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    Yep, I have doubled my usage in the last 2 months since using the podcasts app as well. Did 1GB in one day.  This was before and after installing iOS 6.  The only difference is having the podcasts app installed.


    FYI after adding more subscribed podcasts the issue has accelerated.


    Also great that there is no direct email support page for the Podcasts app.

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    Just having the exact same issue, Podcasts has munched through 400 of my 500 mb limit (crappy french carrier) Anyone else wanna join me in mailbombing Mr Tim Cook and possibly gettin gadget weblogs involved?

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    Yep same, 750MB destroyed in three days, my free allowance is 500MB, thanks Apple this is a grade A f*** up. I have auto-downloads set to WiFi only so can anyone explain why this is happening?

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    The exact same thing happened to me within a week of having the iPhone 5 on Orange UK - went through 800Mb of mobile data whilst sat on my desk connected to the office WiFi.


    Orange were unable to identify or weren't aware of any problem and whilst I got one of their more helpful guys on the phone, weren't going to offer me any extra.  It wasn't til I said I would return the phone as I was still within the 14-day distance selling regulation that they added an extra 750Mb to see me through the month.


    Sorry if this has already been mentioned: I have witnessed first hand that even with the 'use mobile data' option switched OFF, the Podcast App will still use 3G to carry on downloading a podcast.  Only when you switch off 'use mobile data' in the general settings can this be overridden.


    In addition (and again, apologies for any repetition), I have heard that the Podcast App has been seen to use 3 times the amount of data required (i.e. downloading a 50Mb podcast results in 150Mb data being used) and worse - that the app will download OLD podcasts or will attempt to download the same podcast multiple times (which is what I believe happened to me).


    I've installed Wali Data Usage Defender that together with the in-built mobile data usage meter, I watch like a hawk.


    Due a call back from Orange on the 24th to see what their tech team has discovered - but an iOS 6/Podcast update cannot come quick enough.


    For an Apple product this has to be the shabbiest launch in years.  Easily scratched casing, unresponsive touchscreen, laughable maps... what's the opposite of 'delighting' your customers?!?

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    I'm steeming over this. Podcast ap downloaded 5.5 gigs in one day! despite having "download only on wifi" set. And now my bill (overage for that day) is $250!!


    On hold with Koodo Mobile (Canada) right now trying to get a refund...


    ok, just heard from the guy. All he said the best he can do is 30% refund, so I'm still on the hook for $180. This really has me upset. But there is nothing I can do.

    I'm a brand new Iphone 4s user - bought it unlocked.

    First time using iOS.

    Welcome to the iphone.



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    Im personally thinking this is way to **** to ignore. I sent in an e-mail to Gizmodo and hopefully they'll potentially run a blog on it. Would be nice to get some recognition for this problem out there. Anyone else who can if you could do the same we might stand a snowballs chance in **** of getting this sorted.

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    The Economist's Babbage blog mentioned this issue not too long ago. Definitely needs more coverage.


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    I have gone 200% my original data plan, thanks to the "DUMB" podcast app. Originally, I thought it would be a good idea to download automatically, but it had lined up download for over 200 episodes. I thought that was not a good idea and turned auto download OFF. Left the subscription ON so that I could see what episodes are new.


    What I think is happening is Podcast is streaming through the internet everytime I play a "downloaded" podcast. To verify this, I started playing a podcast and then walked to a location where I had no reception and the "downloaded" podcast stopped playing.


    This is absolutely unacceptable if TRUE and this the the last straw in frustrations I have had with Apple products and I am moving to Android phones.

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    I have deleted the Podcast App and reverted to the Music App. I followed this procedure

    This seems to be the only safe solution.

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    "Podcasts" downloaded 1,5 GB of data in the background within 2 hours and exceeded my dataplan!

    But no podcast has been downloaded?!?!

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    Hi, just adding myself to the list. I updated to IOS6 and the podcast app was to me by the OS. The music app does not let me listen/download podcasts. I disabled mobile data in the podcast app, but it just ignored it and nonetheless downloaded more than 1 GByte in no time via 3G. That's gone far above my data limit and cost me a lot.

    What to do to get the money back, Apple are guilty as charged, how to get them to refund is?

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    Hi, I've a similar experience. I received a warning message from my carrier that I burnt 1Gb of data.... In one morning. This happened while listening to podcasts that were already downloaded and even afterwards when not using the app anymore. This costed another 360 Mb --> 18€. I want compensation as Apple provided me with a faulty app.

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    I'm in a similar situation as this. I use an iPod Touch with Verizon's MIFI 4G (5GB Allowance on my sister's account). I used it mainly with light web usage, very few app updates, email, other app usage. The only time I download podcast content (~30min audio/3-9min video = under 150mb or so) and app updates is when I use regular WIFI data at school/home/restaurant.  I already had the Podcast app installed during that time.


    The unusual data surge started between SEP 29 - OCT 7. During that period, I checked the My Verizon App shot from 5.5GB to 8GB. Near the end of that week period it reported 14GB. After the period (also the end of the month cycle), it was 38GB (34GB billable) on the report. Each additional GB is $10, meaning that $340 will be charged.


    I did go to the Verizon store to discuss this issue, but they directed me to phone support (using their phone). After the conversation, I don't believe they understood what I was trying to describe, stating that the data used was from 'streaming' from podcasts and still needed to be paid for.


    On my defense, I did not listen/watch any podcast content while on the MIFI. I tried deleting queues, unsubscribe, & close the Podcast app from the Multitasking Bar. Also to note, at the same time I was trying updating an app (small file size) from the App Store and it kept downloading-installing *freeze* & repeat that process over again.


    For now, I always have to install Podcast app at the regular WIFI spot, download my podcasts, and then delete the app afterwards. Without this app, the data usage is normal and the App Store updates work smoothly.


    I need Apple to convince Verizon to drop those unnecessary charges for data I can't possibly use on a iPod within a week!

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    I too am in the same boat as others - subscribed

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    I am having this same issue. I have 2GB  in my data plan and monitored my usage for several months before dropping down to that level. I had only come close to 2GB one month over a 9 month span. I came close to 2GB, didn't actually get to that level. Now suddenly I am at 4 GB this month and still counting. I've had to pay two $10 overages but I shouldn't be close.


    The month where I previously came close to the 2GB mark was a month where I was streaming the SiriusXM app all day while working for several weeks in addition to the normal browsing and e-mailing that I would do. If I could stream music for 6 hours a day for 15 days and not hit that why am I suddenly using 3x that amount while never listening to podcasts or streaming anything other than when connected to WiFi?


    The other laundry list of issues with the podcasts app were one thing, but now it's unnecessarily costing people money that it shouldn't. Apple is in biiiiiig trouble. Nevermind that the app and iOS 6 have been a pretty resounding dud. Apple will start to lose market share just as fast as the acquired it with these types of failures.


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