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  • globallunacy Level 1 Level 1

    my wifi stopped working when i installed ios 6. the guy in the apple store told me that wasn't the cause. I have just installed ios 6.1 and mysteriously my wifi has worked first time. can anyone tell me why this is because the apple store guy assured me it wasn't ios?

  • tarcicio Level 1 Level 1

    Most of the people that work at the Apple stores are "borderline morons". That being said, I usually go straight to the top. I want to talk with a "Supervisor". Even the Supervisors can be a little "testy" shall we say. Not impressed at all .

  • sbailey4 Level 1 Level 1

    It most definitly was an issue with iOS 6. In fact they released iOS 6.0.2 specifically for iPhone 5 and iPad mini to address wifi connectivity issues. That was the only note in the release notes. So it makes since they finally fixed the flaw for other devices with iOS 6.1

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    Skream: The incorrect password problem and the fact you're using a Netgear Product, i can bet $1 that you havent tweaked your firmware to either downgrade/upgrade it ?. Netgear are aware of WiFi issues with IOS 6 and above.

    Give them a call if you dont know how to change it

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    Global: It is IOS related, though they aint going to admit to it, deniability is always their strong point .

    The release notes of IOS 6.1 said it increased stability for LTE and some minor software, however its indeed true its even fixed WiFi connecting issues with respect to authentication pass key codes for WiFi but no mention ?


    Its strange indeed how it all works all of a sudden.


    Check my recent posts

  • Skream Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Sharon thanks for the reply, think you owe me $1.

    I have the same issue with my Cisco kit, I've changed firmware, I'm an IT professional and tried these this afternoon.

    Same problems.


    I have how ever fixed the problem, performed a complete restore and this fixed it. Thanks for the replies.

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    Skream, Happy to hear it works, --- > sends you the $1


    So you performed a restore and it worked, this proves it to be a software related issue


    Being an IT professional such as yourself and same with me, we both know if a Server has severly failed over due to a software issue that cannot be resolved, the logical thing to do is perform a "restore" from a last known good backup.


    Same principle you applied to your apple device.


    The one main difference is, you cannot role back the IOS version when you perform a restore though.

    It would lead me to believe im guessing you wiped all your network settings before a restore and tried to re connect again ?, if you did and that fails, then a software issue was still resident on the phone somewhere between your "most" recent backup and current.


    Logic would say.. this is why your particular restore point you chose worked


    Agree ?

  • Skream Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks :-)


    I did try resetting the network settings etc first yes.

    I could not restore from a back up, as I then encountered another problem, I got an error has occurred message when trying to restore.


    So I just had to perform a erase everything, then I could restore my contacts, music, apps etc separately. This is how I managed to fix it.


    So it would seem to be software on the apple product it's self.

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    I figured thats what you did, it comes down to the IOS's how it communicates with WAP's, sounds like you had a software issue. This is what no-one can pin-point, Its the code in the IOS that doesnt communicate in an idea state of 100% compatability with WAP devices. However it doesnt hurt to try firmware mods of WAP's incase it becomes a success story like myself .


    I wish it was a simple WIPE Iphone's for my staff and connectivity worked again , but since ive rolled out the same model WAP's for my company, and my tests were positive, ive given my staff the green light to upgrade to IOS6.1 and everyone happy, no more disgruntled staff using DATA from their plans, they can use my Network traffic instead .

  • Johan12 Level 1 Level 1

    It seems that the iOS 6.1 has made my iPad3 wifi connection and network response as "smooth" as it was on iOS 5. 

  • AlexandriaS Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, I am new to this forum and new to Apple.  I purchased an iPad 3 a few months ago after decades of PC use.  It was first...I enjoyed month after month of perfect performance from an amazing device.  Then iOS6 came out and I hesitated.  I am an attorney and a tech client of mine told me to hold off on the update so I did.  I continued to enjoy perfect performance.  When 6.01 came out, I was lured by the promise in Apple promotional materials of location based reminders, which now, isn't available for some reason, but they can certainly use the location services for their own interests.  Sorry for the sidetrack.  Bottom line is I updated (something shouldn't be called an updated when it ruins your device), and my beloved iPad has become an unreliable overpriced e-reader because my home wifi (new router) only works adequately about 60% of the time.  The other times it is so slow it is essentially unusable. Hard resets, both device and modem, re-install (which I knew was a waste of time but was a hoop Apple said I had to jump through to get a replacement device, even though I am quite certain they know better, and in my cases, the nearest apple store is a 70 mile hard winter drive each way).  I bought the AppleCare for this?  Oh, in case there is any question, my husband's iPad, which is still running 5.1.1 still works perfectly on the same home wifi.  There is no question that the iOS 6, for whatever reason, I'm not a real techie, had damaged my, expensive, under warranty product and apple won't even admit to the problem.  This is one family that was on the verge of going all in with apple, laptops, iPhones, for all of us.  After this, I doubt I will buy another apple product ever again.  Even if the 6.1 magically fixes the problem.  The way it has been handled, not handled, really, is the deal breaker. It's pretty sad.  The iPad 3, before ios6 was the most amazing piece of technology I have ever had and I was singing their praises to everyone. Now I feel like a chump. I have already heard from one person, a CLIENT,  who bought an iPhone based on my recommendation, and had no wifi at all.  They finally gave him a new phone but only after making him jump through hoops too.  Bad business.  Sometimes problems happen, that's not the issue, it's how a company chooses to deal with it.  Such a shame, such great products, such lousy business decisions.  Bottom line, there is a REAL problem, it is a small percentage, apparently, but for apple, that small percentage is a lot of trusting consumers who paid top dollar for products they expected to be able to rely upon.  From a legal standpoint, apple constructively requires users to upgrade, when said upgrade damages the product's fitness for its designed purpose, it becomes a warranty of merchantability issue.  Everyone who is certain that their problem is ios6 needs to demand product replacement. JMHO.

  • Harry Danubrata Level 1 Level 1

    Johan, and others,


    I just updated my iPad to the lastest 6.1, without resetting network setting before installing, and then restore from backup. My wifi still doesn't work. I have to literally bring my iPad within 5cm of my router to make it works.


    What I wanted to know is, how did you update your iPad and getting that awesome result. Did you reset everything and set it as a new iPad? Updating by iTunes or by air? Download IPSW and install or download first then install?


    I'm frustrated with iOS 6 after my iPad was working flawlessly with 5. And now people are getting better result with the update, I'm curious what I did wrong.



  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    Alex: Welcome to Wifi issues of IOS6 .


    In the event IOS 6.1 doesnt fix your WiFi issues, and you've tried some of my suggested posts and others, then you're in the same boat as that small perceptage that its still broken. Apple hasnt resolved ALL, but they have managed to fix those whom were missed out on from their last update.


    Im lucky to now be up and running.


    However, everyone needs to simply looks at their T&C's of their warranty to see where they stand as demanding a replacement for WiFi issues after upgrading the IOS, simply wont stick, especially IF the device happends to work at their Apple store, but you claim it to not work at home or other places.


    Based on your legal comment and the industry you work for, if you can demonstrate such a replacement can be successfuly claimed as you stated, then im sure everyone would love to follow your path of instructions right down to the very store who gives you the replacement.


    It all starts from a test case situation ?.

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 Level 1

    Harry: I updated via my desktop computer having the latest itunes installed, took about 23 minutes. I recently heard a case, someone performed a factory reset after upgrading the IOS and things started to work again, then they had to manually restore their files, music etc.


    something to think about

  • Harry Danubrata Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks, I'll give it a try ASAP, hopefully it's going to work.

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