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  • AndrewVastola Level 1 (0 points)

    I wrote in a couple of weeks ago stating my issues - which seem to be SIMILAR to most everyone else. iPhone 4S's (2) that I have are working much better with the AUTO proxy and manually entered IP address. However, my iPad 2 is still dead in the water. I only get wifi reception within 10 or so feet of my router, and even then, it is all over the place. From Full to 1 bar and off, and back on again without even moving. Speedtest is unreliable, sometimes clocking at 14mbps and sometimes as low as 1 mb.. (my MacBook Pro is solid as a rock at 14 mbps as well as my iPhone 4S on AUTO) I've tried setting the IPV6 to auto DHCP, turning security off, updating my D-Link Router's firmware, connecting to my network manually as @rfow recommended, and no change for the iPad 2 whatsoever. And running out and buying a new router is certainly not the answer, as it may fix your home setup, but you won't have any luck when you leave the house. Also, the thought of everyone defecting to a droid is ridiculous.


    Come on Apple.

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    For what it's worth: i have an iPad 1 and today took delivery of a new iPad 4.  I have had no connectivity issues with the old iPad or many other devices.  The old iPad is running IOS 5.x and can't be upgraded to 6.  I find that the new iPad (came with 6.0) has so far been unable to connect to my local network despite trying various router approaches and the suggestions here.  It is also unable to connect to the internet when tethered to my desktop, but was able to download and install an update to the IOS.  So far very disappointing.

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    Glad you got it worked out. Ashame you have to rant to get the support/service you deserve AND they say they will provide. Hopefully you will enjoy your new device and it will work for you.

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    Really?!?!  I mean a $600 phone that on day one nothing but problems, what would expect hin/her to do? I would have thrown it at them and refused to pay the **** bill. Dont get me wrong I love my 4s and have 2 and both work without issue and always have (well since iOS 5.0.1 and the battery issue) but its unacceptable to purchase a brand new phone AND be stuck in a 2 year contract and something as simple as wifi connection (which is hardly new technology now)  gets totally screwed with a fix nowhere in site. Clearly Apple dropped the ball for some users with iOS6 since they had no such issues on 5.  Anyway that comment you made was a bit snoddy and uncalled for in my opinion. Just sayin. We are all here to either provide or look for support.

    lkrupp wrote:


    tapa321 wrote:


    Well I finally solved the dropped wi-fi issue on Iphone 4S IOS6.  I have just returned from verizon with a brand new Droid M.  It took a nasty phone call to verizon customer support, who then notified the verizon store manager that I was comming in for a new phone.  So after 1st purchase on Nov 8, then swap out on Nov 12,  I walked into my home, connected the Droid to my home wi-fi, and ALL IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD.  I am very dissappointed in APPLE and its support (or should I say non support!)  I wish you all luck with the IOS6 issue. 


    Does this mean we won't be hearing from you anymore?

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    I cant connenct with my iPad 2 (16Gb, only WiFi,iOS6.1) to internet if i use my phone (BlackBerry Bold 9930) to hotspot. 10/9 times dosnt work. Work with all other WiFi net, but with mobile hotspot not. I was try my BB hotspot with many notebooks, and iPhones and work. Only with my iPad not. I was try with android OS hotspots too, but stil not working.


    Have any update for this problem? Sorry for my english.

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    This is my second iPad(3) and its only 3 days old and it has exactly the same wifi issues as my first. It drops wifi connection and now I use my MacBook Pro when I'm on Skype,...or anything that I need a good connection. Taking this one back....was about to buy the iPhone5 but decided not to waste my money. I have already spent too much time and money on this piece of there a lemon law?

  • Philly_Phan Level 6 (13,065 points)

    Kwongyin wrote:


    is there a lemon law?

    Sure.  Take it back and get your money back.  Then buy something more to your approval.

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    Since upgrading to iOS 6 I am unable to log on to new wifi networks ("known networks connect fine). They appear in the pop up window and in setting, but the login page never loads. Instead I get a server not responding pop up. I have re-booted, re-loaded iOS 6 and reset network settings a to no avail. Any thoughts?

    iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 6.0.1

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    To be able to sync calendar and addresse through syncML I upgrade fomr IOS4 to 6 on an iPad 2.


    No wifi and slow 3G. I tried all options, changing channel from router; reset network; auto proxy; also tried to go back to iOS4 via backup on iTunes: failed, stuck op 6 now.


    I think it is an incredibly bad service from such a proclaimed high end products manufacturer that this problem is now persisting for over 3 months. Apple products are glamorous, work nicely, and are also expensive. One would expect appropriate service. It is not even possible to detect where the problem is coming from though log files.


    Totally dissatisfied with this product's possibilities.

