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    Amen! I travel a lot too and there is no way all of the hotels and motels that barely offer wireless going to upgrade their routers. If an operating system is not designed to accommodate all routers like iOS5 did then it is flawed and needs to be fixed. iOS5 worked on routers that were 5 or 6 years old with original firmware!

  • CSV123 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I tried running the speedtest app. Downloading part is fine but the uploading part is very inconsistent. Occasionally it did not complete and turn up an error message.  This happen on iOS 6 running on both iPad 2 and iPhone 5.  The old 4s which is still running on iOS 5 does not have this problem. It is very obvious that the issue is with iOS 6.

  • LauraMackie Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    I'm getting tired of all this.  Between the iphone and the ipad, I'm done.  While i love my mac and will never go back to a PC, I'm sick to death of my mail not working properly, safari taking so long to load, and my wifi cutting out.  When these two pieces of equipment have lived out their usefulness, which will be in another year, I'm going to android.  I've had it. 

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    I am ready to switch to Android right now. The new OS is causing me huge problem. Ready to switch to either Samsung Galaxy SIII or Note 2. Both are decent devices and Android 4.1.1 is really working. IOS 6 is a big failure for Apple. My Mac Air is awesome, but my iPad and iPhone are not functioning the way it should be about I made a mistake and upgraded to iOS 6!!!!

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    That's nice. I would avoid Samsung, however. Many other great Android products out there. Really, good for you.

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    I did the same things everyone else did. NOT for me. It is very frustrating that it doesn't work at my house when signal is weak here.

  • Point bank Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I may be jumping the gun here but as of right now everything seems to be running good. Who says when I wake up tomorrow it will be back to square 1 but I'm keeping my fingers extremely crossed!!!!

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    This is exactly what happens to me. The download is working, but the upload doesn't (especially for large files).

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    I totally agree. This upgrade has slow the functionality if my Ipad2. I have been a loyal apple user but now it's time to switch. I can no longer deal with the slowness or not being ale to connect.

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    I have 04.12.02 and atill have a problem. Home wifi sometimes works - sometimes not . Same for touchscren thatfreezes up. Fo instance tonight will not let me turn wifi off and on.

  • Tony8621 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    so angry with ISO6, this stupid system waste my wholy day! APPLE is down without Steve! It is the time to make a new choice.

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    I've mentioned ealier in this thread that nine times out of ten, iTunes cannot see my iPad wirelessly and I have to sync via the USB cable (I'm on Snow Leopard, not The Cloud).


    I happened to be near the Arndale Centre Apple Store in Manchester, UK, yesterday so decided to nip in and see what they knew about the iOS6 problem.


    The salesman I sopke to hadn't heard about it becuase "I've only just come on shift"!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I ran through my symptoms and showed him this thread on my iPad, which connected flawlessly to the Apple network.


    He went to talk to a Genius who's only suggestion was - book an appointment.  Not very helpful as he didn't say whether he had or had not heard of the problems himself.


    But what of your opening iTunes comment, I hear you ask?


    Well, the salesman, when I mentioned that, paused and said that he too was finding difficulty in getting his iTunes to see his iPad wirelessly although he hadn't connected the change to the iOS6 upgrade.


    However, in his case he hadn't immediately connected the USB cable but had left the comouter and iPad alone - and after 30 minutes, with no intervention, iTunes found the iPad wirelessly!


    So, in my congenital technophobia, could it be something to do with the iPad's polling for wireless links?



    And JimHdK, you keep sayig that it isn't Apple's fault but our routers - you may or may not be right, I am not techie enough, but just how do you suggest that I and others persuade every single public and private network operator on the UK - and presumably the world -  to change their routers to work with iOS6?


    I travel a lot and use networks all over the place and it just isn't an option to get them all to change their firmware.


    Apple must acknowlegde, whether they are technically correct or not, that a large number of users are seriously incnveneinced by these problems and that it is in their power to issue a fix.


    Steve Jobs must be weeping buckets at the Trappist like silence from the formerly Insanely Great Apple.


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    Hi,I'm totally fed up with it,if we deleted the ios6 would that solve our problems ?also is it possible to delete without causing more stress,tt4n Baz uk

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    After updating my iPhone 4S, internet sharing through wifi nor Bluetooth not working with my HP Pavilion dv6 and MacBook 2Ghz Black(2007). Also I could not see and connect to my iPad 2 with Bluetooth or wifi!!! what is going on? This file does not comes out after 4 beta versions and many test?!!

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    Day 10 of iOS6. At home iPhone 4S works perfect, but iPad 3 finds wifi but no connection. Tried all available solutions, some work for a short time once the iPad is closed and goes back to 3G on next start up it still connects to the wifi but cannot go online. Works perfect at my office network. Frustrating....I am glad a have good plan for my 3G, otherwise...

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