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    Well its been a long time since I started this discussion, I gave up on Wi-Fi sync not much later. I have not followed the discussion and in light of what has occured, it's almost irrelevant.


    I have quie literally changed nothing since I encountered this problem, but today I thought what the heck, give it another shot....


    To my surprise, Wi-Fi sync now works flawlessly, I even managed to remove around 40Gb of audio and sync it back onto my iPhone 5 without any issues.


    My mind is well and truly boggled.

  • MacUserAE Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    I have to say that it started to magically work over the last 12hours for me as well.  I have not made any changes either.  I am not holding my breath as I have had the issue for a long time and there were no updates that were pushed, so I am not sure what the difference is.


    I am not aware of Apple being able to push updates without my acknowledging and installing an update.


    Wondering if anyone eles has seen this difference.

  • MacUserAE Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    No longer working. It only lasted for all of 12 hrs.

  • mareich Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    I also have been experiencing wifi sync issues since ios6.   I have an iPhone 4, an iPad 2 (?), a Macbook Pro (OSX Lion), and iTunes 10.7.  Generally, iTunes sees the iPad upon startup, but has issues with the iPhone.  Sometimes it's there, sometimes not.   When it's not, I've tried powering off the phone, restarting Itunes, rebooting the Macbook, all of the above.   Some things work sometimes, other times nothing works and I have to sync via USB.   Even more annoying, sometimes iTunes sees the iPhone but I still can't initiate a wifi sync from the phone.   I can usually initiate a wifi sync from iTunes, but that's inconvenient.  Once I've successfully done a wifi sync from iTunes, I can usually do subsequent syncs (within an unknown time frame) initiated from the phone, but usually the scenario starts again the next day.   There was a period of time where iTunes just wouldn't display the iphone under the left pane "Devices" section unless connected via USB, but now it does, but the phone still will not successfully initiate a sync more often than not.  When the phone initiated sync fails, it times out and tells me the sync "will resume when <Macbook name> is available.  So when iTunes can see the phone it appears the iphone has problems seeing iTunes.


    I don't have a clue what's happening and the problem seems to be a moving target.   As usual, Apple's silence on a definitive resolution is annoying and frustrating.

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    Thanks! This worked for me (at least right now after I implemented the fix).

    I am running iOS 6 I have an iPhone 4S which is connected via the 802.11g band on my time machine.

    My MBP & iPad are the N 5Ghz channel. I have had no problems syncing my iPad.

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    Obviously this is (another badly released) ios6 problem that Apple will fix when they are ready...


    In the mean time I get over it by doing the following:


    While the phone and PC (with Itunes running) are both connected to my home network I simply disconnect and reconnect the PC WiFi and then Itunes always instantly sees the Iphone, connects, and syncs.


    I hope this will help someone.


    Since the sad demise of Mr Jobs aspects of Apple have gone noticeably down hill..

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    I have an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 5, both on 6.1.4.  iPhone 5 connects no problems everytime, iPhone 4 almost always never connects, ever since the update to iOS6.  Anyone know why?

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    This SOLVED the problem for me. Thanks!

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    Edit: Found the "in reply to"








    Reply or link to the specific post that solved your question please.


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  • David M Brewer Level 6 Level 6 (9,300 points)

    PeaceNow1 was responding to WernerSg post.


    Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 11.17.22 AM.png

    Click on WernerSg name in PeaceNow1 post to go to that posting.

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    This solved my problem. Thanks!!!

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    @WernerSg  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have been going crazy trying to get my iPod Touch to sync over wifi again.  It just stopped and I couldn't do anything to get it to work again.  I even did a restore of the whole device!


    I read your suggestion and thought that's so easy I can't believe it would work - why should it work?  But it's easy enough to toggle the wifi on/off on my notebook so I tried it.  After I wifi connected my notebook again, iTunes immediately found my Touch and started syncing!


    I'd rebooted by pc and iPod numerous times, reset the router, and even restored my iPod.  So why would toggling my wifi with iTunes open work? I have no idea.  But it did.


    Thanks so much for posting this!

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    I'm also using an iPhone 4 and it has a lot of problems getting seen by iTunes over Wifi, even with toggling my wifi connection on and off the entire affair is hit & miss.

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    you have to toggle the WiFi or LAN connection of your PC and not of your iPad/iPhone!


    1.) Toggle one time WiFi connection of your PC/Mac


    2.) after that start iTunes and your iPhone/iPad will appear and Wi-Fi Sync will start


    I toggle my PC home LAN connection by doing just a double click on a small icon on my desktop, that's all



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    I've done this countless times and it still does not work.  I've tried using wireless and wired with no success.  This solution is not working for all of us.  For me since IOS 6 and iTunes 11 (WHICH I HATE!!!!!!) Wifi syncing is flaky at best.

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