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    Just called Apple support in the US and they cannot help me, they have no solution except come back to the US ( since I bought it in Seattle) and they will give me a new one or refund. Will be dropping into the apple store here in Australia to replace the 3rd iPad for another but i doubt this will fix the problem. The australian apple store cannot give me a refund since I bought it in US....looks like the lemon law only applies if you stay in the US. And the Australia apple store is only required to fix the iPad not to replace they are doing me a 'favour'.

  • hr-l Level 1 (0 points)

    still have the same wifi issue with the greyed out button. after updating to ios 6 the button turned grey on the iphone 4s. tried basic troubleshooting. at least had a longlong call to applecare and got a new iphone 4s, after 2 hours using the greyed out button came back on the new product. Tried all i found on the web, freezer made wifi working  for about 2 minutes, heat didn´t help, draining the effect, ios 6.0.1 didn´t change ideas.

    So i have had the greyed-out button on two iphones, seems to be no hardware problem, more software communication thing with the temperature sensor. i´m not sure, if apple will fix the bug one day


    RIP Steve

  • DaveMinAtlanta Level 1 (0 points)

    Same issue as that reported here ad naseum.  iPad 3, upgrade to iOS 6, constant problems since then.  WiFi drops connection every few minutes, strength fluctuates, constantly having to reconnect.   Wife's iPad 3, still on 5.x, no issues whatsoever.  Me, before upgrade, no issues whatsoever.  iPad 1 on 4, no issues whatsoever.   All other devices on WiFi, incl Win OS laptops, Android devices, no issue whatsoever.  ONLY iOS6.   Apologists notwithstanding, inexcusable no response, as, in my mind, worse fiasco, affecting more and more fundamentally (basic device usefulness) than the much covered maps issue.  C'mon Apple, get your poop in a group and solve this.  Funny, wifi dropped in midst of first attempt to submit...  how fitting. 

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    This I hope will be my last post. After being shut out by iOS 6 and 6.0.1 with no or slo wifi for the past two months, I reluctantly bought and replaced my incredibly slow laptop (Vista)to a new Windows 8 model thinking I need to stay in touch with the world having a virtually useless iPad 2. And Presto, my iPad is working again. Now I tried everything in the past mentioned in these posts(clearing Safari cache, resetting router and network settings, switching http to Auto) and nothing seemed to work until now. The last thing I can recommend is to turn off all external devices connecting to the Internet other than IPad and see if that seems to help. I don't know if I had a virus or something else with the updates that caused my iPad to brick. But I'm a little disappointed that users have to adhere to Apple and not the other way around.  That being said I'll keep my fingers crossed that I'm not posting tomorrow that this post was a bunch of malarkey.

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    Has anyone noticed that the wireless issues don't occur if you are connected on a 2.4GHz AP? For me, it's only happening on 5GHz APs...

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    Ok my problem is the iPhone rather than iPad but it's all still same IOS 6.01 issue. On both 6.0 and more so on 6.01 I have issues where the wifi will be ticking along fine and then suddenly I'll notice the loading symbol (upper right) starts to linger in safari pages. It basically means the upload has stopped working properly. A quick hop into the speedtest app reveals that whilst download is fine (15-20 mbits), the upload won't work anymore showing zero and constantly showing the load symbol in upper right. Internet kind of works but certain things stop functioning such as app store and itunes store. Really annoying. Only way to fix is reboot the phone and then all is fine until it decides to start doing it again. Seems to be very random. Pre IOS 6 this never happened on my main router or the access point I have installed to cover back bedroom wifi (same SSID just different channels). Although convinced IOS 6 / 6.01 was to blame I did worry my router was no longer compatible but my local boozer has wifi and I get the exact same issues here too. Updating firmware has been done and shown to solve nothing so I have reverted back (as Netgear's WNDR 3700v2 firmware was not QA tested and has different issues). I'd love to be able to try different routers although I am sure the problems will still materialise if I had the ££££.


    I have tried the HTTP auto trick, reset network settings, assigning static IPs but the problem always eventually rears it's head.


    IOS 6 is a big fail for me. Wifi problems, Home sharing on devices hit and miss, iTunes match issues, slower app / itunes store, one item per app store search, maps, loss of street view. This was supposed to be an upgrade??? IOS 5.1.1 superior in so many ways. Why do Apple have to make changes for the sake of change. All they do is break things that were already working well. If it ain't don't fix it. Trouble is we have to roll with it. At some point you'll no doubt have to have IOS 6 to be able to continue using certain things so get forced into upgrading anyway.


    Sorry that's my grumble over. Don't like to moan too much but IOS6 does that to a person!!!! God only knows what **** and bugs iTunes 11 will bring, am dreading it!




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