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  • Chippy5700 Level 1 (0 points)

    Seriously apple! Help the people who jump started the iPad and support us who have 1st generation iPad!!!! Give us the new updates as well please.....

  • DRH255 Level 1 (5 points)

    I purchased my iPad about 2 months before iPad 2 came was a Christmas present, not yet 2 years old.  Although I'm not happy, I'm getting used to it ...considering how many apple devices we have replaced over the years because they are outdated...but not even two years on something that cost over $700... that's scary! 


    on the upside...I have been reading the new update has lots of I am not even updating my 4s until they work them out...I've been burned in the past by updating too soon.  so even if it was supported, I wouldn't have updated for a good while.   Maybe by then they will have an update that will accommodate the iPad.  Is that possible? to skip an update but integrate a device in later?

  • Torialynne1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree with many posts to this question.  It is so unfair to the loyal first generation iPad owners.  We have just been 'deleted'!!  It is almost like punishment because I refuse to jump on the "update" bandwagon and go from device to device.  I will admit it took a whole lot of scrimping and saving to get this iPad 1!! And because some big wig up there decides it's time to put it to the grave yard we get punished.  This was my first, my very first APPLE PURCHASE!  Please don't make me live to regret it.  It's not only the iOS 6 but it is also the accessories that go with the iPad 1 owners.  I have to go on line to some bagain basement accessory wholesaler to try and get some covers or cases for my iPad.  What was crazy was that people were trying to guess the what the iPhone 5 was going to look like and covers were already out before the phone.  When Wal_Mart lost Sam, things went to pot!  I can see the same happening with Apple and that is sad story for Steve Jobs. 

  • Rwhitlow3 Level 1 (0 points)

    If you are like me, you took a chance and invested in the ipad1 (I got the 64gb Wifi version), despite the newness of the product and the tough economy at the time. Over the past 2 years, you came to not only enjoy it and the updates that came along, it became apart of your daay to day life.

    It became a part of you.

    Now, it is obsolete.

    At least that is how most of us feel when ios6 was not made available to us.

    Apple needs to remember that we are the guinea pigs to home they owe a measure of appreciation to for making the product the success that it is. It is people like myself, who had the owner of our dealership buy 40 ipad2's for our salespersons to use at our Chevrolet store.

    So, let your voices be heard, join me on Facebook at www.facebook/savmyipad and maybe together we can draw awarness to this gross injustice, because they sure as **** are not paying attention to the posts throughout the ipad support groups.




    Ray Whitllow III



    This post was banned from Apple

    Wwjd(What would Jobs Do?)

  • mcros7 Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple does listen! Tim Cook's office called in response to my certified letter mentioned in an earlier post. While I very much appreciate the call, I do not fully appreciate the content. Apple's position is that the software engineers wnat iOS 6 to be fully implemented by the hardware and iPad 1 does not qualify. Fine, I understand that. I told them I would happy to be able to use 85% of iOS 6, but more than that, I really would appreciate knowing that Apple's future products will be serviceable for more than 2 years. I let them know their present attitude will bite them in the butt. Engineers do not understand marketing, service and keeping the base happy. And one more thing...... they declined to provide a refund for the purchase of my iPad 1.


    Posting "Apple *****" comments is also clearly off base. They make the best products in the industry and they know it, right along with millions of users. I'll keep buying Apple products, but I may well delay my purchases until I see a change in their attitude.

  • Robert McD Level 1 (0 points)

    Appreciate the update and balanced reaction to this whole situation.  I've sent my letter to Tim Cook as well, though haven't heard back as yet.  And for the foreseable future I'm sure my iPad will work fine for as long as I wish on iOS 5.  The larger issue of product support and life span is a real one however, and Apple does need to pay attention to that.

  • mike99 Level 1 (15 points)

    Absolutely shameful, Apple

    This devise cost $800+ dollars

    Mail update, new maps, integrated search/web address bar all would be. Ice to have.

    It costs you guys NOTHING to allow iPad 1 users to have this upgrade, and keeps Apple customers loyal.

    With the competition heating up in the tablet field, I think you've made a HUGE mistake

    My next purchase will not be with Apple

  • iamjeremie Level 4 (1,310 points)

    mike99 wrote:

    My next purchase will not be with Apple

    Well, that's your choice really but good luck not having the problem with other manufacturers.


    As a reminder, when ICS was release, the Galaxy S that wasn't that old either didn't get the update.

    My Samsung droid (I have several phones and tablets from different brands for work purpose) got the update to 2.2 when 2.3 was already out for 5 months, and it got stucked there.

    One of my droid tablet has received the update to 4.0 from 3, the other is stuck on 2.3 (not even 3). And they are both less than 2 years old. So is my phone.


