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  • JimHdk Level 7 (28,340 points)

    Ipv4 works fine in iOS 6. The article you cite is bogus and has nothing to do with WiFi problems.


    Read the third paragraph:


    "What I’m referencing are things like Apple’s insatiable drive for profits, how the United States is behind the curve when it comes to Internet and wireless protocol, and how ultimately iOS 6 is the trigger that had to be pulled to force our country, and all of us in the U.S. that use iPhone and iPad devices, to catch up with the rest of the world’s technology."


    Can you smell crackpot?


    Also the last three paragraphs are bizarre and false. Sounds like Big Brother.


    Don't believe everything you read on the Internet.

  • Chris Kuppe Level 1 (5 points)

    Yes my iPad 3 with IOS 6 is still screwed up.


    with iPad 3 and IOS 6:   I can connect to the internet with Safari,  No Netflix,


    Facebook is is a joke, it's  slow,  can not upload pic.    Chase is iffy Fidelity, iffy  App store takes a while to get it to work,  but slow


    Updated Apple TV now...    no Netflix,  When streaming movies from the mac to ATV if I;m browsing the web.  the stream will stop. 


    close the browser window and the streaming continues.


    Wifi settings you ask.


    Main mac hard wired to airport extreme  No problems.  (it's a G4 10.5.7) All software up to date  including airport extreme


    mini mac connected wireless  all software up to date No problems with network, or apps .  Netflix in browser works


    both Macbook Pros no problems with connections or apps


    Able to view Netflix  on PS3


    iTouch 64g (no camera)  with 5.1.1  Connection to network work and ALL APPS even Netflix



    THIS IS AN APPLE PROBLEM It needs to be fixed!  My next step is to get to an Apple store


    What have we tried.  To make it easy what haven't we tried.  Changed ever security setting/type in the wireless router.


    Tried turning on and off IVP6




    ios 5.1.1 = iPAD


    ios 6 = tablet

  • LauraMackie Level 1 (15 points)

    I really feel for all if you who are having such horrible problems.  I guess I'm one of the lucky ones because my ipad2 had issues with the wifi until I cleared cookies and history in safari and then restarted it.  I will say though that skype keeps dropping on my pad but not on the iPhone.  Ugh.


    All these issues sure make me think twice about my next phone or tablet purchase.

  • mpa9366 Level 1 (0 points)

    I still cannot connect to networks which have a login portal, the iPad to Apple verification is occurring immediately on connection to the router but prior to my logging onto the network/internet, posts a connection failed message and immediately kills the connection to the router.


    I've tried all suggestions posted over the past month (almost a month).Hard reset, forget network, renew lease, airplane mode for a period etc and every combination possible and still no connection. This is definitely an Apple issue, my iPad 3 is 4 months old, worked perfectly on IOS 5 and fell over immediately on upgrading to IOS 6.


    Phoned Apple support approx 2 weeks ago, got a callback (international roaming charges), cannot fault the person who called me (nice lady), but after 10 minutes of playing with settings she said she needed her supervisor - after 30 minutes of music I hung up - no call back to date even though assured of call back if I disconnected.


    I now have a very expensive photo frame and have resolved myself to never purchasing an Apple product again.

  • NYCdownunder Level 1 (0 points)

    I promise, just go to an apple store. They refuse to verbally acknowledge any fault on their own part but they'll fix it. The rep I spoke with tried to imply that it was a problem with my home wifi. He even offered to prove it by connecting me to the store wifi(which I smuggly told him wouldn't work) and he connected me with no trouble and "mysteriously" since then I haven't had one issue connecting to ANY wifi at all. Seriously I had tried all the trouble shooting that's been offered here and physically going to apple was the only thing that worked.  Good luck all

  • fjmeuk Level 1 (0 points)

    I wish it was that simple. I had a bit the same experience. With Apple support on the line, just at once I succeeded in sending an email, but it was only once.

