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  • clean cyclist Level 1 Level 1

    Wow  !!!  A very simple and logical fix for this issue.  Down grade.  Who would of thought........  Mean while........waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting for .x to be released.

  • jkelada Level 1 Level 1

    I just came back from Apple store. I shared with Apple team that I am using my new and expensive iPhone 5 to demo our applications to our large customers like Banks, Service providers, government office and I am having huge problem that I can't connect wirelessly to  my customers' wifi network.


    Here is the strange answer from Apple, nothing wrong with the phone, ask your customer to upgrade their network to be compatible with iPhone 5.


    I think apple doesn't get it. Their a fine line to have challenges in your products and try to resolve it to make your customer happy or to be arrogant and don't  listen to your customers' feedback to improve your product.


    Apple started to loose their customers tough and if they didn't change their attitude, they will loose customers like me. I am not planning to buy any new apple products. I feel they can't earn my business and they took their loyal customers for granted.


    Apple, these are basic functionality on any wireless phone, to get wifi and the bluetooth. Works fine on Android and blackberry but with apple we have to buy new cars and change the wireless network to be compatible with your phone. Doesn it make any business sense??!! Time to loose business apple to learn how to compete with other devices and try to earn your business back..


    Tuesday, I am buying Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and will through this iPhone in the nearest garbage or put it n ebay if someone wants to buy it.


    You are not only having poor quality product, but you have the lowest customer service.


    We miss you Steve Jobs...

  • JimHdk Level 7 Level 7

    Any reason that you are posting this rant in the iPad forum?


    Also any reason that you don't know that this is a user to user forum and you aren't talking to Apple here?

  • jkelada Level 1 Level 1

    Well, as an apple user, I want to share the bad experience that I have with apple with other users.


    By all means feel free to ignore my note if you don't like it.


    Finally, apple read all the forms and I want them to get my feedback so as the apple users

  • JimHdk Level 7 Level 7

    Apple does not read these forums.


    If you want to give your feedback to Apple use

  • iBozz Level 1 Level 1
    Mac App Store

    JimHdk:  Apple does not read these forums.



    I have no reason to doubt your assertion, JimHdk, as I have no knowledge of whether Apple do or do not read this forum but ...


    ... if any organisation has such a public, ready and free method of observing how their products and/or services are received by their cutomers and clients and they then choose to totally ignore it they are, to be frank, just plain bl**dy stupid.


    They may choose not to respond, but if they don't even monitor and have a look at what is going on and thus pick up on trends or oft quoted yet similar problems then they just do not deserve to succeed.


    And I doubt that Apple are that dumb, even post Jobs.

  • JimHdk Level 7 Level 7

    That's why they have the feedback link. Would you want the job of sorting through all the junk that gets posted anonymously on these forums?

  • jkelada Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Jim, appreciate your comments, howeve apple the have all the social media tools to monitor these discussions. Social media solutions are embedded part of the business processes of all the large organizations. Anyways, I thinks this topic is not that important. No one has the rights to tell others what to do. This is an open forum to share product experience or interactions either good or bad with apple. You can read the note or If you feel it is not important just skip it or ignore it.

  • iBozz Level 1 Level 1
    Mac App Store

    JinHdk:  Would you want the job of sorting through all ... these forums?


    No, but nor would I like a job as an undertaker, window-cleaner or cook.


    They don't have to read absolutley everything, just look at overall comments and trends.


    One post on a potential iOS6.0 wifi issue: probably not worth the effort.


    55 pages (and rising) and more than one thread on a potential iOS6.0 wifi issue:  maybe there's something in this, best to have a look and see if the thread is on topic and reveals a common problem or complaint.


    That's basic research which costs nothing, is readily available and allows trends to be identified suggesting that there is something which needs investigating.  There maybe an issue which needs a fix or it might just be that the correct use of some feature has not been adequately communicated to the user base too well - so issue a notice clarifying the point.


    What comapny does not use all the tools (social media, forums, the techincal and genaeral press) to see how their service is going?  They can't read them all, obviously, but they can keep an eye on them to see if there is something which they may need to adress.


