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  • Boxer0812 Level 1 Level 1

    JimHdk, thank you, thank you.  Finally, I was able to connect.  I must have missed that instruction in trying to browse through 71 pages on this thread.  It would be nice if the Apple people would add the info to their database of information.    The Apple tech people I spoke to today were clueless.

  • edwinappel Level 1 Level 1

    @JimHdK: lucklily you could help someone - instead of Apple's helpdesk. Indeed more and more like Microsoft....


    But anyway, I still have connectionproblems. My device - iPhone 4s - and the devices of my son and wife - iPhone 4s and iPad 2 - do not connect. The only device that does connect is my iPad 1. The only difference is that the iPad 1 does not have iOS 6. And troubles occured directly after installing iOS 6.


    And the 'funny' thing is: they all do connect with the router (not a Netgear). But I use Airport Extreme and Express to extend my netwerk. On those places where the router is not 'visible' I suffer from those connection problems. I guess it has something to do with of course the iOS but it is definitely NOT related to a router problem or firmware.


    My guess there is something wrong with iOS related to firmware of Apple Express and / or Extreme. I installed the Apple app to manage Airport. And in the rooms where I do not have any connection on the devices with iOS 6, I can see all Airports, but they do not connect.


    So there is really something going on, that Apple cannot manage.


    The most annoying is that the seem to be deaf, dumb and blind on this matter. No information, no involvement. Although a lot of customers who have problems use more than one Apple-device and have used Apple products for years. I really do not understand who they can act like this. I am thinking about switchinh. Grass looks more green elsewhere of course, but other products are at least cheaper .....

  • smylekids Level 1 Level 1

    hi there. I too am having issues. The problem seems to only be at my home network. It works fine at my friends house and my work wifi. But my home wifi, i experience this intermittent dropping of internet. It works only if I power off/on my iphone & ipad, but I will lose the internet connection after a day. I even replaced my wi/fi router to a newer version, but no dice.


    i called apple, and they say this is not normal. They say that if there is wifi issues, it would affect all connection points, not just my home network.


    are people having the same issue as me?



  • salty bear Level 1 Level 1

    I have airport extreme for my router at home, multiple devices, all apple devices are at latest update levels.  had this sync issue since upgrading to ios 6.01.  tried a bunch of stuff that was suggested in this huge post, nothing worked.  today, I tried 'forgot network' for my home network on my iTouch (in 'Settings' > 'Wifi') and then joined it again (entering password).  Went to itunes (v11), hit sync and it worked fine several times so far.


    Anyone else try this yet?

  • edwinappel Level 1 Level 1

    Salty bear: the primary issue is not synchronising but the wifi connection itself. I tried the forget network etc (also system reset of both router, AE, devices, but nothing.


    So it seems that Apple has set up software that seems to randomise?


    I have this wifi issue at home but also at several external places. Sometimes I don't, sometimes I do. I would be logical if Apple compares its settings in iOS 5 with those of iOS 6. And then: GIVE SOME HELP!!!!!

  • salty bear Level 1 Level 1

    they sync issue was from the wifi dropping... or likely timing out.  I've been fine connecting to the network and also to stream music from iTouch to airport express.  Albeit I don't do a huge amount of browsing, but I do use apps quite a bit on it.  I upgraded the iTouch from ios5x directly to ios 6.1 (waited for the point release to avoid bugs.. HA!)


    in the past I reset my network equipment (not cable modem); did a wired sync, disabled/enabled wifi sync, disabled itunes helper in my login start items, rebooted my MB Pro several times... none of that worked until I just forgot my network today.


    good luck

  • HellSpun Level 1 Level 1

    Disabling MAC address filtering resolved my wifi connection issue. I'm not sure if this was mentioned already but it is an easy setting to overlook. Best of luck to those still dealing with issues.

  • AndrewVastola Level 1 Level 1

    UPDATE 2:

    I wrote last week regarding my iPad 2 and the 2 iPhone 4S that I have on iOS 6 and have been acting squirrley from the minute I upgraded to iOS 6. Last week, I bought a new router, as my DLINK DIR-601 (which was less than a year old) was acting inconsistent - after I updated the firmware, to attempt to make it work with my iPad 2. To no avail. Anyway, I bought a new Belkin 450 db. This seems like a great dual band router. Upon first connection, all of my problems seemed to be fixed, but after a week of working with the network, I am having problems with my iPhone 4S. My iPad 2 and my MacBook Pro work just great on the 5 ghz network (as the router has 2 seperate networks - one for 2.4g and another for 5g). My iPhone, however, can only see the 2.4g network, and has virtually no connection - although it SHOWS full reception bars. Nothing will load. If I cycle wifi on and off, it may load, but once the screen goes to lock and back, the connection is lost - even though my wifi reception indicator STILL SHOWS full bars. Has anyone else experienced this?? Really getting frustrated.

