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I have a PPTP VPN configured on SBS 2003 which is built-in by default in the OS.

iPhone 4 (iOS 5.1.1), iPhone 4S and iPad 2 connected fine to this VPN. Also the URLs which where poinintg to addresses in local domain (e.g. service.contooso.local) were resolved properly.

After updating to iOS 6 connection to VPN still establishes properly. Unfortunately all these devices cannot connect through Safari to local websites anymore when a URL in .local domain is specified (e.g. http://service.contooso.local) and that was working fine before the udpate. Safari returns the following message: "Safari cannot open this website. Server cannot be found." - this is a translation to English, so original message may slightly differ.

When IP address is entered in Safari the connection is succesfuly established to the default website on SBS.

It seems like after connecting to the VPN the DNS address used for resolving the names is not poining to the local DNS server (which is the same as webserver, VPN server, etc. as all the services are on SBS), but still to the ISP's DNS.

Is that behavior normal in iOS 6 or is it a bug? As I have written before in iOS 5.1.1 this kind of behavior did not occur, and after connecting to VPN I could use http://service.contooso.local URL which was resolved properly to correct website in the intranet.

I am looking forward for any hints.

Best regards,


iPhone 4, iOS 6
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