    I say again, any company that doesn't is just plain bl**dy stupid.

  • jo'elle Level 1 Level 1

    The real strength of this thread arises because of the public and press who read it, not because it is hoped Apple will read and take each complaint to heart.  It doesn't matter if Apple techs are reading theses posts, the pressure to produce a fix will come from the bad publicity these posts give Apple, as evidenced in this CNET article.


    Also, I am not convinced that these posts are totally ignored by Apple because a post I made in this thread was edited to delete my reference to legal liability. if this thread is not monitored then who did that, and why?

  • JimHdk Level 7 Level 7

    jo\'elle wrote:


    Also, I am not convinced that these posts are totally ignored by Apple because a post I made in this thread was edited to delete my reference to legal liability. if this thread is not monitored then who did that, and why?

    The way that works is that another forum member (level 2 or higher) reports a post to the moderator (an Apple employee). The moderator (in time) may look at the post to see if it violates the Terms of Use sufficiently to be deleted or edited. The moderator is the only one who can change/delete posts. You can bet that if the forum wasn't moderated it would be filled with all sorts of nasty garbage. Although the moderators are Apple employees they aren't from iPad development and aren't reading through posts looking for gems of wisdom. The user reporting mechanism is a vehicle for bringing posts to Apple's (a moderator) attention but it isn't the kind of attention you want. See here for what users can do:



    Sometimes you'll see a well-thought out suggestion or problem description here - something that someone spent a lot of time doing. Hopefully, they also sent it directly to Apple because there's no guarantee that anyone from Apple will see it here. There's just too much chaff here to look for wheat.


    Bottom line: If you've got something important to say use a direct line to Apple. Don't just toss it out onto a thread filled with bickering, misinformation, ranting, etc.


    The feedback URL is a good place to start:

  • Inchbeag Level 1 Level 1


    quote :-

    "Bottom line: If you've got something important to say use a direct line to Apple. Don't just toss it out onto a thread filled with bickering, misinformation, ranting, etc." - misinformation? - how true!



    The trouble is on the direct line  feedback page only iOS 10.8 > 10 10.6 is available in the drop down menu, at least here in the UK, so the fault regarding iOS6 cannot be accurately reported to Apple.
    The more that post here so that this thread can be shown when we go to an Apple store the better.

  • JimHdk Level 7 Level 7

    Well you can certainly post on this thread but be sure to use the official feedback route as well.


    Regarding the iOS level in the feedback forum. I would include the iOS level and App level (if relevant) in the body of the report. The OS level in the form is referring to the Mac OS X level which would probably only be relevant for iTunes/iPad problems.

  • hoyanf Level 1 Level 1

    First and foremost Apple would have to look into it no matter what, as it comes back to consumers whom are paying for the products.


    In regards to wireless network am sure some party is not playing it right as all should conform to IEEE 802.11 standards when implementing wireless connectivity in their environment.


    If things suddenly breaks when upgraded to newer iOS version then there might be an issue there, but it's consumers that has to play the part in reporting the matter and Apple as the provider / maker for the said Operating System must too look into the reported issue and not pushing the consumers away.


    In terms of IEEE 802.11 standards if one device managed to connect to the said network device then the other should not face any problem in connecting to the same device unless there are some limitation set on the network device that are preventing it to work properly.


    But the best method is to have another person whom are using the same software version as the person unable to connect to the network device to conform that the said network device is working properly as intended. if the other person whom having same software version are able to connect then it might lead to hardware problems or software incompatibility with the hardware.


    Well I can't be the judge of this as I'm not the hardware nor software maker for either device's and as far as my day-to-day usage on the iPhone 4S and the iPad 3rd Gen I have yet to face the issue in connecting with wireless network devices.


    Best that those whom are facing the matter to provide a little more information of the said issue as to hardware details and possibly details on the network connecting (a/b/g/n) / (2.4Ghz/5Ghz) / Channel ID.


    Hope this helps to clear the air.


    Btw for those not knowing about the IEEE 802.11 standards can head to ->

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