    By going to an Apple store, the same experience, one time it went well and so, the guy said: "You see!", but as we say, one bird doesn't bring the spring.

    Because, after this, it still does not function well. I still can not send emails away from no account (i have 5 different) and it does not make any difference if I use another connection 3G, wifi etc.

    I think, I just have to wait till Apple finally comes with un update. For me Apple was another word for reliable, however, this has changed now, particularly, because of the way they treat you and let you do the same tricks over and over again, just to avoid admitting that there is a serious problem with iOS6.

  • JohnPersson Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a very similar issue. The problem for me first appered on an iPad 3 running iOS 6 that could connect to WiFi and get an IP-address from DHCP but could not resolv DNS on that network. But MacBooks and PCs and iPads and iPhones running iOS 5 works perfectly with that network and resolvs DNS with no problem. I have since then tested a number of diffrent iOS devices to try and narrow down my problem. And testing I have figured out that the problem lays in iOS 6 but seems to only (for me atleast) appear when the subnet is large, for instance it works on a 24-bit subnet with mask (common in home networks) with iOS 6 but on a larger subnet with as an example a 22-bit subnet with mask (more common in corporate networks) it doesn't work with iOS 6 but iOS 5 works. I have tried everything from toggleing airplane mode and resetting to even reinstalling iOS 6 nothing fixes this issue except a downgrade to iOS 5. I really hope Apple fixes this bug with the next update of iOS.

  • Brophs Level 1 (0 points)

    My problems are not dissimilar to a lot of people on here.


    I have an iPhone 4, iOS 6 and a Netgear DGN 1000 Router. I have the following problems. Slow, unresponsive internet connection. Inability to connect to the updates tab of the App Store when connected to wifi. Some apps unable to connect to the internet to update. Hullomail is an example of this. When I was connected to my home wifi my contacts would not update within the app and meesages were showing up as being from the number rather than the contact name.


    I toggled off wifi and when connected to3G cellular data the contacts synced immediately and without any issues. Likewise I am able to connect to the app store and download updates to my apps without any issues when on 3G.


    Also when I use my girlfriend's wifi connection (UPC network, a Cisco router, I think) I have none of these problems when on wifi. I can connect to everything seamlessly and the connection is quick and responsive.


    I have tried the following:


    Power cycled my iPhone

    Reset my iPhone's network settings

    Power cycled my router

    Restored my iPhone

    Rest my router

    Downgraded the firmware on my router

    Re-upgraded the firmware on my router


    So clearly, as has been spoken about, and which Netgear have also acknowledged, the problem lies in the way that iOS 6 is interacting with my (relatively modern) router. That said, there were some minor issues (connection drops) with the later versions of iOS 5, but those were solved by entering the network's name/SSID manually and connecting that way.


    I don't believe that owning a device on iOS 6 should mean we have to shell out for a new router. This is something that Apple should solve and not simply blame upon others. I had a fully functioning iPhone prior to upgrading to iOS 6. If they believed that they were changing something/the new software required something that would mean people would have to replace their routers, they should have said so prior to upgrading. Their silence speaks volumes, however. It seems to me that they had no idea this issue was going to arise.

  • 25hb Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you very much. Changing the wifi channel to 11 actually solved connecting to the home wifi issue. I hope the other issues are fixed too. The iOS 6 is definitely not the smartest mobile OS I hate my iPhone 4s coz of this

  • mastrbuilder Level 1 (0 points)

    Just for general information. Updating the firmware on my Routers corrected my WiFi issues. But if Apple expects everyone everywhere to update their router firmware it is going to take years before we can connect everywhere like we used to before iOS6.

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi mastrbuilder.


    You're correct by saying upgrading firmware of your WiFi device, however several posts back i commented that due to IOS6 having Wifi issues on Iphone 4s and other devices, upgrade/downgrade firmware in your own personal environment can be possible.

    Im also fortunate enough to control the IT Infrastrcture of the company i work for and i had to downgrade firmware for me Wifi device to re-establish connectivity. This is not a solution for everyone who cant cotrol their environment.