    Do I care? Not really. I understand that to go further, you sometimes need to drop the older devices. One of my mac isn't compatible with Lion, one of my pc is stucked on Win XP. They get old. That's the cycle of life in this industry. What I'd say is that you could already be happy you got a FREE upgrade from 4 to 5 while no one told you you would get any.

  • Support4Forces Level 1 (0 points)

    A recent article in Stuff mag debated the Apple V's Google V's Microsoft dilemma. It commented that Apples lengthy experience in cohesive techsperiences was masterful. Although the risk was there that "Apple may lock you into it's evil closed ecosystem". How ironic that what they have actually done is kick a load of long standing customers out into the cold.

    Perfectly timed though as with the release of windows 8 I'll now be moving myself, family and business back to Microsoft. I have literally 30 mins ago cancelled a business case to distribute iPads to my clients as a promo incentive. I wanted my customers to be glad I gave it to them in a years time, not bemoaning how its been ditched by Apple!

  • Internationalpaddy Level 1 (0 points)

    I notice Apple dont have a clearly advertised complaints email address...


    I used to have Android devices and I went for Apple given the superior build quality and simplified connectivity (cloud, Apple TV etc) however the one thing that disappoints me is when I've paid out over £1000 or $1500 for two iPad 1 devices... only a month or two before the release of iPad 2 (more fool me) to then find that Apple are expecting to milk me like a cow by trying to force me into upgrading hardware by leaving me out of OS upgrades... don't even get me started on Google Maps.


    Sad to say I'm probably going down the Samsung root in future - I believe they have rounded corners and a decent glass screen.... with an open operating system on which I can develop apps for free... so, sorry Apple... you screwed up.

  • Aussie Matt Level 1 (0 points)

    It seems quite stupid that Apple release a cut down version of iOS6 for all its phones. (A full version of iOS6 will not run on a 3gs for example.) But they wont do it for iPad 1. People buy apple devices specificly for the support that apple are so famous for. I bought a 4s because I knew the support was so well done. But now, my iPad 1 gets no support. Why can't apple support ALL their products. Is it so difficult? I want the better app store interface, the better music interface, but they cant even do that for us. A cut down iOS6 that the Origional iPad could run wouldnt be that hard to do, Would it?

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    I think the disconnect comes from making durable products that, apparently, aren't as disposable as greedy APPLE would like. My 64 gb wifi 3G iPad 1 is rapidly devalued because of this lack of support. I never dreamed that my adopting early would be such a mistake. Folks, the iPad 1 launched the segment for apple! Are you kidding me?


    But the issues are more systemic. The App Store apparently can't distinguish that I have an iPad 1. So it constantly asked me to update GarageBand with no easy way to tell it No Thanks, i.e. removing the counter saying I needed to do something.


    So I clicked the update, it would not install, and completely locked up GarageBand. I ended up deleting the program.


    As far as being grateful for free updates, I just don't want Aplle to force me into a very expensive HARDWARE update (replacement) just to be able to have a useable tablet.


    Comments Welcome


    p.s. I bought 11 Apple iPad 2s for my employees just a year ago, and I hope they get more longevity than I apparently got!

  • MartzEssexUK Level 1 (0 points)

    Folks, do not get upset about it, you still have decent maps, a good YouTube app and your wifi doesn't drop out periodically.

  • cshawnbrown Level 1 (0 points)

    I think this is the last straw for me. I stood in line for my original iPad! I've bought two iMacs, one iBook, one eMac, two Macbook Pros, one MacBook Air, four iPhones, three iPods, and a lot of software since 1998 (at a premium), but I'm tired of being told I don't matter, my business doesn't matter, and that I should reinvest with Apple on its timeframe.


    If you're listening Apple, you're losing my regular business.  I'll start supplementing my technology with Android -based platforms.

  • Dz0rpw Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm shocked...I was about to buy a MacBook Pro at £1300 as a present for my 11yr old for Xmas.


    A key part of accepting the over-priced laptop was she would be able to use it for years and thus worth the money. I now find I can't update apps on my Ipad unless I have ios6...which I can't get. As mentioned by 'everyone' else, it's less than 2yrs old.


    Why would a company with such a history of growth and a massive loyal customer base, cut them off like this. I've been in the IT industry for 25yrs and there are great examples (VMS, AIX, HP-UX...) where old hardware will continue to get updates for decades! While the 'new' functionality is reduced, I can still use it and buy applications. Apple have more profit than these other companies put together yet still can't find it's way to create a reduced (in functionality) verion of ios6. As I said...shocking...


    Oh...and to the guy who stated all the others are the same...I have a Dell D600 which was shipped with Windows XP 11 years ago...and is now running Windows 7...I expect it will work with Windows 8. As for phones and tablets...there is a reason why we paid so much...and it wasn't for the curves. If you pay less you are happy to expect less...when you buy pay more and expect more!


    I'll get her a Windows 8 laptop and forget me buying anything else Apple until this stupid situation is resolved.

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