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    I'm not so sure it's different code, it's merely 2 different entry points to the same thing.

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    Here's a crazy possible fix:


    OK, I've experienced the half circle of death in my shared video library, and the problem of my shared music library only displaying playlists and songs, on my iPad 3 (64GB, iOS 6.0.1). My iPhone 4S (64 GB, iOS 6.0.1) displayed the shared music in the same manner, but had NO problem with the shared video library. I'm running iTunes 11.0.1 on my MacBook Pro (OS X 10.8.2). The issue with the music library is not something I like, but I can live with it. I found the issue with the video library, to be very frustrating and highly unacceptable.


    Last week I read through most of the posts on the (then) 15 pages of this thread, and tried any remedy given that I had not already attempted. Unfortunately, like you, Larry, nothing helped, and I also turned to Stream To Me.


    However, I read something on another thread, dealing with the same issue, a few days ago. Someone else that was experiencing this problem said he had been advised (not by Apple,) to check his Apple ID's password. Currently, if you set up an Apple ID, your password must be at least 8 characters long, and contain at least one of each of the following: lower case letter, upper case letter and a number. The person in question knew that his password did not fit the criteria, so he changed it, and claimed he had not had a problem since.


    This solution sounded too far fetched and ridiculous to me, (Why would it only affect my iPad 3? How could changing your password affect anything remotely like that?) but, seeing as my password also did not fit that criteria, and if I was desperate enough to spend all the time reading not only this thread, but many others, I was willing to give it a go. Hey, what could it hurt?


    Guess what... It worked! My shared music library still has the same issue, but the shared videos have worked exactly as they should, EVERY time in the past few days, since changing my password. This may turn out to be just another remedy that worked for someone else, but not you. I hope that is not the case. If there is a glitch connected to the password, that only affects the iPads, then a lot of people would likely experience it. And who the heck would ever think to change their password to fix it? Not many people, I'm sure.


    Good luck. -Trevor.

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    i have a solution to that now.. hehehe see notice i have 5 computers at home will all computer of mine got thesame name and library so say for example computer 1 is on and the itunes is on and the computer 2 is on to so the divice we have like iphone or ipad if you connect with home sharing the phone or ipad will be confuse on which itunes are you using same thing happens to my iphone ipad and apple tv so if we are using home sharing we make sure we turn off the other itunes that are link to your apple i.d. hehehe thats my answer hahaha...

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    My password fits the criteria! Still not working correctly, yet our ipad1 w/iOS 5.x works great with Home Sharing videos and music without having to go through all the procedures others have attempted and sometimes work. It has worked without fail during all versions of iTunes that supported sharing and quickly connects to my 20,000+ song library displaying all albums and artists without fail. It plays video without fail and with no loss of control.


    Meanwhile I'm staying with StreamToMe and will wait until someone reports a new version of iOS that works correctly. I will still stay with StreamToMe for videos only because of the flexibility it has over Home Share video watching.


    I'm delighted you have found a fix for your situation and hope others are helped too by a password change.




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    Worked for me too. THANK YOU!

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    As I reported earlier, iOS6.1Beta4 still had the issue, and I also noticed that the bug report that I entered that was closed as duplicate, still has the duplicate in "Open" status.  So, I'm not confident, but I'm trying the just released iOS6.1Beta5.  Now, if we're lucky, they put in the fix, and the bug is in open status while waiting for some testing during the beta.  I'll report back to the thread once I get a chance to try it out.  The restore takes a few hours, but I should know by tomorrow night.

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    It's fixed! Updated my iPhone 4S and iPad third generation to iOS 6.1 today, and Home Sharing now shows all artists, albums, and songs.


    UPDATE: False alarm. It reverted back to only showing half my albums, only three artists, and the songs list is blank and buggy.

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    Turns out that when I updated to iOS 6.1, I reset Home Sharing. To test this, I went to Settings > Music > Home Sharing. I signed out and then signed back in. I was able to view all artists, albums, and songs, but it only worked for a little while.

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    Mine's been behaving lately, no idea why. Still, whenever I select my Shared Library in the Music app I pray to the gods of the grey circle that it'll populate correctly as I'm certain it'll fail each time.

