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    I did, but am not about to attempt that for several reasons:

    - You state that the latest version is 9.4.4. I believe this is mistaken - 9.4.2 is the latest.  So I'd rather see someone else try this as well, to provide confirmstion, at a minimum.

    - With nearly every update, iPhoto updates your iPhoto library database.  I am not inclined to invite further failures by then reverting back to an older version.

    - I've long since lost track of the incremental changes in the small .0.1 updates, but those changes were made for some reason, and again, I don't want to invite new problems by reverting back.

    - This is clearly a new bug that Apple has introduced, so I have to believe they're going to fix it without having its users resort to desperate, hacky measures like reverting to older versions.


    I'm genuinely appreciative of your willingness to find a fix to this problem, and share it with us.  But with all due respect to you, it's not really a viable solution to me, much less to the many others who are even less interested in making things work somehow, and more intersested in just having things work period.


    I provided feedback to Apple directly, and references this thread in my message, so your sleuthing will hopefully help them narrow down the product (iPhoto, rather than iTunes) and timeframe (9.4.0 to 9.4.1, although did you try restoring 9.4.1 as well and can you confirm that that the issue was present under 9.4.1 as well) when the problem arose.

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    Same problem here.  OSX, iOS on iPhone 5, iPhoto on MBA, all updated to the latest patches, yet the iTunes sync fails to bring over photos in right order.  Rebuilt database and did a lot of things witout avail.  This is a bug I didn't expereince before updating iPhoto, OSX and iOS with last pataches.  I really hate the fact that spent all this money on expensive Apple devices only to expereince such poor quality. 

  • dackman Level 1 Level 1

    I restored to 9.4.1 - the applications AND the full library - and the problems went away. When 9.4.3 comes out I will upgrade but again will make sure I can Time Machine back if I need to.

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    Sorry if this has been covered already however I have an issue with iPhoto. When my iPad or iPhone are synced to iTunes and you go to the photos tab in iTunes I noticed that there are several "dated" events that show up among my other events in iTunes. These "dated" events had been pictures that were deleted from my iPhoto. Does anybody know how to resolve this issue?

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    Hi Chris.Richardson01!


    Yes, I have the same "feature" as you.  iPhoto on my MacBook Pro displays one set of Events and pics. "Events Photos" on my iPad has, as you call them, dated pictures, that I have deleted long ago from my iPhoto library on my MBP.  And, interestingly, "Events Photos" on my iPhone are different still!


    BTW, when I say deleted, I mean DELETED!  Deleted from Events in iPhoto and then deleted from the iPhoto Trash.


    I have deleted my iPod Photo cache on my MacBook Pro (all 35GB of it!) and resynced all the photos on both the iPad and the iPhone (that took hours), but that did nothing to help the disparity among all these photo libraries.


    I was hoping iTunes 11 would address this craziness.




    My next great hope.  iOS 6.1.


    I'm such a Pollyanna.


    Best regards, Mr. Luigi

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    Hi Chris.Richardson01!


    Mr. Luigi back again.


    I've been doing a little experimenting with our problem and have solved it.  At least for me.  I will outline what I did.  Depending on how you set up the syncing of your pictures to your iDevices this may, or may not help.  Also, Step 1 may not be necessary.  But, since this process takes a while if you have a large photo library to download to your iDevice I over engineered the process.


    Step 1.  Delete your iPod Photo Cache.  Don't worry about doing this.  It will get rebuilt automatically.


    If you are using a Mac:


    Go to Finder -->  Pictures --> Right click on iPhoto Library (I don't know why folks still use "right click" as most Mac users are not using a mouse.  Instead I should say, "Use a Two finger click your track pad." --> Click on "Show Package Contents" --> Highlight "iPod Photo Cache" --> Under File choose "Move to Trash" -->  Empty Trash (This will take minute or so as this Cache may be as big as 30+ GB) --> Done with Step 1


    Step 2.  Open iTunes on your Mac (or PC) and get your iDevice(s) of interest up and running in iTunes.


