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    For another comparison, the steps you listed "crashes" my Music app and brings me back to the Home screen. I have 324 artists listed in iTunes and over 20,000 songs. It takes about 3 minutes to "load" the library into my iPad 3. All songs and playlists are listed in my shared library, only 7 of the 324 artists are listed on the shared library. Everything is listed correctly with my 'Matched' library. I hope this information helps you. Hopefully we will hear back from Chris CA and learn what happens on his system.


    Best regards,


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    Brian2001 - even though I have a pretty stable Home Sharing experience on my Mac, ATV, 2 iPads and Touch I do experience the crash to Home screen. Never tried it before until now.

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    Hi guys,


    I've been suffering since last april with Home Sharing issues of all varieties. I have all the latest updates as of Jan 4th, 2013 to everything that matters, and I have an Apple TV (3rd gen), ipad 3, iPhone 4S and an Early 2011 MBP.


    I have similar problems still with my ipad 3 accessing video and the controls disappearing during/after a movie.


    However, all of the other symptoms when sharing on Apple TV or the iPhone 4S (such as not finding the library, even though the server is running; playback suddenly stopping with one of the various errors [e.g. permissions] etc. etc.) have been fixed by doing just one thing on my Mac:


    ***Turn off Computer Sleep under Energy Saver.***


    To add a bit more context information about my network, I also moved my in home networking to a Time Capsule with a Devolo Powerline extension. Having Apple native networking - after burning through an awful Belkin N600 Play router and an older LinkSys WAG325N router - has helped immensely, since the Bonjour protocol is properly implemented through Time Capsule.


    But by turning off Computer Sleep on the Mac, I have had weeks now of uninterrupted majority access.


    Please give this a try, guys. You will also have to reboot your networks, and I'm not guaranteeing this will help anyone with either a PC or some other non-apple router.


    Hope this helps at least one other person out there.



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    Another follow up as well -- initially, the iOS 6.1 Beta 4 code was batting .500 with my 2 iPad2 devices and the Home Sharing video issue.  Well, since the last update I provided and one more rebuild, I can say that I have had no video playback issues on either device, so it may be fixed.  However, using my own network sniffer, I saw similar behavior to HangliderUK -- this could be where the "digital stroke" of sorts that the album covers are having is coming from after loading.


    As was just noted, ensuring that the hard drive is running and the computer is not sleeping helps with things immensely -- I'd had that configured since the iOS 5 days.  I use this handy little program to periodically ping the drive, conveniently named Keep Drive Spinning.  It's a good program for folks that do not want to edit the crontab and set up something.


    The bottom line, as that they still have some performance issues and classification issues with sorting the libraries for presentation, but once access is granted Home Sharing should be at least back to iOS 5 capability with the GA of 6.1.  I do wish they would fix the "digital stroke" with all of the mixing of album covers -- so frustrating.


    I use StreamToMe as well for those singing it's praises -- it's most handy for when I'm traveling away from home.  Good stuff!

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    brian2001: I too experience the issue that you last posted about


    Alxlr8: I think there are two different issues with home share, for the Mac users I have heard that disabling power saving does indeed fix home sharing.  Unfortunately this fix does not work for us PC users.  I have power saving off, I have my machine set to "high performance in power saving", I have sleep disabled on my nic, and I've turned off power save settings (individual settings) in the "high performance profile"


    I do think that someone should tag your post and move it to the top of this discussion for MB users (I'm assuming the fix works for all, I could be wrong).


    Anyone have progress on the PC front?  hoping theres an apple tv / itunes update soon that fixes the issues



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    It's a little premature but I thought I would update you all on where I'm at with my issues (maybe some hope).  I decided to go through the painful process (getting the UDID in windows is a pain) of updating one of my Apple TV's to the 5.2 dev beta.  Registered my UDID, did the update, set my Apple TV up new (settings lost during update) and immediately tested home sharing from my Windows 7 machine to the Apple TV.  Home sharing so far is working without issues... I've played 3 music videos, 2 TV shows, the start of a movie and now I'm watching podcasts without any delays or crashing.  On my non updated Apple TV's (one second gen, one third) I experience the never ending spinning load symbol followed by home share vanishing (requiring I close iTunes, restart bonjour and then reload iTunes).  I have to admit I'm a little surprised 5.2 seems to resolve this issue at least.  I was convinced it was either iTunes 11 or bonjour.  I still notice some oddities ... Like the minute I started playing stuff on the working Apple TV the share vanished from my ipad... But I can still see it on the Apple TV.  Either way I thought this might be good news as 5.2 will eventually be released to all.  Again, this post is premature... I'm still testing now and only did the update a few hours ago.  I could wake up tomorrow only to realize its still broken (I suspect parts of it still are).

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    So home sharing still vanishes at random, but while playing videos I can play dozens in a row.  Seems to stop sharing in between clips, and now instead of having to restart bonjour I just shut down itunes and start it back up.  So I guess it's a combination of apple tv issues and itunes or bonjour...

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    I spoke too soon -- back to batting 0.000.  Apple fail fail fail!  The video controls disappear again on both devices after almost a couple of weeks with no issues.  I'm at a loss -- I get 2 support calls to an engineer as part of the developer program.  It may be time to burn one of them.  In short, I retract my last statement about iOS 6.1 -- it will not fix anything.  Same crap they've been producing since this fiasco began.

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    Hi Rob1964,


    I have had several times that my library on my ipad 2 appears incomplete (7 artists instead of 250) when using home sharing. I tried your trick and it worked! thanks thanks and thanks for the tip! it has solved a huge annoyance that always took me hours of looking on internet how to solve.


    best regards,



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    I can't even log in to home share via music and video app from my iphone4. wife can from iphone4s (partial list of albums), ipad2 can after complete restore...

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    anyone has any updates on this? I filed bug report today.

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    So Apple closed my developer bug report on the Home Sharing issue as a Duplicate.  This is good news because it implies that they are looking and they have at least recognized that this is a problem -- and even still a problem in 6.1.  However, the status of the duplicate bug report is "Open" and Apple does not allow us to see the details (for good reason as they are not an Open Source company like Red Hat).  So in summary:


    1.  Problem acknowledged by engineering.

    2.  No ETA on when/if it will be fixed.

    3.  It is still not fixed as of January 7, 2013 with 6.1 Beta 4.


    Just passing along...

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    Thanks, munchee, for sticking with this issue.

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    I apologize if this has been written already, as I haven't waded through all 15 pages, but I have found a solution for my connection issues.  It turns our there are two versions of Home Sharing built into iTunes. By disabling the one in iTunes preferences under the sharing tab, and enabling the one under the File menu, all my issues disappeared.  I assume they were conflicting with each other, causing crashes and the Half-Pie icon on my iPad. Hopefully this will help someone.

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    Hey Craig,


    I tried your suggestion - turning off Preferences->Sharing.  Restarted iTunes, logged out and back in to Home-sharing -> still didn't work for me.  The overly short artist list still appears on the iPad.