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Upgraded to IOS 6.  On playback using WiFi audio playback skips at times.  This was not present with IOS 5.  Primary source of audio is XM Radio.  WiFi bandwithd is 17.6 Down / 13.0 Up.  Don't know if this is an issue while using 4G or other providers, ie. Pandora.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    Update to question:  Did not indicate I was using a Bluetooth Headset, don't know if could contribute to the issue, I suspect not.

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    Update 2:  Completed an unscientific test and it looks like the issue is with Bluetooth.  Test using headphone jack (ear buds) playback did not skip.  Will remove BT Headset and Rediscover to see if that helps.


    Sorry for the additional updates, should have tested all this prior to initial post.