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    Hi all,


    Regarding iOS 6.1: Installed on iPad 3 and observations of Home Sharing are as follows:


    My music library of 20,000+ songs took a few seconds to load, displays all artists and all albums. It does take a minute or two to scroll through artists and albums to get all the artwork. The artwork appears to be correct once displayed. I will post if any difficulties or anomalies appear.


    Did not try video, plan to continue to use StreamToMe.


    Note: I did not tweak or change any settings before or after iOS update. My router settings are the same as they were throughout iOS 5.1 thru 6.1.


    Best regards,


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    Update to my last post.


    Just installed iOS 6.1 on my iPhone 4. Homes Sharing "circle of death" gets stuck half way. Seems to just stall.


    Therefore I expect the results for others will be all over the map. iOS Home Sharing is still ****ed up. I will continue to use Music Match on iPhone 4 and StreamToMe for video and music at times. The problem I have with Match is that it is not really a streaming solution. It downloads the songs onto the iOS device therefore using up memory as it plays. Of course I routinely delete the songs when it takes too much space.


    The beauty of streaming to me is that I don't necessarily have to purchase more than the minimum GB iOS device. However, that's just my usage needs. I don't know if there will be any more iOS 6.xx releases before iOS 7. I'm not looking forward for 7. Sick and tired of beta testing and being ignored.


    Apple iOS is still on the rag and Apple's future in my home is not secure. My next smartphone will not be an iOS device. Time to try android and learn about them.


    I'm going to be signing off for good now and will no longer be notified if there are new posts. I hope all of you find solutions that work for you and thank you for your help.


    Best regards to all,


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    Hat to see you go, but I feel your frustration. 



    To the rest of the thread -- For those that keep posting all of these "workarounds", let me assure you that it is NOT fixed.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm in the iOS developer program and the bug that is causing this is still open.  It's great that some of you get a temporary fix, but it is akin to driving a few miles with your spare tire on your car -- good for a while, but it will fail eventually.


    If I get any further updates on the issue from engineering, then I'll post them -- otherwise, consider this issue NOT fixed.



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    I know, there were a lot of "solutions" and "workaround" postings here in the past ...

    ... But as the source and also solution to my homesharing problems is something that never got mentioned here - as far as i can tell -, i'd like to share my experiences with you:


    I'm one of those, who didn't get homesharing working since ios 6.x - the "50% loading-circle" was the only reaction i did get from video/music app.

    I'm pretty sure, i've tried every single "workaround"  posted here ... none of them worked.


    Some days ago i found out - at least in my case - by beginning from the very scratch and doing a lot of trial and error, how to bring back homesharing to life:


    To reduce the traffic leaving my homenetwork over the dsl-line i'm using a private (caching) webproxy for all of my devieces ( iPhone/pad, MB/P). As the only way i am aware of to tell an iDevice NOT to use the proxy for local adresses is to use some sort of automatic proxy configuration via server hosted proxy.pac file - i did do so.


    Well it turned out - in my case - that using this automatic proxy configuration via proxy.pac file on my iDevices is the only reason for homesharing not to work.


    Disabling proxy for my home wlan on the ipad or iphone - or setting proxy to "manual" and entering ip and port number of the proxy server brought homesharing back to normal functionality.

    The very moment, i use any remote pac file, i see the 50% circle of frustration again!

    Ok. First i thougt, i had some syntax or programming error in my proxy.pac file and tried hard to kill the bug ... but there was none.

    Even when i try a very basic (and of course useless) pac file ala:



    function FindProxyForURL(url, host)


            if (isPlainHostName(host) ||

                dnsDomainIs(host, ".somewhere.url"))

                return "DIRECT";


                return "PROXY x.x.x.x:yyyy; DIRECT";




    homesharing is dead again.


    Seems, that video/music app has some serious problem with pac file / java script / sandboxing the pac java .... whatever.


    My workaorund so far is to use manual proxy configuration - and live with the unwanted proxying of local connections - to get homesharing functionality back.



    Well, as mentioned before, this works in my case. As i can hardly imagine, that everyone here having troubles with home sharing is also using automatic proxy configuration with pac files, this specific problem is likely to affect only a small amount of frustrated home sharing users.

    But if you are using some sort of proxy autoconfiguration file on your ipad / iphone - you could give it a try.