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pietia336 Level 1 Level 1


I have a PPTP VPN configured on SBS 2003 which is built-in by default in the OS.

iPhone 4 (iOS 5.1.1), iPhone 4S and iPad 2 connected fine to this VPN. Also the URLs which where poinintg to addresses in local domain (e.g. service.contooso.local) were resolved properly.

After updating to iOS 6 connection to VPN still establishes properly. Unfortunately all these devices cannot connect through Safari to local websites anymore when a URL in .local domain is specified (e.g. http://service.contooso.local) and that was working fine before the udpate. Safari returns the following message: "Safari cannot open this website. Server cannot be found." - this is a translation to English, so original message may slightly differ.

When IP address is entered in Safari the connection is succesfuly established to the default website on SBS.

It seems like after connecting to the VPN the DNS address used for resolving the names is not poining to the local DNS server (which is the same as webserver, VPN server, etc. as all the services are on SBS), but still to the ISP's DNS.

Is that behavior normal in iOS 6 or is it a bug? As I have written before in iOS 5.1.1 this kind of behavior did not occur, and after connecting to VPN I could use http://service.contooso.local URL which was resolved properly to correct website in the intranet.

I am looking forward for any hints.

Best regards,


iPhone 4, iOS 6
  • TimeForAction Level 1 Level 1



    We are experiencing the exact same problem with VPN connections on iOS 6 as pietia336.


    VPN starts, first companywebsite through VPN works, but after the first URL safari does not connect to other URL's through the VPN with .local domain names.


    After restarting the VPN connection we can again reach 1 URL. Every attemp to connect to a 2nd different URL fails in safari.


    We did not have this issue with iOS 5.1.1. Only appeares in iOS 6


    Funny thing is that with WiFi it works like a charm. Problem in our situation only occurs when connecting VPN over 3g.


    Trying an other App for network research we see that .local domains are being resolved correctly also with multiple domains.


    When using Chrome instead of Safari shows the same problems. First URL through VPN works, all following URL's fail.


    We tested multiple iPad2 's and all show the same problem. VPN through Cisco ASA.


    Hope to see a possible solution qiuck since all our mobile workers are waiting to update before this issue is resolved.


    Any sollutions yet?


    Best regards,


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    I am not an enterprise user, but since updating to ios6 I too am having VPN connection issues. I use two types,  one automatic and one I configured. Both work smoothly on my iPhone with iOS 6 installed but the VPN connection on my iPad 2 hangs at connecting with either VPN. when I try to cancel the connection it does not respond. I have to shut the iPad off to recover. I am happy in a sense that I am not the only one. Especially involving enterprise I am confident this issue will get speedily.

  • MiLaNbLeNtOn Level 1 Level 1

    After upgrades to ios 6(4S) also have issues with IPsec connection.

    successfully connected but traffic does not go ?!

    everything is running successfully on 5.x.x.

    VPN server is FritzBox with dyndns(on ADSL).

    friend tried to connect with 4s on iOS 5.1.1 in the same time, and it works fine.

  • jon_allport Level 1 Level 1

    Me too!


    It looks like a DNS resolution issue for '.local' hosts in Safari.


    After connecting I can browse by IP address, or connect by name with other apps (like WebSSH).  Once the name has been resolved (by another app) Safari will then browse by name.


    Also I have found that this only occurs if the VPN is established over a cellular connection - WiFi works as expected.


    All was well on iOS 5.1.1, no configurations have been changed.

  • bladessf Level 1 Level 1

    Dear Group - thank you for all your help.  I found that when I reset network connections I was able to connect with my VPN again!!!  also at around the same time I had turned off cellular data so I am not sure which worked as Westopherguy had suggested.  I would try both if you are having issues.


  • MiLaNbLeNtOn Level 1 Level 1

    successfully connected but traffic does not go !

  • AlexXF Level 1 Level 1

    I have a same problem. How to reproduce it:


    Hardware: iPad 2 WiFi + GSM, iOS 6.0


    1. Setup PPTP/LPTP VPN connection

    2. Check it on WiFi connection - works fine!

    3. Disable WiFi and enable GSM connection - there is a DNS problem with .local domain names. Server cannot be found.


    This problem appears in iOS 6 only. iOS 5.1.1 works fine.

  • Hoola Hoop Joe Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same issue on iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

  • Pedro_NZ Level 1 Level 1

    We too have the same issue, whether by IPSec tunnel using generic connection to a fortigate device, or latest IPSec checkpoint mobile client. Dns is shown in the status of the connection, but doesn't present to the app layer. This may only happen with .local domains, and we use .local, same as the rest if the world, that followed Microsoft best practice! (Telling us that bonjour uses it and to rename our networks is ridiculous, so stop it)

    C'mon Apple, do you want these devices in the Enterprise taken seriously or not?! You're ios6 now! I've dealt with the nonsense since pre ios5! We have over 600 iphones and ipads deployed with custom apps now. Don't make me recommend a windows mobile solution..get the lead out and produce an update pronto!

  • MDS78 Level 1 Level 1


    I Have the same problem. I update my iphone wiht the version IO6 and now the VPN didn't work!

    Do you think apple will solve this problem soon ?

    New update....

  • ioniansailor Level 1 Level 1

    We have the same problem in Germany. The Apple support doesn't know anyting of the problem and tells me to reinstall everything. Typical support answer to get rid of a customer. I doesn't help anyway.

  • CodePro Level 1 Level 1

    We have been battling this exact same situation since last week.  The 3G-only/VPN on iOS6 for iPhones drops the VPN DNS service in favor of the carrier-provided service which does not allow it to resolve private VPN network names, only public DNS entries, but using internal IPs, you can get to the VPN-backed servers with ease.


    Logged a ticket with Apple support last week where they insisted it was an issue with our VPN configuration, so I was unsuccessful as getting them to try it on their own VPN network - not very difficult to do:


    On an iOS6 iPhone:


    Turn-off WiFi

    Turn on VPN

    Surf to a private VPN domain name


    Guaranteed not to work on their VPN either


    I urge you to call apple support and reference Case # 354380479 and this support thread, otherwise, they will not recognize how big of an issue this is.


    Support also said there is no way to downgrade to iOS 5 (where it still works!), even though the iOS 6 update specifically said it could.  We are in a really bad spot here as it is not possible to block people from updating their devices, so every day, someone takes the update and can no longer get into our systems while on the go.


    We are at the verge of moving to the Android platform - a big expense for us, but compare that to $$$ lost to date (as we are a 24x7 trading firm, and if you can't get to the trading platform, you miss out on trades!).


    Respond here if you have contacted support and what the result of that conversation was.

  • Tom Rock Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here, but i found a workaround. Get the free App "Free Ping". Ping the hostname in the .local Domain (Domain Suffix not required), and you should get a reply.

    Switch to the desired App (e.g. Safari, Mail ...) and the host should be reachable.


    Hoping for a fix!

  • MakMak1980 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Thanks for helpin with this, can you please provide more info on how this is done? I am sure some of the guys here are not so technical...

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