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    Great work HangliderUK!  It explains all of the behavior including the controls going "missing" during video playback. I added this to a thread I started on the developer forums. Your work combined with logs from the device I have provided in a bug report maybe Apple will actually do two things:


    1. Acknowledge they screwed up severely.

    2. Fix it before 6.1 GA.


    As I mentioned in this thread or the other, I'm using 6.1 Beta 4 and there are still issues :(

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    Hi Dave H,


    You may have identified the problem. I'm not a tech and I've attempted most layperson fixes suggested on my threads, none have made even one bit of difference. I always see the Shared library in the "more" option, yet always the same as I've explained in previous posts. I may be grasping here but two items keep popping up in my memory. First, I recall there were many issues regarding the failure to connect to wifi when iOS 6 was first released. Second, I read recently in an AppAdvice article that iOS 6.2 will be released soon and it's main function is to address wifi issues.


    If this is true, maybe it will restore the functionality of Home Sharing. I hope it does for the many who are frustrated with it. Why Apple has not explained anything to us I can only ???  I will stay with StreamToMe even if the Home Share problem is repaired. I decided to tough it out with Apple's hardware and software for now and will probably update to the next iPad. However, they lost so much credibility that when another company creates a package of personal hardware and software that excels, I will change. I'm no longer a loyal customer; Loyalty goes two ways. Apple will never be what it was to me before this issue. Yes, I liked it better when it was a smaller company and had its customer's backs. However, as a retired business owner I understand why a company can't stagnate in a global market.


    Best regards and Happy New Year,


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    I completely agree with the post above me.  Apple has completely gone downhill.  I used to be a die hard fan boy, but I am so EXTREMELY frustrated with all of the issue I've had lately it's impossible to recommend apple to anyone.  The worst part is that these issues are BASIC issues that should not be hard to fix.  Every time I read forum posts about Apple issues, there's always that one guy that calls them, talks with senior tech support and writes in the forum "They said no one else has reported this issue... Your the FIRST!!!".  Give me a break!  Try reading your **** forums!!!  I have 3 Apple TV's (v2, 2 x v3).  I can't get home sharing to work on ANY of them!  I haven't been able to get it working since iTunes 11.  I have written to Apple with no response.  Multicast, UPNP, resetting, reinstalling, firewall completely off, antivirus off, standing on my head while singing yankee doodle... none of it works!!!  I restart bonjour and I can all of a sudden see the share.  I can browse and play content on my ipad, I can browse and play content on my iphone.  I connect to home share with any of my Apple TV's and I can see the content (most of the time), I can browse deeper into the categories... but when I attempt to play something I get a spinning loading symbol that never goes away.  I then exit back to the main menu only to find that my home share has vanished.  I have a look at my PC, and iTunes is running, home sharing service is running, but nothing... can't see any other PC's shares, can't see my share from another PC, iphone, ipad, etc.  Restart bonjour and it comes back.  Is it an Apple TV issue or an iTunes 11 / bonjour issue!?!  Why is home sharing constantly breaking with EVERY update to iTunes (I've read it a million times on these forums)... "I upgrade to itunes 9 and now home sharing doesn't work", "I upgrade to itunes 10 and now home sharing doesn't work", "I upgrade to itunes 11 and now home sharing doesn't work"... WHY!?!


    My issues in no particular order:


    iTunes:  iTunes 11 is an entire rewrite!?!  Really?  cause scrolling through my 1000+ apps is still SLOW, my machine STILL gets memory errors (I have 16 gigs ram), I still get crashing and locks when scrolling the list.  Cover Art still loads slower than ever (SSD drive, lots of ram, very fast PC, win 7)... why?  There's spelling mistakes in itunes 11.  Go into view my account... "computer authorisation"!?!  Really?  They check the software before it's sent out for US to test...?  Home share is absolute garbage... All my windows network shares are rock solid... no connection issues to readynas... so is it bonjour?  All my devices see airplay support without issue... so why's airplay work but no homeshare?  Did they fire the homeshare dept?  Because Apple's heading towards a streaming only service and they don't have money to waste on keeping the users happy?  Run iTunes and do diag and it reports HDCP not supported.  Run it again and it says HDCP supported.  Try to play HD to my Alienware HD monitor and it says "NO"... try again later and it works.  1001 programs out there that detect my NVIDIA and monitor as HDCP compliant EVERY TIME, why is iTunes broken?