    Step 3.  Select one of your iDevices.


    Step 4.  Select "Photos" along the top.


    Step 5.  OK, this is where the excitement happened for me.  Normally I choose the option "Sync Photos from iPhoto" and "All Photos, albums, Events, and Faces."  My first idea was to turn off "Syncing of Photos from iPhoto."  I thought that would wipe out ALL the photos from my iDevice...old, new, and imbetween.  In fact, that is just what I was led to believe would happen as I received a pop up message as soon as I did that asking if I wanted to delete all the photos on my iDevice or keep the ones I had.  I, of course, selected, DELETE ALL THE PHOTOS ON MY IDEVICE!  I went ahead and synced and much to my surprise, all my photos were still on my iPad.  It did not work.  My attampt to clean out all the photos on my iPad so I could start out with a fresh and clean resync was thwarted. Crazy!


    Then I thought...maybe I should forget the option "All photos, albums, Events, and Faces" when using "Sync Photos from iPhoto."  Instead I chose, "Selected albums, Events, and Faces, and automatically include no Events."  I also thought I should leave the box "Include Events" UNchecked.


    So I did that.  BUT, I left ALL the Boxes (For Albums, Events, and Faces)  that appear when you select this option UNCHECKED!  Then I synced.  Sure enough.  My ENTIRE Photos App on my iDevice was empty.  Success!  I had removed the old, mixed up, crazy photos collection that had been on my iPad.


    Step 6.  I then went down the list of Albums displayed once you choose "Selected albums, Events, and Faces, and automatically include no Events" and chose the Albums I did want included on my iPad.  I am a strong advocate of having a very organized set of Albums so I had no need to check any of the Events.  I also did NOT check any of the Faces boxes (more on that later!).


    Step 7.  I selected "Apply" and then "Sync" and waited the several hours for the 4000 plus pictures to be installed on my iPad.  But once finished I had a PERFECT collection of picture Albums corresponding exactly to the picture Albums on iPhoto in my MacBook Pro.  All those old, deleted pictures that I couldn't get rid of were GONE!  I then applied this same procedure to my iPhone and iPod Touch.  Result...3 identical Picture collections on my 3 iDevices that parallel my iPhoto collection on my MacBookPro!  Hoo Raa!


    One caveat:  For some reason that baffles me, even though I did NOT select any Faces, Faces were transferred to my iDevices.  This sounds like a bug to me, but I can live with it.  In fact, after seeing Faces on my iDevices I decided it was not a bad idea, so I went back to iTunes and actually clicked all the boxes of all the people listed in Faces and resynced.  That didn't actually make any difference in the number of pictures associated with each person on my iDevices.  So, it appears Faces is, for all practical purposes, ON by default for syncing to your iDevices.


    Well, I hope this may be of some help to you.


    Best, Mr. Luigi

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    Hey Mr. Luigi


    Thanks for the help, however I did everything step by step and still nothing. Whenever I connect my device to itunes, and click on the photos tab it still shows about 20+ dated events that do not exist in my iPhoto events. I got a little desperate and started digging around in the iPhoto "packaged contents" and started removing anything that corresponded with that date. After finally removing everything that I found, I restarted the computer and connected my device, click on the photos tab and all the events are STILL there.


    While digging through iPhoto "packaged contents" I did find the pictures that corresponded to the events that showed up in itunes and not in my iPhoto and deleted them permanently. After doing so I went back to the photos tab on iTunes and clicked on the dated events and the pictures that were in the dated events, were no longer there, Just a bunch of empty dated event folders that do not exist in iPhoto ,a step in the right direction I thought. However after everything I have done I can not remove the "Empty Dated Folders" from the photos tab on iTunes.

  • Mr. Luigi Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Chris.R


    Well, that's a total bummer.  :-(


    Hm.  Didn't they say, "It just works?"




    Maybe, now that Scott Forestall is no longer running iOS things may start to turn around in many areas where OSX and iOS still don't play nice.  iPhoto seems to have more than its share of problems in this arena.  I say this from ample first hand experience.


