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  • appley-as Level 1 Level 1

    Error: Ipad won't connect wireless - password incorrect after upgrade to 6.0.1 -solution?



    What worked for me......


    I had an ipad 2 for ages no problems ever connecting wifi - suddenly it won't connect anywhere i travel to i.e. other peoples router -error password incorrect which is rubbish.  Thought might be authentication e.g.wep, wpa - could find nowhere to change that. 


    Turned off and on ipad

    Turned on/off airplane mode

    ---Both no good' only mentioned in case it's part of a number of things you have to do.


    Then from wifi setting - blue arrow next to the detected wireless network - set Dhcp to manual and typed a valid (for that network) ip address, subnet mask, default gateway, dns server (happened to the default gateway) typed the wireless password again and it's all go!!!!


    Makes no sense as my laptop jumped on using whatever the heck security setting it defaults to - and dhcp - no problems. 


    Am wondering if it's an issue with old vs new 'n' wireless accesspoints/routers.  Maybe as in old one having issues with new ipad wizzie software.


    HTH someone!



  • Shambo121 Level 1 Level 1

    Having wfi issues with my iphone 5, very slow having to change to 3G to use YouTube this is not good enough considering the price of the phone.With Apple a few years now but think il be changing to Samsung in the near future. Not good enough!!

  • lkrupp Level 5 Level 5

    Shambo121 wrote:


    Having wfi issues with my iphone 5, very slow having to change to 3G to use YouTube this is not good enough considering the price of the phone.With Apple a few years now but think il be changing to Samsung in the near future. Not good enough!!


    You'll have just as many problems with the other platform, maybe more. Try doing some research. Visit the competition's user forums and you'll see thousandas of pages of trouble, exactly the same stuff you see here. Face it, technology just craps on some people. You may be one of those people. I personally know people who have the other phone and they complain just as loudly as some users here. Surveys show that last quarter, 36% of people buying an iPhone were switching from the competition. I wonder why?

  • Wilddisappointment Level 1 Level 1

    We are talking about WiFi issues with iO6  the product that Apple is selling is good when it works, but when they Totally screwed up with the iO 6 update and made all of their products into junk, then to top it off, keep telling me there is no problem. I begin to sense that they no longer care about the customer.

    Take it back if it doesn't work and force them to make it right.

    The first problem I encountered was with my Apple TV, it did the update automatically then would no longer keep connection during a slideshow. It would last maybe 10 minutes. When I upgraded my iPhone, which worked perfect until the upgrade, then after the upgrade it would not connect to WiFi I previously could connect to without issue, this turned out to be true for all the connections I previously had no problem with. My iPhone, yes, but only because of the software.

    A family member updated the iPad and it started having the same issues with connecting.

    What is most disturbing about all this is Apple has told their staff, one let it slip at an Apple store, that they were to say there was no problem they were aware of!

    It is one thing to have a glitch in your product, it is Awful to Lie to your customers .....

    It is no wonder that Apple stock has fallen so much!

    If you are having connection problems, make Apple fix it or get your money back and buy from a company that doesn't lie to you!

  • lkrupp Level 5 Level 5

    Wilddisappointment wrote:



    If you are having connection problems, make Apple fix it or get your money back and buy from a company that doesn't lie to you!


    And what company would that be exactly?

  • Wilddisappointment Level 1 Level 1

    Good point Ikrupp

    Everyone lies, but to do it on purpose and to direct your staff to do it is another.

    But the main point I forgot is...

    I moved my router as close to the centre of the house as possible, downloaded the latest update for the router and reset my WiFi setting on my devices, at least things work at the house, still have troubles at work and Starbucks...Lol. Which use to work fine before the iO 6 update

    Not everyone is a techie, so I do hope Apple mans up and fixes the problems they have caused!

    It really isn't so much to ask is it?

  • applevictim Level 1 Level 1

    ios 6.1 is here!!


           does nothing



  • DonnyD2525 Level 1 Level 1

    I just did the ios 6.0.1 update for the iphone 5. Granted, I am new to the apple systems, but I tried turning off my wifi option as well as the option to "ask to join networks." Then I powered down the phone completely, rebooted it, went back into the wifi menus and turned everything back on. It now works perfectly. Let me know what you guys think.




  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    I like the name, Applevictim .


    Fingers crossed, IOS 6.1 helps with my connectivity issues. Time will tell

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    To ALL Apple Users:


    I'd like to let everyone know that AFTER all my WiFi Woes since IOS6, based on my tests in my company, i can confirm that the below WAP now works with Iphone 5 with IOS 6.1. About time Apple fixed this.

    IOS 5 is OK, but anything after or between IOS 6.1 is a disaster.


    Netgear Pro Safe WAP WG102

    Firmware V5.0.3


    NOTE: Firmware V5.0.3 had known connectivity issues with Iphone 4S and Iphone 5 from my tests.


    A NOTE for everyone, i'd be tweaking around with your FIRMWARE again on your WAP devices, perhaps you might have good luck finally like myself.

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    Now for a Slap to Apple,


    As per your brief on the update:

    Support Article:


    Explain to me how all of a sudden

    Netgear Pro Safe WAP WG102

    Firmware V5.0.3


    Is now working with the LATEST firmware on IOS 6.1.


    The UPDATE is MORE than LTE support, seems like more support for WAP Devices somehow ?

    Apple should publish EVERYTHING what was changed in this update

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1



    Please refer to my above comments, a simple IOS 6.1 update might not fix what ever WiFi issues you have. If its WAP connectivity related, you need to review my above comments.

  • THUSP Level 1 Level 1

    The WiFi connection bug seems to be fixed with iOS 6.1.

    My iPhone 4S works now without problems but only if the setting PROXY is set to OFF. If you set it to AUTO iPhone again cannot connect to the AirPort Extreme router which is connected to the internet via a Windows network.

  • Skream Level 1 Level 1

    Ok now I'm having the stupid "incorrec Password" problem. I have been running iOS 6 quite happily for months with no problems.


    I tried to connect to my friends one also Netgear from Sky. I got  incorrect password message, i changed the password (wireless key) to test, no luck. Reset Router to factory settings, no luck. I entered the settings like IP address etc manually to test, no luck.


    My Friends brand new Iphone 4s with iOS 6 worked fine on the same router.


    I went home and now my own Netgear Router from Sky is having the same incorrect password problem. 

    I tried reseting network settings on the Iphone, no luck. Tried a router reset, tried manual settings on phone again. no luck.


    Today i have come to work and tried to connect to my Cisco wireless router, guess what?? Incorrect password.


    The only thing i have not tried is a full factory reset of the Iphone, which i am trying to avoid until last resort.


    How can a phone be working quite happily on different wi-fi networks suddenly develop this fault???

  • DR@m@ Level 1 Level 1

    office wifi cisco network...non-broadcast ssid, wpa2

    iphone 5 - ios 6...

    install wireless profile, phone connects to wifi no problem, for 1 to 3 days...

    then all of a sudden, no longer finds or automatically connects to wifi network..

    if i enter ssid manually then it may ir may not "find" the wifi network...

    either way I cant manually enter password as the key is HUGE and not given to us,

    thats why we use a wifi profile...


    absolutely an apple issue as no users on any other devices

    having the issue, including my windows laptop which connects

    fine daily, for 6 months now

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