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  • justjesper Level 1 (30 points)

    The latest month people has been frustrated with the lack of information from Apple. Users are getting more and more frustrated with there IOS 6 device not working to the standard of the IOS 5.1.1


    Apple has appoligised about the lacking IOS, and more and more info is coming out to the public about just how badly the newest software has been tested.

    I guess I should say lack of testing. It must have been rushed out the door, so they could match another phone on the marked.


    Yet it is impossible to get any info from Apple, and all we can do is using the "black hole"



    or we can call

    U.S. iPod, Mac and iPad technical support:

    (800) APL-CARE (800-275-2273)



    And you should do so if you have not yet done so.


    But why do we not hear anything from Apple ?

    How can we feel appriciated by Apple, when they do not want to have a dialog with there consumers ?


    Even the technical support people are getting frustrated as they get no information on what is going on eather.


    Is it wrong of me to demand some information from a company who in a way downgraded my product with the faulty IOS 6 ?

    Should I stay silent and just wait for Apple to see and realize that it was uterly wrong to rush this out to us ?



    ( I know I will now get attacked by Highlevel users on the forum. They will clame that it'a all working fine, even when apples ceo Tim cook came out applogising for ios 6 not working, and/or Apple will fix it and is doing everything they can to fix all the problems with ios6. How they know this I have no idea, as they all claim that they are not working for apple and that Apple is not looking in these discussions)

  • mpa9366 Level 1 (0 points)

    Having done a lot of reading today and having found a very good online tablet magazine (will post link tomorrow) there seems to be a few tech bods onto the problem.


    The magazine I was reading identified wifi problems within hours of the ios 6 release and have been analysing since then with almost daily updates - the story seems to be:


    The apple authenthication transmission is normal, it should slip through event prior to a full handshake with the host network being completed - however if not authenthicated then apple will not permit the device to connect (kills the connection) this is designed to protect apple from counterfeiting. So thats problem 1 if you dont receive a token from apple.


    Problem 2 is that ios 6 only supports ipv6 (the new ip protocol) whereas outside silicon valley a large proportion of routers modems etc are still ipv4 protocol.


    So youre locked into ipv6 in a world where ipv4 devices are everywhere and apple have not allowed for the ability to handle both protocols. This is like GM telling you your car requires an upgrade, everything will improve etc and as part of the upgrade fits a fuel cell motor and stays silent when their upgraded vehicles are simply parked up because they cannot get fuel.


    A very basic expectation would have been dual protocol handling - we know the HW supports ipv4 as all wad fine on ios5.


    So its going to be hit and miss with networks - more hit than miss in techy areas like silicon valley, but more miss in places like where I am - a small town in rural Switzerland.


    Only apple can fix this with a patch to enable ipv4 protocol handling.

  • justjesper Level 1 (30 points)

    I'm no tech, but how long would that programming take ?

    I'm sure not a whole month ?

    Wake the F_ up Apple

  • Derekh929 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have to agree with most on this thread I have a £480 product not fit for purpose and iPhone 5 away to be canceled unless fix for this, I'm a massive apple fan but things are going down hill fast, Apple listen to your customers they want honest answers or they will vote with there wallet

  • JimHdk Level 7 (28,340 points)

    That article is completely bogus. There is no IPv4 problem with iOS 6.


    The article is full of errors. There is no "token" from Apple.


    Complete misinformation.

  • Barbican7 Level 1 (0 points)

    Firstly the phone CAN'T send anything to anyone else unless it already has a data connection (cellular or WiFi).

    Secondly, iOS 6 is, obviously, IPv4 compatible.

    Robert Holland of Tablet Crunch is clueless.

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 (5 points)

    I agree with JimHdk


    There's a wide range of issues as its not just an Iphone 5 or the IO6 itself, its a combination of both.


    As a starting point...


    1) WiFi Product Vendors need to ensure their Firmware Coding is WiFi Industry Standard

    2) WiFi Chipsets for Apple Devices, these Manufactures need to ensure their hardware is communicating according to WiFi Industry Standards

    3) the above 2 points need to their software/hardware info to Apple for the IOS6 integration


    If point 1 or 2 fail to be miplemented in Part 3, then we have all these forseeable problems.


    was Quality Assurance more stringent with IOS6 or Iphone 5, we will never know

  • Sn1p3r Level 1 (0 points)

    It's great that everyone has analysis of the issue. But when can we have the next upgrade for iOS 6?


    iPad is my only computing device and 3G and Wifi is flaky at best. Irony is I use it to give presentations and show my customized apps to clients. Voila, middle of the page load the 3G is gone, wifi acts as if its not ready without its mate the 3G. It's started with iOS upgrade and I think Apple should bite the bullet and least admit they are working on it or if here is a work around.


    The work around that works for me right now is. Turn off/on the airplane mode again and again and again.


    Apple please spare a major PR issue here and come up with an upgrade, even though it solves one issue at a time.



  • Barbican7 Level 1 (0 points)

    Shannon, any device that is "WiFi certified" (including iDevices) are already industry standard. That's the whole point of the WiFI alliance (of which Apple is a member) and why they have a certification process.


    For example, here's the certification for the iPhone 4s:


    The bugs in iOS6 have nothing to do with existing infrastructure. Connectivity issues only started to occur AFTER we upgraded.