    Apple TV:  Good god, where do I start!?!  Where's itunes extras (I don't need to hear it can't be done, it CAN be done, it just isn't getting done... you don't need a hard drive to support extras... they're just web pages anyways).  Lock ups while browsing podcasts categories.  Played content magically showing up as being unplayed, mark it as played and it still comes back.  Random resets back to the main screen.  MAJOR home sharing issues.  Charging to stream music, while making it impossible to play your songs cause home sharing is broken and yet allowing you to stream everything else!  Go into favorites and it doesn't tell you a **** thing about what shows are new (no numbers)... go into each show and all of a sudden you see the numbers.  The idea is that I don't want to HAVE to click each show to see there's a new episode!!!  Order of shows in most recent makes no sense at all!  Shows from 2 years ago as first item, new shows at the bottom... what does it mean!?!  Ughhh.


    Other:  No option to upgrade movies to HD.  No blockbuster wouldn't let you do it either (REST IN PEACE... you obviously kept your customers happy)... but content is digital!  Where is ANYONE losing money!?!  Applying credit to a purchase if you've already rented (not important, but good incentive to spend $15 more).  Making itunes like win 8 and calling it revolutionary, when what they're really doing is dumbing it down so that you have no choices!  iPad mini:  why can it support 5 columns but ipad 3 can't?  it's not longer!  Why can it play iphone and ipad games without issues without forcing you to buy 2 different versions of the same app?  Why are there so many FAKE restrictions put on Apple devices?  App store:  So what happens when an author refuses to update an app, and because of a change in IOS it no longer works?  I'm seeing this happening MORE and MORE... and the developers could care less!  (I know because I've emailed them).


    iTunes Store Policies:  I bought a movie for my spouse from work.  Not knowing she had just rented it.  Trying to get EITHER a credit for the rental or the purchase was a bloody nightmare... because more than a year ago I had an issue with a movie (my power went out while downloading, I needed them to resend me the file {btw}).  I had to go through at least 3 different people to before anyone was even willing to listen to my concern (love apples automated FU messages)... and even then, they "UNDERSTOOD MY ISSUE and that the situation was an obvious error", but their policy says if a users gets any type of support, they're screwed the next time they ask!!!  The iTunes store support is HORRIBLE!!!


    Apple:  You NEED to fix home sharing (cloud is wonderful, but not everything "I" stream is in the cloud)... When you sell a device to stream movies it should stream!!!  Streaming shouldn't be this difficult!  There shouldn't be hundreds of users complaining about the exact same issue with each release of iTunes.  Your quality control has gone from "polished and professional" to "rushed and sloppy"


    apple cant spell.jpg

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    I could not agree more, Apple is going downhill.

    Too bad, it was a good company but now is just producing crap.


    Customer support is terrible too.



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    Forgot (if you can believe it)... The 6 month release cycle.  Pretty sure it's a great way to double your revenue, but for those of us that like to have the latest a greatest... Buying a device that's marginally better than the same device purchased 6 months earlier will get old REAL fast.  Gotta love the dishonest way they go about it too.  iPad 4 comes out and the huge splash is "retina support!!!".  I think to myself.. That's odd I'm sure my ipad 3 has retina.  Log into the store to have a look and guess what... iPad 3 is completely gone from the store!  Very shady!!!


    I would prefer apple fixes all the existing bugs in their products (focuses on software) then devotes a year or more figuring out how to make that WORKING software BETTER!!!  Then spend some time trying to one up everyone else in the hardware dept.  ios 6 is nice but it was legacy at release.  We need innovation over speed!  And if apple would build the hardware with retina right off the start (iPad mini) they wouldn't have to dazzle us with the EXACT same ipad mini but NOW with retina support!


    They're thinking $ over users... Problem is... When users are not happy they disappear and you don't usually get them back... A happy user is more willing to buy!

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    NeHe wrote:


    Buying a device that's marginally better than the same device purchased 6 months earlier will get old REAL fast.

    Why purchase something that is marginally better?

    Log into the store to have a look and guess what... iPad 3 is completely gone from the store!  Very shady!!!

    A company introduces a new product, quits making the old one and stops selling it is "shady"? Really?

    Maybe they should still be selling the first iPod also...

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    You work for Apple?


    Point is, marginally better devices should not be released.  When a new device comes out, it should be worth the price of a "new" device ... NOT "a little better".


    As for shady... YES... Hiding the iPad 3 completely, but leaving the iPad 2 (a non retina device) and then advertising the 4 as "with retina" is shady!  Users that don't know better are lead to believe the 4 is the first device with retina.  What should have happened is price drops on both the iPad 2 and 3 and a new iPad 4 at full price!  Why hide a product / eliminate its existence!?!

