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    Well said!  Yes Jim that is more the point. BTW I have no issues with iOS6 either but clearly lots of folks are.

    ChrisE22 wrote:


    JIm - it's obvious what Randy means.  It's no good hiding behind other vendor's different interpretation of a standard when it has already been deployed in millions of units round the world.  That's the difference between theory and practice.

    The fact is that these 'non-compliant' routers worked ok with the previous version of iOS and now they don't.  Whether that's because someone didn't read a spec properly or whether the spec was extended after the kit was released is an academic point.  In the real world, we have to make things work with what is already out there.  We may not like it (I'm a software developer myself and it drives me mad), but the bottom line is that backwards compatibility is a critical requirement when you are releasing a new version of software or hardware into an environment over which the customer will have little or no control.

    All this 'Apple are right, the rest of the world is wrong' won't solve the problem.

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    What I have read over the past weeks seems to be Netgear having the biggest portion of these issues. I am sure there are others but it seems Netgear pops up the most. I actually connect fine with DLINK dir-655 and old Linksys WRT54G. An ISP provided router/modem at another location. Only issue I have seen with any friends I know who have this issue is with a new Netgear router he just purchased a month or so ago. That router worked fine with iOS 5.1.1 and as soon as his users updated to iOS 6 they can no longer connect.  Interesting Jim your links are all Netgear related. Are you seeing that Netgear seems to have the most issues with this also? Just curious.

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    Mac App Store

    What withdrwaing support generally means, LauraMackie is that it will still run but, as and when you need support from Apple in terms of spare parts, etc. you won't get it.


    In practice, though, they may help if they can (they did when my first generation iMac had a breakdown) but only if they have the relevant parts and the staff who can remeber how they worked.


    It's the same with the software, they will not guarantee to be able to help you resolve any problems.


    It's rather like if you still had an original early 1980s IBM XP desktop running under MS-DOS - it may well still work but, if and when it fails, then you are on your own!


    That's my understanding, anyway!

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    Apple TV

    @iBozz...did you dictate this with Siri?  A lot didn't make sense!  That happens to me all the time lol

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    It isn't purely a netgear issue.

    I have been trying different wifi hardware and it seems to be an issue for all on iOS 6. My brother in law has an iPad 2 working on iOS 4.3 (ignorance is bliss) never upgraded. The wifi signal never drop. My iPad 2 on iOS 6 seems to drop the signal promptly and with higher frequency.


    I have recently used a work around and it seems to work for me currently (under testing), I would like you guys to try it too. I added an extra router (pure router Dlink dir 600). I removed the mixed signal and configured the router only for 802.11 n and the iPad has been obedient to not drop the signal. However, I wasn't able to check on it but still this seems to sort it out. Also, I am on WPA security. Removed QoS.


    It will be swell if everyone with the N signal modems can test for if it works for them. But again Apple needs to sort this issue soon as not everyone has an extra wifi modem and not everyone needs to go through the agony to connect to wifi in home and public hotspots.

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    Yes Jim that is entirely good advice (for most users) to update router firmware from time to time. Although many a router have been bricked attempting to do so for various reasons but thats another thread on another forum. .  However I guess the point folks are making is their routers work with ALL their other wifi devices (including other Apple devices not on iOS6), have been working and only stopped working for the devices that are now on iOS6. So it would seem that iOS6 would more likely be at fault. Not that iOS 6 is the only "correct" item upholding some standard so therefore ALL the other devices are wrong and should be fixed to work with iOS6 correctly. Thats all we are saying. The logic that every device mfg and user needs to bend to Apples spec is absurd. Again iOS 6.0.1 is rumored to be coming soon and addressing wifi issues amongst other items. So if thats true, then Apple has acknowledged there is an issue with it. We hopefully will see soon.

    JimHdk wrote:


    TheWhiteStig wrote:


    Don't just tell people to upgrade their firmware or buy a new router.

    OK, they can take no action at all and just sit there with their problem.


    Updating firmware is good practice and recommended by router manufacturers.

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    Up top right under Actions is where you can turn off getting emails from every post in these discussions.

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    I have wondered about that as well. When Friday arrives and those first orders start showing up at customers doors with they work or not?  What a mess that would create for Apple. Making folks who waited til the clock ticked midnight to be the first to order the new mini, waiting for a few weeks with anticipation for it to arrive, then unboxing it and cannot connect to wifi! Sorry we will have a patch in a few "weeks". Holy S***   Should be an interesting day this Friday. I would expect iOS 6.0.1 (if there really is such an animal) to release today so when Friday gets here those mini users will be set. Otherwise could be a bigger mess than the Maps seem to be (in the media I mean)

    mastrbuilder wrote:



    Great insight, and for me the most encouraging post I have read. Apple in and effort to not hurt the release of their most anticipated iPad mini, will probably release it and sneak in the wifi fix without going public about the Wi Fi problem. Then sneak us the updated software while the world raves about the iPad mini. We all will be happy and they will have thousands of new customers. Nice PR but still kinda unfair to us loyal customers.

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    I have a question. Why do you keep referring to this as an "iPad forum"? The title is Anyone still having IOS 6 wifi issues?"  You are aware that iOS 6 is available to other devices yes?


    And most folks here may not know that this is a user forum. It SHOULD be an Apple support forum with Apple geniuses responding. Those of us who frequent here are aware that Apple does not respond but I dare say that 99% of folks who come here looking for support would not know this. Dude you need to relax a little.

    JimHdk wrote:


    Any reason that you are posting this rant in the iPad forum?


    Also any reason that you don't know that this is a user to user forum and you aren't talking to Apple here?

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    I keep referring to it as an iPad forum because IT IS AN IPAD FORUM. Read the title at the top of the page. The title of this thread is irrelevant to the subject of the forum. There are separate forums for the iPhone, and the iPod Touch.

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    That is correct at least what I have heard and read as well.  Curious though, does this at all change your ideas that perhaps iOS 6 is the cause of this issue or are you sticking with the idea that its all the other router mfg's poor wifi implementation standards?

  • sbailey4 Level 1 Level 1

    I stand corrected. But this issue is apparent on other iOS 6 devices as well not just iPad. Thanks

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    Apple TV

    By "stop supporting" you mean there will be no more upgrades and they won't help you if something's wrong with it? really isn't that old.  That's frightening as I just spent $3500 on this macbook!

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    Right.  No more upgrades, no more bug fixes, you're left with whatever version of iOS 5 they were at before iOS 6.

  • Philly_Phan Level 6 Level 6

    LauraMackie wrote:


    By "stop supporting" you mean there will be no more upgrades and they won't help you if something's wrong with it? really isn't that old.  That's frightening as I just spent $3500 on this macbook!

    No, that information is totally incorrect.

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