    Sorry my protocol didn't work for you.  I suspect it may have something to do with the fact that you are working with iPhoto via Events and I am using Albums.  I have no answer why that would be the case as an Album, for all practical purposes, is just a collection of links to the actual pictures in Events.


    There is still hope that iOS 6.1 may offer you some relief if you don't find a solution on your own.


    Best, Mr. L

  • LarryHN Level 9 Level 9
    Photos for Mac


    I got a little desperate and started digging around in the iPhoto "packaged contents" and started removing anything that corresponded with that date.

    You must NEVER use the finder to make any changes of any sort to the content or structure of the iPhoto library - there are no user servicable parts in it and any changes made other than using iPhoto may corrupt yoru library and cause data loss


    However after everything I have done I can not remove the "Empty Dated Folders" from the photos tab on iTunes.

    This is because you have destroyed your iPhoto library - you need to load your backup from before you corrupted it  by makeing deletions using the finder



  • Chris.Richardson01 Level 1 Level 1

    Ok I know I was foolish deleting files. How would I load my backup from time machine?

    Thanks for help

  • Mr. Luigi Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Chris.R,


    Yep...messing around with the iPhoto package contents is always "exciting."  Everything is actually not off limits.  As I said in my earlier post, deleting the "iPod Photo Cache" will not get you in trouble.  But, that is a major exception.  For all practical purposes, LarryHN is right...not that he needed my approval!


    I don't know how close you live to an Apple Store, but considering your situation and my own personal experience it is not unreasonable to consider bringing your computer and backup harddrive (where you store your time machine backups) to the Genius Bar.  This is not because it is so difficult to replace your corrupted library with an older non-currupted one.  But, considering that you are still also having this problem with your events it may be time to get the Genius Bar on the case.


    They can replace your corrupted library and ALSO get after this problem you're having with the events.  Having said that, there are levels of expertise of Genius employees.  I hope you get one as capable as the person I worked with when I had problems with my iPhoto library about 7 months ago.  He TOTALLY fixed my problem...and I mean I was having some major problems.


    Just an idea.


    Mr. L

  • LarryHN Level 9 Level 9
    Photos for Mac


    Essentially you launch TM, go back through its "finder like" interface to the point you  want, select the iPhoto library (by default in the pictures folder) and click restore



  • JRCorv Level 1 Level 1

    Mr Luigi,

    I will try your fix.

    Only problem I see is when I select certain albums,

    The number of photos in those albums on iTunes is less than in iPhoto

    and thats how they download,

    Thanks for your help,


  • Mr. Luigi Level 1 Level 1

    Hi JRCorv,


    I hope my protocol works for you.  The different numbers of photos in your albums on the Photo App on your iDevice and the corresponding album on iPhoto is an interesting "feature."  I would tend to chalk it up to the qwirky, inexplicable personality of iPhoto, but it may have a more reasonable answer.  I have noticed that when the number of photos in corresponding albums differs it is because a photo is missing some of its metadata in iPhoto. I don't know if the data got corrupted somehow during one of my iphoto upgrades or what, but that seems to bother iTunes and it won't sync that photo onto my iDevice.  I'd be interested to see if the decrepacy you are seeing is from the same source.  The loss of metadata can be quite miniscule.  For example, in one case, all that is missing is the size of the photo.  There is a "--" where it should say "878kB."  Doesn't seem like a big deal, but that is the only thing different between this photo in an album and all the other photos in that album and this is the ONLY photo that will NOT sync to my iPhone.


    Anyway, I thought I'd pass this on.  It may not help you get your iPhoto and iDevice albums perfectly matched, but at least you will know why.  (Unless you can repair that photo/metadata and then resync!)


    Mr. Luigi

  • JRCorv Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks Mr Luigi,

    Your prcedure did work. I was able to delete all and reload what itunes would bring in.

    Still short a few numbers of photos, but better.

    Will try the metadata thing.