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  • Hsdseth Level 1 (0 points)

    6.1 has solved my WiFi issues on my iPAD3 and iPhone4 so nice to stay connected to the home wifi!

  • Johan12 Level 1 (0 points)



    My wifi problem is not as problematic as many others.  I was able to connect to the wifi but the connectivity was poor before the last update.  It can't stay connected for long without me turning the iPad on and off.  I still don't know if this iOS 6.1 had fixed it or not.  We will have to wait and see. But the response had returned to the iOS 5.1 level as it should be.  If you have the LTE, you can also download it from the cellular data.  The iOS 6.1 is not very large if you had previous patch.  I.e. the iOS 6.0.1

  • Pinolillo Level 1 (0 points)



    Your comment is exactly how I feel and what I think. It will be a shame if Apple business goes down because bad business decisions. In my case I'm still holding on iOS 5.1.1 on my iPad 3, just because a client of mine did exactly what you regret: upgrade to iOS 6.0.1. After that (even me being a tech guy) it's was impossible to connect it to a Wi-Fi network. Obviously that turn on the sirens for me, and well… here we are, still hoping that SOMEONE on Apple still believe that Customer Care must be Apple's number one priority.

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    JimHdk wrote:


    iOS transmits the WiFi hardware MAC address correctly and it is the hardware address found at Settings -> General -> About -> WiFi Address. If MAC address filtering is causing problems then the most likely explanation is the the iPad MAC address was either not added to the router list of accepted MAC addresses or was entered incorrectly.


    It's clear that there is something wrong with the MAC address configuration on your router.

    It's clear to whom might I ask? You must be an apple employee to provide a scripted response like that. Don't go treating us all like fools just because you don't know the answer!!!!


    Think about it, without the correct MAC address I wouldn't have been able to get a connection to the router in the first place to discover that the WiFi keeps dropping off using IOS6


    It's time to face facts Apple has stuffed up & as usual they won't admit it


    There is nothing wrong with my router setup, as every other device works fine & the iPad was setup & working fine on the router prior to the IOS6 update with the correct MAC address (matches exactly to the one displayed under settings WiFi MAC address)


    Back to the drawing board or to your auto-prompter to spit our another sentence of misinformation

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    So question, have you updated to iOS 6.1 yet? That has resolved a LOT of this wifi nonsense for a lot of folks. However your description regarding the MAC filtering does sound like something not set correctly somehow if it works fine when filtering is off. iOS 6 had terrible wifi issues to begin with so adding MAC filtering to the mix dont surprise me that it didnt work. Anyway 6.1 may very well allow you to turn it back on now and work without issue.

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 (5 points)

    Rock Lady: you mentioned IOS 6, have you updated to IOS 6.1 as you didnt mention it ?


    As for Jim's comments, i wouldnt go blasting him/her to imply its obvious to everyone its mac address related, router etc. Jim's been around the early days of these issues and also myself. I think we've both posted through our eyes on various work-arounds etc.


    As i dont recall your name actively popping up for comments and workaround, i'll give you a breakdown of the issue


    Its call compatability issue between WAP's and Apple device in context of WiFi communication, plain and simple.


    Try updating to IOS6.1, failing that, contact your WAP's vendor for troubleshooting to updgrade/downgrade your firmware to see if you can get connectivity, this was my "workaround" UNTIL IOS 6.1 came around and now my WAP's in my company can all connect to my staff's Apple device. I also like to add mine was a Netgear WAP Product and they were aware of connectivity issues with Apple devices.


    Mac Filtering is a theory, Jim's not going to know your router specs unless he/she logs in to analyse.


    As i look after my companies IT Infrastructure, i got the gist of what Jim was saying, it may be on the techy side of things, but its not expected of Jim to put it in simple english for the whole forum readers to understand.


    As for Baily's comments: I agree, have you updated to IOS 6.1 yet ?


    Further more.. Your router might not have a "problem" BUT and issue/incident has now occured with the IOS Update as its been unresolvable at this point. It appears you have an incident that have now escalated to a problem ? -ITIL Principles- 101 for beginners..


    Thus requires troubleshooting from both communication sides.


    Simply saying its Apples / IOS's problem, is just being short-sighted.


    You cant expect everything to be 100% compatable, otherwise we wouldnt have forums like these.

