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    Uh... no.


    Of course that was already checked. Glad it worked for you though Aardvark.

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    Hi I am having the same problems as everyone else, I suspect it could be an Itunes problem as the Remote app no longer works either since the upgrade to the latest Itunes!

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    Scary that it works for some and not others. I'm starting to get displays of albums and artists, but only a few out of thousands and art work not matching, I.e. wrong album cover displayed, incorrect song titles and artists, etc.  I would be trying all kinds of stuff too, except home share still works perfectly on my iPad 1 and iPhone 4's that are still running 5.1. My son downloaded his iPad 2 to 6 and he is having same problems I have on my iPad 3.


    My remote app works perfectly by the way.


    Because this problem is random for us users, I can only hope some of the data I sent along yesterday is helpful. Even if a difficult solution may be ahead of us, engineering must fix this since so many of us are basing our media systems around home sharing, and I used it extensively since it was first presented some years ago. 


    Once I restart iTunes, it takes a while to load my video library, but eventually the circle of doom does fill in and my video library will load. I only keep 30-50 videos in it at a time. Interesting problem though occurs (I have also given this to the Advisor); though videos play, after watching say a movie for over 15-20 minutes, I cannot get the iPad to pause or display the controls ... The movie will continue to play and I can hear the audio over my Bluetooth earphones after I close the app with my finger gestures. Only way to get it to stop including the arrow display in upper right and corner is to close the video app in the multi task bar, reopen the video app(displays dark grey) and then close by using home button, still plays audio until I close it in multitask area second time!  Weird, huh? 


    Anyway, Home Sharing does not work in ios6 and it does in iOS 5. So changing settings in tunes or my router des not make any sense. I'm very happy some of the users have found their way to get it to work. But it's not doing it for me.


    Apple as made a lot of noise to get any of us to use iTunes and our iDevices, along with air play, wireless speakers, Tv's etc. for our media centers.  It should work for all of s seemlessly. For it not to work because of an operating system upgrade is just pain wrong. The equipment costs are expensive and we as its loyal customers are relying on Apple to maintain the system for us. We are asked to put our costly digital media libraries on their cloud; we are asked to upgrade hardware and software to give less control over our own libraries ... and if it all works as it does on my ios5.1 devices its beautiful and easy to use. They better get this to work correctly for all of us or I'm going to the Kindle Fire. While the device itself can't compare to even an iPad gen 1, I trust Amazon to provide.  Apple has lost it's edge and way. Tim Cook has not the heart and concern for users that Steve Jobs had...PERIOD. I don't give a **** about the return on investment Apple stock has...I want the stuff to work and stay working thru upgrades.

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    Interesting ... I just fired up a Macbook Air which I rarely use, it has itunes 10.6.3 and all my ios 6 devices can see the library. My Apple TV running 4.4.4 can see the mac book air running itunes 10.6.3 but cant see my pc running itunes 10.7.


    For me it must be an itunes 10.7 issue! i might migrate my full library across from 10.7 to 10.6.3 to see what happens.

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    Very interesting... Has anyone tried doing a retro install of iTunes 10.6.3? Or, rather, is anyone still using 10.6.3 and having issues? I can't remember when 10.7 was released and if the bulk of the problems started with that or iossux... er, I mean ios6. Hmmm. I might try that today.

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    Hallelujah Brother! Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the new face of the resistance: scopeguy45! Darn straight about what our parts should be and what Apple should be focusing on (PRE-major new, fraught with bugs ios6). And not just the horrendous Maps. I'm starting to doubt where I actually live given Maps ideas.


    Ya, I just want my stuff to work. How many people work at Apple?


    Scope, interesting what you said about videos taking over your device. I had that (on my iPhone 4s) even with 5.1. But I attributed that to the resolution and bitrate of my video conversions (other 'legacy' vids that I converted for my iPod Classic Video worked just fine). So, not real sure what's up with that. When it happened I would just let it go for 1-3 minutes then functionality returned.


