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  • emme_n Level 1 (0 points)

    I had the same problem, it worked when I logged in to my apple id with the computer but not in the iphone. On the website I changed the e-mail adress for the apple id and then changed it back. After those changes it worked.

  • caroldawn Level 1 (0 points)

    emme_n, I can hook up my iPhone to my computer and iTunes pops up with the correct account, but when I go to change my profile it asks for my password and then says it isn't correct and to ask for an email or verify my birthday to reset it.  I ask for the email and it never comes, I put in my birthday and they say it's wrong.  I have the option of logging out of iTunes, but I'm afraid if I do that I will never get that account to open again. I even see my credit balance on there.  When I go on the apple site with my old i.d. it says it isn't correct password, when I go into my new account it opens fine, but nothing is there.  Are you saying I need to into this new account that I'm able to get into that doesn't have any info in it and change that id to my old id and then it will pull up all my old information and then switch the id back to the new one and it will work itself out? 

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    caroldawn, log in with your apple id on your computer under "manage you apple id" ( ?wosid=kJfXByJtbbWm6x946TXx4w&localang=en_US). When your logged in klick at "edit" after "Apple ID and primary email adress". Change your email adress (if you don´t have another email adress, you have to get one). When you have changed your email adress you will reseve a confirmation email to the your new email adress, click on the link "confirm now" in the email. After this step, log out from your account and then log in again to make sure that i works. Next step is to go to, and try your new account there aswell, if it works you can log out.


    If everything works this far it's a good sign. Next step is to log in your apple id account on your computer and change back to the email you hade before the change, confirm the email you will recive. Log out from your account and log in again to make sure that it works. After this step enter your apple id och password in your iphone and se if it works.


    If this doesn't work you have to do a factory reset too and after this it will definetly work (at least it worked for me after all these steps).


    Good luck!

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    emme_n, I did the first part, then when I got to the to try my new account there it said I had to do it on my ios device, which is my phone, i guess.  I went to my phone to log in and it still has my old i.d. (which it will NOT let me change) and when I put in my password it says it is not correct. If I restore my phone to factory settings, is that going to wipe out everything including my iTunes account that is set up with the old i.d. and make it where I can't login to it anymore, but it currently won't take a new password?  I can get in to my old iTunes acct as long as I don't need to enter a password. If I were to log out I don't think I would ever be able to get back in to it. Any more suggestions or comments?  Thank you so much!  

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    Oh one other thing, I tried to go into my NEW apple id account and change it back to the ORIGINAL id and it says that i.d. is already in use! 

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    Your itunes account won´t disappear, when you do the facotory reset. Try to log out from your iTunes account and log in with your new and see that everything works. If I understand you correct you can log in with your new apple id on the computer, but you can not change it back? If it works on the computer it should work in your iphone as well, under iTunes and App store. Have you tried to change your password as well? Because I changed my password a few times before I changed the email adress, had this problem for a week so I think I've tried everything. So try to change your password, and then try to change back to your old email adress. Make sure that you can log in to your apple id account by using the computer and also try to log in at again and if that works, do the factory reset. Nothing will disappear it will come back when you choose to restore to icloud, but you have to make sure that you can log in to icloud before you do the reset.

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    I had a similar issue with my Apple username (ID) and password not working. I downloaded and installed the new IOS 6.0 and my Apple ID and password would not work for anything on my iPhone. I called Apple and they told me to go into my settings, then go into general and check to see if my username and password were still there, if so sign out then reboot my phone and sign back in. They also told me that sometimes Apple will sign you out if you update new software, which was actually my problem. When I did go into my settings and into the general settings, my Apple username (ID) and password was not there, which means that Apple had signed me out. When I realized this, I signed in, then rebooted my phone and "Wallah" my username and password was working again. I hope this helps you guys and I hope I didn't confuse you. Good luck!!!

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    I was able to get it fixed.  Easy fix, I called Apple and spoke to someone on their Account Security Team and they fixed it within minutes and I didn't have to reset my phone to factory settings and I had my iTunes credit back!  Thanks everyone that tried to help me, you did help cause one thing lead me to another until I finally got it fixed. 

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    That is great....Glad you got it fixed :-)

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    I am having the exact problem.  Its been a week and they cannot come up with a solution.  I am tempted to make a new id but then I need a new email address. This is ridiculous! I wish I never updated my stupid ipad!

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    Nadia, so you're saying you talked to Apple

    and their Acct Security Team couldn't reset

    your password? If you create a new account

    won't you lose all your apps? I'll find that phone

    # for Apple that I called and give it to you

    if that would help. I'm seriously considering

    getting my first iPad and if I do I will not upgrade

    to IOS 6 after reading about all these problems.

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    Try just to reload your i-phone. While loading you'll be asked to enter your pin-code and apple id password. It helped me, really. After updating to IOS 6.0 I had the same problem.

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    So what is the right solution here?   I changed my password and got past the initial login screen, but then it tells me that the apple id must be an email address and when I give it my email address it tells me that id is used - well of course it is, it is mine!    So now what?

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    Caroldawn, could you please let me know which telephone number you used, as I am in England, but it is my mother that is having a similar problem with her appleid, as she updated to ios6 and her ipad has gone over to my appleid, as I initially set up her ipad on my pc, so not sure why this has happened.


    I tried to get her to go into the store settings, which I have on my iphone, but she does not have the same setup on her ipad, as if I go to store settings, I have my appleid displayed at the bottom of the screen, but my mother does not have this, as I can click on the appleid and then it would allow me to edit the id, but it is not allowing my mother to do this, but I have not upgraded to ios6, as I only have an iphone 3, so still using an older ios.


    It might be that my mother needs to phone Apple, but she is living in Spain, but still able to phone the UK easily enough and cheaply, so if it is the UK number that would be great.


    Thanks in advance.

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    I went into settings, ITunes & App Stores, and tapped the box with the AppleID. A window opened with options. I selected log out and then entered the email version of my AppleID and password to log back in. After doing this, I can download apps again!!