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    Hi Shannon,

    Sorry if I wasn't clear in my post. I live in Massachusetts which has decent consumer protection. The warranty of merchantability I mentioned isn't the standard Apple warranty or the extended AppleCare, it is an implied warranty that exists between a merchant and an a consumer that basically says that when you buy a product, it will do what it's is designed to do.  Even if there is no explicit warranty, if the product doesn't do what it is supposed to, the merchant must repair (usually two or three attempts) or replace.  It is somewhat similar to "lemon laws" pertaining to car sales.  Usually it applies when something doesn't work "out of the box" or is a period of time thereafter (not set in stone but generally the more expensive the product, the longer period of time a reasonable person can expect something to work).  The analogy here, in my opinion, is that the iOS update, which Apple insists the customer do in order to continue to receive support, is the equivalent of a repair.  Since their mandate has caused the product (for a small percentage of people) to stop working properly, if you can prove it, they must repair or replace it.  Apple knows this.  Ask around.  People are getting units replaced, after jumping through varying numbers of hoops.  I received the replacement offer directly from Apple, not a store.  I do not think I "mentioned" being a lawyer (sometimes people will do the right thing faster and easier if they know that).  I guess I would suggest to anyone who is sure their problem is due to update...insist on having your device repaired or replaced.  Be prepared to do a full restore and re-install.  Keep insisting on speaking with supervisors and keep trying.  If they resist, tell them you are going to contact your state/country consumer protection authority (know what it is by name, otherwise they'll know it's a bluff   ). 

    ps.  The restore did not fix my wifi issue, was just an incredibly time consuming inconvenience, hence my earlier rant. 

  • AlexandriaS Level 1 (0 points)


    Whatever you do, KEEP the 5.1.1.  I declined the replacement directly from Apple because they wouldn't give me one with it.  I will have to find one in stock at an Apple retail store.  I would kill (almost) to have it back on my iPad 3.  You aren't missing anything, in my opinion, because SIRI is useless, Maps is terrible, and for me, the device runs hotter and burns through the battery faster.  Also, there seems to be more data mining garbage going on.  Location based reminders for us aren't available but location data for advertising is rampant.  Enjoy your fully operational iPad and ignore that update button.  I wish I had!!!

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 (5 points)

    Alex.... Thanks for the comments, your discussion on the warranty matter is sound, however there's been cases in here that people have had their phones replaced upto around 5 times via apple warranty if my memory serves me correct, that poor person much have very bad luck or there's more to just an IOS version issue causing problems.


    Its all about cross-compatability thats a case of hit n miss till the right combination works and persistance.

  • Gary 777 Level 1 (20 points)

    This 6.1 upgrade is really getting crazy. For some it fixes issues, others it causes issues, yet for others there are no issues.


    I am not having any issues with my ipad-3 IOS 6.0.1 Thus, I am just ignoring the 6.1 upgrade that was put in my settings icon for now.


    I bought this used from my nephew who just had to have the ipad-4, this is my first apple product, desktop and laptop are PC's, I must say after all the raving about how much easier apple computers are to operate, I would now, not be so eager to buy one, not after all ado over upgrades. I know PC's have their share of problems, but for what apple charges I would expect a better product.


    When I found out there was a ipad-5 coming out I was thinking of giving this to my wife and get the 5, now I am not convinced this is a wise move after I have read this thread. As I stated though,  mine is working perfect so I will keep an open mind for now....

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi Gary,


    Stick to Windows 7 or venture in to Windows 8, that way you'll get a feel for an alternative tablet / desktop replacement called Windows Surface Pro coming out !


    Should i dare to mention Microsoft products on here ?

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    I installed IOS 6.1 in my iPod 4th gen and now having problem to connect to two different routers I used to connect before. The device atemps to stablish connection, but nothing happens. I have tried hard reset, switching off and off wifi, forgetting network and none of those seem to sort the problem.

    One of the router doesn´t even get through after I input the password.

    Haven´t tried the network reset, as I would loose all the settings and passwords for other networks where I connect (family, friends, etc.) .....


    Very dissapointed with Apple.

  • Gary 777 Level 1 (20 points)

    Shanon, thanks for your opinion, I have considered the Windows Surface Pro that is coming out. I am not ready to give up on Apple, but I am disheartened by the mixed views in the threads I have read here 

  • sevesp Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi, Gary.

    If I were you I would stick with your iPad 3. Not worth spending more money. In the end is not much more you will get from the latest devices.


    I have iMac 27¨, iPod 4 and iPad 3 and have learnt that one must stick with it´s devices until the work no longer.

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 (5 points)

    To Sevesp, indeed drop all your network settings, you might even need to factory reset and start from scratch like some.


    In addition, if it turned out to be the Wifi problem of not authenticating and bombs out on the password, it sounds like you've encountered my WiFi problem since the release of IOS 6, but i was lucky that IOS 6.1 fixed this.


    So in short, the new update has broken your environment, best to start with Firmware upgrade/downgrade of your WAP's if you're able to do so, otherwise as a worst case scenario you will be in limbo till any other updates come along down the track, by then Iphone 6 might be out..... Would u buy it ?

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