    A push getting the message out to their perspect IT Departments will help. This also goes for cafes, schools, air ports, hot spots etc etc the list goes on. Pendnig the amount of complaints a site will have determines whether action on the matter will be performed.


    Also another heads up.. If you're in australia... IINET's ISP services are already IPv6 ready and following, i dare say if you have any Apple device connecting to their services it could be OK ?. I was having a disucssion with their Network specialists who appear to be on the ball with technology.


    Check you're ISP if they have IPv6 enabled and you have IPv6 enabled in your own network environment if you have the capacity to do so.


    Due to the various wiFi chips sets in these Apple devices and no standard comfirmity, these are those who will smiply have to wait like everyone else for an update from Apple or have an option to return their Apple device based on an identified fault on their unique apple device.


    From an Australian perspective.. I can point out IINET are aware of Apple users experiencing connectivity issues and are assisting with reasonable support "its good to know their own WiFi equipment is also WiFi Industry certified" and Netgear are also aware.


    Momentum is happening, we all need to scream at everyone whose involved, theseare WiFi Device Vendor Products and Apple themseves.


    I've finished with testing and tuning, tweaking etc and probably some others in here as well since we have the gist on whats going on.


    Technically Apple does have some responsibility, though its not 100% their fault for things not 100% right. Partial responsibility is with the WiFi vendors communicating with Apple to ensure they have adequate sotware implemented in their IOS6 to drive their Wifi chipsets to communicate with WiFi Vendor products.


    Its also a consumers ersponsibility "us" to ensure we have our firmware update where possible and it an OLDER firmware works, then this needs to be reported back to the WiFi vendors to get their developers moving with releasing a fix.

  • mastrbuilder Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the headship. However I still think it is very disrespectful for apple to not make its loyal customers aware of these issues. Especially after the literally thousand of post to this community. These people obviously have WiFi issues that were not present with iOS5. Why is Apple not even acknowledging the problem exists. It disappoints me to think that they are taking so heat on the maps thing they won't admit the Wi Fi thing, which is much worst, in fear of bad press and being labeled as a buggy update. Just like Mac OS LION was. It took 6 months and the release of Mountain lion to correct all the bugs in lion. I will never rush to update a Apple product again. We are all feeling the loss of Steve Jobs.

  • jfgarciamex Level 1 (0 points)

    Guys... I just made some important discovery... I too read that article about ipv6 and ios 6... at the beginning I did not think it was right, and anyway, apple should release a product that is compatible with old ipv4 infrastructure (reality is a large portion of the internet is still v4), so I began digging a little bit... first, my ISP does not support IPv6 (or at least my DSL modem does not), so I began to look for other options... one that I found my Cisco E4200 did support something is called 6rd (is a ipv4 tunnel that gives support for ipv6)... so making long story sort, I was able to figure out how to configure 6rd on my router and was able to connect to several ipv6 hosts (for example,, and then I tried on my ipad 2... I reset all network configuration, and connected to my router again... and tested ipv6 connectivity... working ok!... then I did a quick test on netflix, and the pages where I was having issues, and surprise!... everything is working fine!!!... so, my conclusion, ios6 is depend on ipv6, and has something wrong when connecting to some kinds of ipv4 infrastructure... I guess, Apple needs to release a fix, but in the meanwhile, I hope this helps all you guys (like me!) that did the mistake of going to ios 6 from the first few days... I will be testing how my environment behaves, but so far, looks like is finally fixed!... until apple realease a fix to support ipv4 only enviroments!!!... I will report back…

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 (5 points)

    I dare say they took a chance on IPv6. Incase you're not aware IP Addresses are running out hence the move forward for a "push", "drive" for IPv6 to give us more IP addresses.

  • JimHdk Level 7 (28,340 points)

    Interesting work but I'm using IPv4 with iOS6 and can access Netflix with no problem whatsoever. iOS 6 is not dependent on IPv6.

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