted the account, added it again and it now works fine. Have you checked in Advanced settings? My SSL was set to off, with password as authentication method and port 143.

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    Well I was having this problem as well. It might be some sort of server connectivity issues (maybe something broke on google or apple's side once the plug on iOS 6 was turned on). It started working automatically after a few minutes but during those blackout time the emails I sent were lost which is very very bad.

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    Also this is not restricted to gmail. The time the email sent sound comes and the time it takes to actually receive the email on other side is kinda huge ever since iOS 6. I use my iPhone for work and now I don't know what got sent and what didn't since this morning. We are definitely living in a post Steve Jobs era.

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    I was having the same issues as plbs76 and, like plbs76, I deleted my account and readded it. That took care of the issue immediately.

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    Wow, I am so looking forward to doing that to all 10 of my configured accounts across all my 2 iPads and an iPhone 4S.

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    My iPhone 4S is working fine after the IOS 6 upgrade but my iPad stopped getting my yahoo mail.  I've deleted the mail account and re-added to no avail.  I'll try again as well as a reboot.

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    Updated iphone and ipad to 6, and all works fine on iphone but ipad is getting this error message, I can send mail but not getting any just on ipad. Deleted account and the set up again, it worked for a day and now again the same problem.  All the settings are exactly the same on both devices... Annoying.... Still no workaround....

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    This may be a bit late but swap to a POP account it seems that as an IMAP you can get issues.

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    Reinstalling my main email account and setting it as the default worked for me.

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    I'm still having this issue on both my iPhone 5 and iPad 2. I've removed the accounts and re-added them to no avail. I've tried SSL on and off, I still get error messages. I get no such errors on Thunderbird on PC, but I also get errors in OSX's mail app.


    It generally throws up this error message, but will still get the mail, so obviously the details are fine.


    I just don't like being locked into a routine of dismissing error messages that seem to be there for no reason.


    I'm using five or so POP3 accounts hosted on my Linux/Apache dedicated server.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I hope there is an actual solution. Deleting and re-adding accounts is not a solution. That's like telling someone with a flat tire to just go get a new car. This happens to me at least once a month, on my mac, macbook, ipad, and iphone. If I have to spend an afternoon every month re-adding all of my email accounts to every Apple device, that is a serious problem with their software. My iPad is often as useless as a Blackberry Playbook. My #1 biggest problem with Apple is their Mail app.