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  • Konstantinos_Iphone4S Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi guys and girls, i have an iphone 4S with wifi problems. When the screen locks the wifi connection it down or it is so delayed tha facebook and skype notifications are 30 min to 1 hour late. Also, sometimes when i am surfing on the internet, the connection is down for seconds and it refreshes really slow. And all these after updating to 6.1.3 . This is becoming the worst update ever. Wake up Apple guys and come up with a new software update

  • DThieu Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree.  I got my first iPhone (5) in October and it worked beautifully until the power button started acting up.  I had to get a free replacement, which had 6.1.2 loaded.  Once 6.1.3 came out, my Verizon signal kept toggling between 3G and 4G.  I'm sure that ate up the battery and caused a lot of my connection issues.  Also, in areas where I had no problems with wifi signals, it almost disappeared.  At home, I have to stand within about 5 feet of my wireless router.  I went back to the Apple Store and told them about the issue.  They swapped out my phone for another new one pre-6.1.3.  However, the issue was prevalent from the moment I got home.  My girlfriend's iPhone 4 works fine, even after all of the updates.  So does her iPad.


    I'm not sure what's going on, but there was definitely some sort of firmware bug that's screwing everything up.  I'm so disappointed and annoyed.  I don't know why it only affects some users and not others, but my experience is very real.

  • wistiQ Level 1 (0 points)

    I just updated my iPhone 4S and have nothing but problems since. I have been told that the update broke my wifi antennae. I've been working on this for a full day and a half. I've been told I will need to buy a new phone. I'm going to the Apple store in a bit and hope I get some help. I'm astounded that Apple releases a new update and so many people have issues with it. Then I have to buy a new phone. What a bunch of crap! I can even find a website to officially complain about the company.


  • applevictim Level 1 (0 points)

    I am sorry to say this seems to be a common problem

      the same answer was given to me when ios6  came

    along, I don't see how a software update could literally

    break a physical object, only the way the phone reacts

    to the signal, in which case it's the phone not the aerial.

    my phone eventually settled down after a couple of

    updates but has been playing up again recently.

    Try to get the shop to give you a new phone, they broke

    yours ! I will warn you that your phone may work

    properly in the shop( superior signal ? ) and just the same

    at home . Apple do not seem to have what I would

    regard as a dedicated complaints department. Try

    everything you can find online ,some of it seems to help

    a bit. commiserations!

  • Alfred DeRose Level 5 (7,145 points)
  • ktjensen Level 1 (5 points)

    fixed the issue with WIFI problems I have had for several months.  My IPHONE4S would randomly drop wifi connection and then refuse to connect again. 


    Replaced IPHONE 4S at Apple Store, after tests by them showed nothing.  Explained the tests and trials I used for serveral months, and explained I had an IPAD on my network that never has these issues. 


    What I found is that if you do a SPEEDTEST.NET check you might find your internet speed over WIFI pulsing.  Goes up and down on my faulty iphone.  Make sure you test it at the least traffic point of the day.  On the fixed IPHONE it is rock steady with the speed.


    will see if the fix stays and continues working.

  • T Yahiaoui Level 1 (5 points)

    Same thing happened to me after I updated my iphone 4s to ios 6.1.3 and while surfing the net I came across this link:



    The guy was plagued with the grayed out wifi issue and was responding to someone else's post. His fix was to sign up for a development account (he had to pay 60 GBP) and download the iOS7 beta release. After the install his iPhone 4s "miraculously" fixed itself up (and for more than 24hours by the time he was writing his response). He also mentioned that Apple took down his post from the support forums.


    What I would suggest is that if you are still under warranty then get your phone replaced, otherwise, it might be worth waiting for a week or so (or until iOS 7 gets released) and upgrade the device's ios (which might work).


    Hope this works out for you.



  • T Yahiaoui Level 1 (5 points)

    This is an update on my earlier post (above).


    It's clear that the recent ios 7 updates haven't fixed the wifi issue especially affecting the iphone 4s and below is my response to somebody else's post in this regard:


    "Totally agree, it's not fair on us that apple keeps quiet about such an issue or just come up with some BS explanation that revolves around puting the blame on us. I think (my opinion only) that they feel too embarassed to admit that it is a hardware issue mostly affecting the iphone 4s that hadn't been fully worked out on the drawing board before going for mass production. However, not all 4s iphones were affected by this issue and in my opinion it is to do with how the phone is used and how much the wifi ship is solicited.


    For the ones affected by this issue you may only have two options:


    - if the phone is under warranty get a replacement as soon as possible (I believe it is a hardware issue and there is no point in waiting for a software fix)

    - if it is past the warranty period you can either have it fixed at a trusted repair shop or pay apple $200 for a replacement (whichever option is more financially viable to you). I've read somewhere that some nice geniuses could get you a free replacement even when you're past the warranty period (I haven't come across one of these yet).


    For the ones that have fully functioning wifi ships on their 4s iphones I would recommend to:


    - avoid over the air upgrades especially in slow connection areas: do it on the computer/laptop through itunes and then synchronise the iphone to itunes (still no gurantee that this wont mess up your wifi functionality for whatever reason),


    - avoid exposing the phone to the sun or to too much heat especially when it is running processor "hungry" applications such as Sat Nav applications,


    - preferably turn off wifi functionality in weak signal areas to prevent overstressing the wifi module as it continuously tries to locate a signal that it can connect to, and this is good for battery longevity too.


    Hope this helps


    P.S. Some of these concerns might already have been tackled in some ios updates, which I am not aware of."

  • Kickboxer1956 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same problem with my phone went to Apple store they want £139 to exchange phone as I am 6 weeks out of warranty. Apple caused the problem but we the consumer have to pay for it. Strange this coincided with the launch of 5s Maybe they are trying to finance the launch this way or get people to upgrade just so they can get back some market share from the other Androids. I know there are a lot of people out there Apple followers but I think it's time the consumer stood up against this corporate giant and refused to buy Apple. They may then consider customer service instead ripping the consumer off. I for one will be moving to Samsung

  • T Yahiaoui Level 1 (5 points)

    I read somewhere that If you live in the UK and the phone has not endured some physical damage as a result of careless handling (such as dropping the phone) then you may be in luck as all products must be fit for use for the life of the product (not only for 12 months). Apple may not be able to challenge this statutory right especially if the fault is either in design or manufacture (Battery wear is not covered). Take the phone into the Apple store and ask for a free repair even if you are past the warranty period.


    Hope this helps



  • Bowdenfam Level 1 (0 points)

    So I found a fix for me. Settings > wifi > other. Then type in the name of your wireless router. Select your security (for me, none). Then just click done. Fixed it for me.

  • kriegison Level 1 (0 points)

    while testing my home wifi internet speed on several ios devices I noticed my ipad 3 (with bluetooth keyboard) was very slow and erratic while iphone 6, ipad mini 2, iphone 5 were fine.  after poking around a bit I realized how my netgear and time warner router have 2.4ghz and 5ghz modes. i read on the pros/cons of the two and how 5ghz should have less interference with other types of signals with the tradeoff of less range.  we have used 2.4ghz by default but when i changed to 5ghz the issue has disappeared and my ipad 3 gets the same speed as other devices.  my wife also has an ipad air with bluetooth keyboard and it was having the same issue on 2.4ghz connection. when changed to 5ghz it now works fine as well

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