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iCloud 2.0 doesn't sync photos on Windows 7 64, and the photo sharing options button doesn't work.

Every time I access the iCloud control panel, the sharing photos option is unchecked. I check it and hit the apply button, but the next time it's unchecked again.

Before the update, it was working ok.

All my system is in brazilian portuguese, btw.

iCloud, Windows 7, Brazilian Portuguese system
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    same problem here. just open www.icloud.com, login, click your name on the top right corner, chose advanced, and "reset" or restart your picture share (re-iniciar in portuguese!). Backup all the pictures before so you dont loose them.

    hope it helps

    take care

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    As far as the option not staying turned on I had a similar issue, I actually had to uninstall the Icloud 2.0 interface from my desk top and then redownload it.

    to redownload after the install just go under your start menu>All Programs>then some whee near the top of the list of programs should be Apple Software Update.

    Let me know if this helped you out as well, you are now the second person besides my self with a similar issue.



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    Same problem! This upgrade for icloud has big bug!

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    I had a similar problem; since upgrading to iCloud 2.0 my stream stopped working to my PC but was still working to my other devices.  I also could not get the Stream function to work correctly in the iCloud control panel.  I reset my stream as you recommended and now the iCloud control panel seems to be working.  I have not yet examined my other devices to see what damage has been done to my existing streams


    What does appear to be missing from iCloud 2.0 is the Upload folder.  In the new interface you can set a directory for Stream but it does not say if it is upload or download for the stream (I am assuming it is the download folder).  Under the old interface you could set both an upload and a download folder for the stream.  The download folder contained a full size pic from any of your devices and the upload folder allowed you to place images which were uploaded to all the devices (this was nice).  I hope they reinstate this since it allowed me to get older pictures sent to my wifes phone from mine since Photo Stream only uploads new pics.


    Anyway, thanks for the tip.

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    I have a similar problem.


    I have a computer ruinning windows 7 64, I have Icloud 2.0 innstalled, and I have an Iphone 3gs and an Ipad 3 with sim all hooked up to the same apple id.


    I have set up Icloud on all devices. Photos taken with iphone or ipad syncs perfectly to all units. But photos added to the upload folder within the picture stream folder on my computer won't sync. When I add a photo here it shows in "my photostream folder" on my computer, shortly after, but not on my iphone or ipad. (And yes, both I units are hooked up to wifi)


    I have been messing with this issue for 3 days. And I am getting increasingly fed up. I have reinstalled the control panel for the computer several times, booted several times. Turned I cloud on and off on all devices, no change.


    Tried to contact apple support, but they want to charge me 300NOK(50USD) for calling me. I didn't go through with that obviously.


    If this isn't fixed I am seriously considering returning the new iphone 5 and the accessories I ordered last week.


    If Icloud doesn't work, then Apple products really hasn't got the features I need.


    I used to love Apple, but now, not so much.

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    Same problem with Iphone 5 and PC with Windows 7


    Try uninstall an re-install ICloud 2.0


    Taking photo on Iphone, the photo after delay is on photo stream but nothing on PC


    On PC on Uploads folder i put some photos but nothing again


    Before ICloud 2.0 it works !


    What the matter, Icloud really ?

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    I had the same problem on a iPad 2 running iOS 5.1.1 and a Windows 7 laptop (64bit) running iCloud 2.0. After reseting, it created an "Uploads" directory under "Photo Stream" directory. I can now upload photos by copying them to that "Uploads" directory.

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    Just like to provide an update: A few hours later, the "Updates" folder has disappeared from the Windows Explorer.

    After a few minutes of mucking around, I've found a way to upload the photos: Which is to right click the big folder icon (grey colour if there is nothing in it) on the right side of the panel, and click the "Add" button, after selecting "Photo Stream" folder on the left side of the panel. It assumes the default folder for Photo Stream is "Photo Stream" (in the iCloud Control Panel). Note: You CAN NOT upload photos by copying photos directly into "My Photo Stream" folder, or any other folder simply because the Windows system has locked down the UI so that it forces you to use right mouse click on the big icon for adding (uploading) photos.


    After that, everything seems working fine.

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    Yes I have found the uploads directory since I made my initial comment. Initially I never even looked inside the directory that I set as the download directory within the iCloud app because I used the same directory I did before. Then I got fooled by the system-level directory that was created at the Explorer level showing the Photo Stream icon. Anyway, to make a long story short, I eventually went into the original directory through Explorer ignoring the photo stream icon and sure enough there was the upload directory.

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    I just want my iPhone photos on my w7 PC

    And upload some photos from Pc to iPhone

    Before iCloud 2.0 it works perfectely

    Pc is the same just the phone is iPhone 5

    Why it does not work now!

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    Same problem with me.  Let me know if you find a solution.  If I find one before I will post it.