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Since I updated to ios 6 I can't use my phone number to receive or make face time calls.  I have also lost the use of my primary email address (as it is different to my apple I'd) on face time  too, it says error already in use.  Can anyone help????

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    iTech, First change your apple password, than go to 'setting' and than click on 'Facetime' and make sure your facetime email is right than retry. Also calling apple support can help you or the best way is to go down to the apple store for direct help. I really hope that what i have told you have helped and try to reset your iphone.



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    That worked.  Such a relief, thanks.  Could you tell me why I can only use one email address now, I could use both of them before, now the second one (which ever way around I try them) always says already in use.

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    iTech, I'm really happy that I helped you with your problem, also.. I really don't know why that would happen but, all i can tell you is to.   Go to Facetime and input that second email again and see what happens, also make sure the second email is not enable with iMessage (Also, that could be why it is saying it is already in use) please update me back and tell me if what I have said have helped you.