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    THANK YOU SO SO MUCH, IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  • WZZZ Level 6 (12,875 points)

    To you too



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    You are a superstar. Thanks for the fix

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    thanks. it's fixed now.

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    I moved the 3 apps, that were messed up by this security patch back to the Aplications folder (i.e. from /Applications/Net/Mail to /Applications/Mail). Besides Mail the Quicktime Player and the Appstore where affected. I downloaded the security patch from the link in wzzz's message and applied it. Everything worked fine.  I actually did move the apps back to the places I had them before and they still do work.  That is great news. 


    Still I am not happy that we have to mess around with such a lousy quality of security patches...

    If subfolders are allowed inside the /Applications folder and the system lets me create them and move my apps to this place, then security patches just have to consider this possibility instead of expecting the apps in their default location and simply jerking some pieces of code there...


    I just want to be able to keep my games seperated from my office apps and my internet stuff separated from the CAD instead of heaving everything unsorted and unstructured in the same place.  So please Apple, return to your prior policy to make updates that work !

  • WZZZ Level 6 (12,875 points)

    You can move anything anywhere you like and rename it anything you like. Doesn't mean an update will find it or it will continue working. When I was still getting updates for Tiger, I had moved mDNSResponder out of its regular location, but would always move it back to where it belonged for an OS or Security Updtae. It's always been like that. This time, it happened to hit on Mail.

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    Loosing my religion.  I understand your coporate motives but THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE PRACTICE OF FORCE UPDATE OR ELSE TACTICS.  Almost 20 years of Mac loyalty is fading quick.

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    wzzz, I moved the apps in 2009 and installed every update to Snow Leopard that came out. I never had a similar problem. The only problem I had so far was, that iTunes did not care about where I had moved the App and installed the later Version in the main Applications folder again.  After that happened the first time, I just left it there.  I never had any issues with any other program, no matter if it was made by Apple or by a third party. Every update found my apps and installed in the right place and in the right way.  I do not agree, that it is a general problem. And definitely it is minor issue in an update program to handle that correctly. It is a simple routine that only needs to be programmed once and than can be reused in ever update. Actually I am very surprised that someone can act so shortsighted, not to have in the program.


    Every proffessional who creates an update routine has to be aware that Apple and OSX allow to move around apps and shall take care of it.  This is definitely not the customers responsibility but the suppliers obligation.  I can move apps and I don't get a warning, that this might cause problems later.  I just use a regular option, they built into their system.


    If they offer an option, they have to consider that people are using it.

    That is abundantly obvious.

  • WZZZ Level 6 (12,875 points)

    Yeah, all that may be true. I think Apple probably thinks we should be feeling grateful just to get one more (probably the last) security update for Snow, in whatever form.

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