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    I see. So what you are saying is that the iOS6 software is not the issue, but that it has now exposed "bugs" in many different routers causing a widespread array of different issues to occur to many users?


    I am inclined to still believe that the error lies within the iOS software, but I appreciate your tidbit regarding Wifi's implementation.

  • CyndyS Level 1 Level 1

    I just want to say that my iPad2 worked like a charm since the day I got it a year ago on my birthday.  Then I downloaded the cursed iOS6 upgrade and POOF, now I cannot open websites.  My wifi works just dandy on my other devices in my house....just not on my iPad.


    How is a person like myself, who is clueless about changing routers, etc., supposed to fix this problem?  I also do not believe for a second it is our router since it happened the second I downloaded iOS6.  I am extremely frustrated and have tried every fix listed on these forums.  I can only hope that Apple will miraculously fix it for me as I certainly am not qualified to be changing things on my router.

  • Randy_Perretta Level 1 Level 1

    Exactly the point that needed to be made here.  Marketing 101. Build your product to serve the most seats.  We now have thousands of seats that cannot be served because iOS6 apparenty won't play nice with a variety of routers and configurations.  As a former R&D nmanager for Sun, I can say that it was our policy that if it didn't work per the specs when installed, it was DOA no matter what the reason. Instead of blaming the customer for not being a router guru, or having to go through backup obviating factory resets, the blame lies squarely with Apple for releasing a very finicky piece of the software. One trip to the genious bar or this forum for help on this is one too many.

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    Apple TV

    Y'know, I LOVE my Mac, but I'm getting increasingly tired of the iphone and the ipad.  Every update there is something wrong and it's just ridiculous.   My ipad is constantly crashing now where it worked just fine before IOS6. 

  • nicksp Level 1 Level 1

    Ok - I took the plunge and downgraded the firmware in my Netgear WAG102 router using 5  and IMMEDIATLEY my iPad 3 running iOS6 connected no problem! -- Just as it did PRIOR to the iOS 6 installation.  iOS 5 worked with the NEW firmware - iOS6 doesnt!


    Roll-on iOS 6.0.1 or whatever!

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    I'm gonna put my two cents in.  After upgrading to iOS 6 the day it came out the wifi was working fine for the first three days but then....? I've seen posts of resetting the router, tried that didn't work. Called my local cable, phone company and they sent a technician to check on the router, again no problem. I've seen posts of resetting network connections and/or setting your connection to auto and again that hasn't worked. It's now been 10 days with no or very slow wifi which practically makes my iPad useless. It's frustrating to say the least and I'm not about to go the route of resetting my iPad to factory settings.  I just keep patiently that it one day will work or Apple will issue an update to they're software. Steve would be rolling in his grave!

  • Ex Nokia Fan Level 1 Level 1

    Great - just raised a query with apple. Tried reloading etc but given up with wifi. Now gone back to windows pcs which are fine.


    Got wifi issue on iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPad 2. Older devices had iOS 5.1.1 and never had problems. Now wifi is intermittent and very slow. Sometimes it is quick but that's rare.

  • Ex Nokia Fan Level 1 Level 1

    Point Blank - I agree, Steve would have fired someone by now.

  • nm1307 Level 1 Level 1

    For some bizarre reason my problem has resolved itself without any intervention by me beyond a complete shutdown of everything. iPad and iPhone now connecting to (extended) wifi perfectly. Perhaps apple have been following this colloquy and have cured the issue.

  • ysetiawa Level 1 Level 1

    i am still scared upgrading.. i'll wait for a little longer. i'm just too exhausted at this point. after i got my 2nd replacement, it has iOS 5.1. old.. but it seems to be working now. i can live with that for now. i still have 8 months in my warranty, i'll give it another fight in a month or two.

  • francisbao Level 1 Level 1

    The problem on my iPad3 is the wifi keep dropping the connection and battery life getting shorter.  I have to manually reconnect wifi by switching the wifi off and on several times.  I did not have such problem before upgrading to iOS6.  I have tried to set the proxy to Auto, restart router, reset router’s factory setting, reboot iPad, and etc.  For the short battery life, I guess that iOS6 has been keeping wifi work so hard in a wrong way and drains too much power.


    When Apple will face this issue and release a fix or give us a choice on downgrading iOS6 to iOS5?  IT IS PROBLEM WITH iOS6.

  • Chinska Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem for many of us who are not brain boxes,I wish I hadn't upgraded its been a flipping'd think apple would have been more aware of all these faults and not assume everyone has expert knowledge.good luck

  • JimHdk Level 7 Level 7

    Nicksp wrote: "IMMEDIATLEY my iPad 3 running iOS6 connected no problem! -- Just as it did PRIOR to the iOS 6 installation.  iOS 5 worked with the NEW firmware - iOS6 doesnt!


    What this simply means is that Netgear introduced a regression in their latest (NEW) firmware. This happens. They broke something that iOS 6 uses but iOS 5 didn't. The ball is now in Netgear's court to release NEWER firmware which corrects the regression.

  • mastrbuilder Level 1 Level 1

    Ok here we go again with the router crap. The fact is that apple needs to correct iOS6 so you don't need a router update or a new router or whatever. What, are we suppose to buy another router every time a new iOS comes out. Please! Everyone's iPhones and iPads worked just fine before iOS6. I like Apple products too. But they really screwed up this time. FIX IT. We miss your quality control Steve!

  • marcnbev Level 1 Level 1

    I agree with mastrbuilder ,,, I cannot connect to any public server  ie: Starbucks,Safeway,Serious coffee. This is our lifeline as we travel the world and pre ios 6 my ipad was flawless. I dont think all the franchises are going to upgrade their routers or firmware just for ipad users so it is up to apple to fix it or us travellers will have to find a different tablet!!!

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