    I'm lucky. My iPad 3 and 4s work on my home WiFi network but I was on vacation in Thailand recently and my experience with the hotel's network was terrible. The iPad 3 seemed to cope but the 4s was practically unusable and kept dropping to 3G data even though it appeared to be connected to WiFi (something I only found out when I got home and checked my bill - thank Apple!).


    By now Apple know data connectivity in iOS6 is a problem but they're focused on the iPad mini launch and unlikely to release an iOS update unitil that's out of the way.


  • jo'elle Level 1 (0 points)

    Sadly Apple is still in denial mode concerning the iOS 6 wifi issue. I poke o an Apple Care tech today, my fourth call about the wifi problem with my new iPad. Today's tech told me there is no such thing as a software problem with wifi because wifi connection is all hardware related. She guided me through yet another factory restore and reinstall of iOS 6 via iTunes and advised me that if its a software problem related to iOS 6 then the reinstall will fix it. If the wifi connectivity problem still exists after the reinstall then it's a hardware problem with my iPad that I would have to pay to have repaired .


    Well the problem still exists and wifi connectivity remains a crapshoot. She claimed to not know about any wifi problems related to iOS 6 nor did she know about others having the connectivity issues I was experiencing.


    Is it stonewalling? I just don't understand Apple's silence about this issue.

  • Shanon.Roberts Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi Barbican7 London


    Thanks for pointing that out, im well aware of those standards,


    There's been a question mark put on the interpretation of defining these standards, meaning Apple interpretates one way and WiFi vendors, WiFi Chipsets etc.


    Somewhere along the lines the old language of standards embedded into the older Apple devices and the IOS5 havent crossed over with respect to the new Hardware equipment in these new Apple Devices and IO6 that is driving it.


    We're talking about Bandwidth, Single, Dual, Frequency Support, Channels, Encryption configurations. The software drives the hardware to communicate a signal off the Apple device and connect to a WiFi Vendor product.


    I've been watching everyones complaints, issues, posts etc since day one nearly. I've lost count how much reading ive done.


    I gradually got more involved myself; When i manage my companies network infrastructure and to have 2 Iphone 4S's at my Desk with IOS6, one connects to WiFi network fine, the other bombs out. I practically went through every single option to find out whats differerent, from software, hardware, chips sets, modem firmware version, build version and dates, the list goes on.


    The end result, i downgraded firmware of my WiFi device at work and everyone is happy again. Not something i'd like to have, but it worked.


    This backs up the fact of what ever WiFi Vendors have give Apple software wise to embed in to their IOS6 to communicate doesnt appear to be working correctly.


    As for QOS, there's no way they are going to ensure all WiFi devices will work for IOS6.


    Hence why everyone just has to sit and wait


    The solutions are thus far..


    If you have a NEW Apple device, return under warranty where permitted and hope for a bette one

    If you have an older apple device and upgrade to IOS6, then you sit tight and wait

    if you have an older apple device and upgrade to IOS6, buy a new WiFi router for yourself if the problem is at home, a more modern one if its 5 years old, otherwise look in to a firmware possible solution for it


    If you have an old/new Apple device, with IOS6 and doesnt work at your favourate cafe, air port, hot spot etc etc AND it worked BEFORE you upgraded, unfortunately the problem isnt yours, its potentially an issue between WiFi Vendors and Apple for which BOTH parties to re-write their firmware / patches to be more compatible with each other.


    Im personally putting everything in to reality from the findings.


    Time will tell whose right / wrong in their assumptions IF we're able to find out in a patch release whats been added

  • Barbican7 Level 1 (0 points)

    Shanon, you had fully functional wireless infrastructure that worked for every WiFi device and you "downgraded" it because a recently upgraded smartphone couldn't connect?


    As you're no doubt aware OEM's like Cisco, HP, Ericsson, Huawei, etc introduce firmware updates to add functionality, fix bugs and patch security holes. Any ops manager that wanted to keep his job would never authorise an upgrade (let alone a downgrade) without significant prior UAT (and if you work in that environment, you know the implications for scheduling, out of hours testing, resource allocation and budgets).


    It's a compatibility issue within iOS 6, a software fix and something Apple needs to address quickly.


  • Badgersfan08 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am having the same problem as everyone else. I have a netgear wifi and I was connected to it all day 24/7 until I downloaded ios6. Ever since then I can't stay connected for more then 2 hours. And now I can't even connect at all. And when I called apple about this issue they told me that ios6 isn't the problem when it clearly is. I have an iPad that hasn't been upgraded to iOS 6 and is still connected all day to it. And my wife's iPhone is having the same problem as me. Come on apple fix this problem

  • LauraMackie Level 1 (15 points)

    FYI!  The apple computers are having similar issues!  My husband wants to buy me a MacBook Pro for Xmas so I went to that forum to see if there were any major problems and low and behold!  Wifi problems as well as MAIL problems which for me on my 4S and ipad2 have existed for a year.


    It just occurred to me that apple doesn't want to acknowledge this problem prior to the mini iPad release?


    I'm going to android next year but I have to keep apple computers because I have a ton of software for photography.  I hope they fix the wireless issue soon.  A friend of mine who just purchases an iPhone 5 went out and bought a new eou

    Router!  Is net gear owned by Samsung ?  Maybe apple us trying to screw them for some reason.


    We are merely pawns!!!

  • JimHdk Level 7 (28,340 points)

    You went to a problem-solving forum and found problems! What a surprise!


    Try visiting the Android forums and see what you find.


    Here's just a sample:

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