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    Mac OS X

    Sadly buying new routers may be a waste of money. Ios 6 is so messed up and buggy there is no guarantee it will work. Mine is a reasonably modern netgear wndr 3700 v2 which is also dual band. I also have a draytek 2820 hard wired to the netgear acting as an access point so I can get wifi in back bedrooms. Anyway at first my original iphone 4 seemed ok with wifi but over time it has terrible problems with SSIDs. Wifi will work fine but then I will go to work and when I return although it picks my wifi up it will limited Internet access such as safari working but nothing on iTunes Store or App Store with spinning circle. I run speedtest app and often find the download works but upload test shows zero! It is an intermittent issue as it does not always happen. Only way to restore full functionality is to reboot the phone. Odd huh? I also see this issue on some wifi hotspots such as the one I liked to use in my local boozer. Of course under ios 5.1.1 all was fine.


    My iPad 3 has no such issue but then it's a wifi only model and it never leaves my house so it's permanently connected to my wifi.


    It's some kind of bug, as if ios 6 hates moving from home wifi to cellular and back to wifi etc. it gets itself in a pickle for want of a technical term. Plus home sharing is hit and miss under ios 6, it was a bit iffy before but now it's worse than ever now!


    By the way I might be wrong but I think the reason your iPhone 4S cannot see the 5 ghz network is because it doesn't have the hardware and can only see 2.4. That is certainly the case with the original iphone 4 anyway.




  • woka Level 1 Level 1

    to be honest i think we will have to wait till ios 6.1 comes out which will fix all the wifi bugs etc and apple are not a company who hate to admit that there is a problem and they will make you sweat it out untill the update.

  • Scottyboy99 Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    I guess your right, just to have to sweat it out til 6.1 comes out. Trouble is it could be sometime before it arrives based on some of my google searches. Also alarming is the people discussing it on forums are making no reference to wifi fixes with regards the IOS 6.1 beta 3 that is floating about.


    I went into apple store end of last week pretty charged up over the wifi issue. By the end of my discussion I was ready to do a Michael Douglas in Falling Down. I was so angry that they insisted they weren't aware of any wifi issues. Just stood there poker faced claiming IOS 6 was perfect. I tried showing them this very thread but they were so arrogant and dis-interested. How can they ignore the fact that everything was fine under IOS 5.1.1 and then as soon as IOS 6 lands problems galore. I guess I am luckier than most in that my Wifi connects but it still has many bugs and problems. It manifests itself on both my routers (one acting as an access point). This cannot be ignored!




  • Fred000001 Level 1 Level 1

    An update,

    turns out that after replacing my netgear wifi router (WG102) with a d-link router (DIR-655 Extreme-N Gigabit wireless Router), the issues of not being able to connect to it with any iOS6 devices (a new ipod and an upgrade ipad3) went away only after redoing a "reset network settings" (even though the SSID, password, etc were all different).

    So, changing the router did provide a solution for me. But one shouldn't have to do that - it should be all addressable by a software update.


    It seems that the majority of issues I read about are with netgear routers (although I do know someone having the same issue with another brand).

    It ***** for netgear, and I believe it's really an issue with Apple's iOS6 update (since my router worked just fine with iOS5 and a dozen totally different wifi devices, like PSP, latops, DS, etc).

    It's too bad that the only thing Netgear is doing is linking to threads like this one

  • Scottyboy99 Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    Yeah Netgears efforts in all this are also laughable but I get the same issue with my Draytek 2820 acting as an access point. Plus my Wifi works but it glitches. I would place my house on the fault being entirely IOS6. I have problems at some hotspots too and god knows what routers they use. At the end of the day my router from Netgear cost me over £100 last year. I don't have the £££ to spend on a new router when there is no guarantee it'd even fix. For my specific issues anyway (as I can connect to my home wifi and a when it glitches a reboot sorts it out - for a while anyway) it must be a software bug. IOS6 is so **** anyway, it's not just the wifi - it is a general fail in many areas. Apple messed this up, iTunes 11 if anyone was as stupid as me to download is also dire.


    And one thing I will add, people are having wifi problems with Airport Express etc too. That's apple's own hardware and they still messed up the compatibility. Give me strength.




  • Tom Bombadier Level 1 Level 1

    iOS 6 *****!!!

    Apple get off your high horse and fix this ****!


    One shouldn't have to buy a new wireless router just because Apple SCREWED UP big time with iOS 6.

  • Tom Bombadier Level 1 Level 1

    Those guys at the "Genius Bar" are complete idiots and have no clue about the WiFi issue with iOS 6

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