    Might I also say how terrible iTunes (at least for PC. And my PC is more than up to the task, btw) has been for a long, long time. Stuttering music tracks, complete and total iTunes lock-ups for minutes at a time, etc. Always suspected it was Apple's clever way of making us PC people throw in the towel and procure an all Apple setup. More than likely wrong about that part... ; )


    Whatever. The whole thing is disgusting and I'm getting to that point myself... Drag.

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    (does anyone know how to spell 'Class Action'? just sayin')

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    Go ahead and search the web; I cannot find much except out own thread!


    Frightening Answer 1: Those of us experiencing these problems are a very small subset of Home Sharing users.


    Frightening Answer 2: Not many users actually use Home Sharing.


    Either way, if I'm correct, there is little pressure on engineering to resolve this issue because of only a few reporting problems.


    I will be heartened if I'm wrong and just did not search correctly.


    There just doesn't seem to be many of us complaining out of the totality of iOS 6 users.

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    Hi all, just adding my voice to the many to support you guys. we are not alone!


    Have upgraded latest itunes, my iPad 3, my work iPhone 4 and my personal iPhone 4 to iOS 6 and cannot get home sharing to share anything but a fraction of my library to any device.


    I never had much time for steve jobs as the over selling techniques employed were unpalatable for each new piece of shiny stuff.


    But lately I can appreciate the *** kicking he must have given people as the company has markedly gone downhill in everyway but the balance sheet in the last 12 months. I know products are years in dev but Apple has been drab Recently. Iphone4s,iphone5 unspectacular, iPad 3 unspectacular, iPod range tinkering coulda been done years ago nothing revolutionary there. Im one who tunes in to the launches with interest but seen nothing to persuade me to upgrade anything recently. They've lost a march on smart tv, latest Apple TV device is yawn. And quality is now poor and rushed.


    I wasn't an apple hater when I bought my iMac, MacBook Pro, apple tv 1 gen, But getting that way now.

    History tells us Tech companies don't stay at the top forever.fact this one will be no different.

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    I've been having problems with home sharing as well since upgrading to ios6. The only way it works is if I go to my laptop where my iTunes is and go to the Advanced tab and click "Turn off home sharing" and then turn it back on and sign in again. When I do that, it will work on my ipad2 but only for a short time and then it seems to "time out" and the only way to get it working again is to do that whole process over again.  It also messes up my album art. 

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    Home sharing problem fixed here!


    I read the solution in a discussion about iOS 6 problems in a brazilian blog.


    1) Deactivate Home Sharing in iTunes (in my case, an iMac late 2011). Close iTunes and start it again.


    2) Deactivate Home Sharing in the devices (in my case, an iPad2/iPad3/iPhone 3GS).


    3) Activate Home Sharing in iTunes and all devices.


    I used the same Apple ID to re-activate the home sharing.


    My iPad3 delayed a little to load the whole library (2,015 albuns/19,582 musics) but ALL artists and ALL albuns are there again! All covers are displayed.


    It is working fine!


    Good luck for all!


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  • Vignus 55 Level 1 (5 points)

    Thanks Lula, it seems to work.

    My question is: how long for? But thanks for sharing this, I really appreciate it



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    (IPad 2 and PC with Itunes10.7)


    SImilar story here. After iOS6 update, home sharing (music) went haywire after having worked perfectly ever since I purchased my Ipad 2. At first a only a small part of my albums showed up on the Ipad (10-15 albums), changing to a different small selection, when logged out and back in a again. Then following my next attempt, home sharing stopped working completely.

    I have tried all the usual turning on/off, logging in/out options and restarted my router a couple of times. Nothing works.

    Why doesn't Apple acknowledge that there is a huge problem with a core functionality? That way we might at least know whether something is being done.


    Thanks to everybody for sharing their frustrations!



  • SrednaReyes Level 1 (0 points)

    .........maybe the name of the thread should be adjusted to HOME SHARING NOT WORKING AT ALL FOR A LOT OF USERS!!


    Just a thought.

  • Lula Marques Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Vignus,


    It is good to know that it worked to you.  I also hope that it remains working without surprises.



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