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    NeHe wrote:




    You work for Apple?


    Point is, marginally better devices should not be released.


    They shouldn't? Says you. Where is this written?

    What is "marginally" better?


    As for shady... YES... Hiding the iPad 3 completely, but leaving the iPad 2 (a non retina device) and then advertising the 4 as "with retina" is shady!  Users that don't know better are lead to believe the 4 is the first device with retina

    No they aren't. Users are (correctly) lead to believe that the iPad has a retina display.

    When you buy a new car that states it comes with tires, you are notlead to believe" it is the first car wioth tires...


    What should have happened is price drops on both the iPad 2 and 3 and a new iPad 4 at full price!  Why hide a product / eliminate its existence!?!

    They aren't hiding anything. They "eliminated its existence" because they don't make them anymore.

    You think they should continue to advertise products they do not manfacture or sell?

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    And why would they scrap the iPad 3 and not the 2...?


    Reading through your posts, either your extremely helpful in your replies or you're talking down to people... I say talking down because you talk to people like they are idiots for having questions / opinions.  Just because something works for you doesn't mean it works for others... and it is possible to have discussions such as this one without WINNING the coversation or being right.  I know there are going to be a lot of users that have none of the issues I've mentioned in my posts.  Before I had to deal with apples support I heard their support was amazing.  Perhaps I'm the only one that's had a bad experience, I don't know... and I don't really care.


    My posts are MY opinions.  My issues with Apple are issues I've seen echoed multiple times in these exact forums.  I am not the ONLY one wondering why they would kill a last gen device.  My opinion is that they killed the 3 and kept the 2 so that users would have to upgrade to the 4 if they want retina.  To drop the price of the 3 would mean lost income.  The two is low priced, but by buying a 2 you are NOT getting the benefits of the retina display.  It's smart on Apples part, but it is MY opinion that it is shady!  In regards to your car dealership comparision.. if I could buy a 2012 vehicle with a sunroof and GPS for $20k, but in 2013 the manufacturer pulled JUST the 2012 models off the market (leaving older models without those features) to make room for their new 2013 that cost another $5k for the GPS and sunroof, then you'd have a valid comparison... Throughout their history apple has elminated the oldest product and dropped the price on the last product.  This time around they did not!


    As for the correctly lead to believe comment... yes, it does have retina, but that is their selling point (have a look at the store) "buy ipad with retina display".  I agree, the product has exactly what they say it has, but it's not the first ipad with retina... the 3 had retina, and should be a more affordable alternative to those that can't afford the full cost of the new ipad 4.  But instead it's just gone.  That is all I am saying!


    I appreciate that you took the time to respond to my posts, but I do not agree with your thoughts... just like you do not agree with mine.

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    C'mon people ... Quit hijacking this discussion, which has been devoted to fixing iTunes and Home Sharing. If you want to whine about how Apple handles product evolution, find another thread to do it. For those of us who are trying to solve a problem, you're just wasting our time.

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    As for the correctly lead to believe comment... yes, it does have retina, but that is their selling point (have a look at the store) "buy ipad with retina display".

    Why wouldn't this be a selling point?

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    Hi Chris CA,


    Are you having a problem with Home Sharing?  Would you care to explain what is occurring? Maybe we can learn something from your experience and expertise.




  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,240 points)

    scopeguy45 wrote:


    Hi Chris CA,


    Are you having a problem with Home Sharing?

    No problems at all. It works fine.

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    Not an attempt to hijack, as mentioned in my first post... I have 3 Apple TV's... and I am having major issues with Home Sharing.  I have tried all of the solutions I've found online.  Before iTunes 11 I had perfect streaming for quite some time without any issues.  Nothing has changed on my network, no new devices.  The only changes that have occured in the last month (since the problem started)... iOS 6 updates, Apple TV updates and iTunes updates.  I'm at a loss for a solution.  As mentioned in my post, my computer can homeshare to my phone and ipad's without issues and so far I haven't seen it drop out.  The minute any of my Apple TV's connect it appears bonjour gets confused (assuming it's bonjour as restarting it seems to temp fix the problem - by fix I mean shows my computer on the Apple TV once again).


    I would love a solution to the issue, just like everyone else in this thread.

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    Chris, do you mind going through this process and see if it crashes Music on your iPad?


    1.  Open "Music".

    2.  Select "More".

    3.  Select "Shared".

    4.  Select the library that you are Home Sharing.

    5.  Wait until the list comes up.

    6.  Select "Artist" at the bottom tabs.

    7.  Start typing in the name of an artist in the list.

    8.  The app sends you back to the home screen.