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    Ichigokurosaki wrote:


    I am having the same problem! I wonder if its because they screwed something up while the update was being created or what is going on? I would like to know. Does anyone know how to fix this?


    I tired many times to reset my iPod and reboot it, but I have absolutely no idea how to fix it. Even though I know how to fix most things, this? I am not capeable of fixing.


    Have you read the thread you are posting in before writing this?  There is 5 pages of trials to solve the issue that doesn't gives much to anyone.  Reseting, restoring, closing the apps like Dan suggested, any of this haven't solve the issue for most of the users.

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    How do you force close every app?

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    Like Dan Gossel just explain repeated for each apps.


    More related to the topic, I just received an iPod Touch 5th gen and it was also crashing under genius in the AppStore.  Turning off and on genius for apps solve this issue.


    The AppStore works perfectly even if I setup this new iPod using the backup of my previous 4th gen iPod on which the AppStore were always crashing.  That would close the theory of a corrupted backup I guess.

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    THANK YOU thats somone that is a higher rank than i am, i posted pretty much the exact same thing in a forum i did weeks ago.


    Almost everyones profile that been upgraded from IOS 5.1.1 to IOS 6 currupted our data with'n the IOS and when backing it up to the iCloud and restoring it does not resolve the issue.


    I created my iPod Touch 4G as NEW and my app store is working just fine, UNTIL I reset it again and restore it from my iCloud, even restoring it from my iTunes, its currupted, meaning the app store once again, crashes.


    all ino is that when upgrading to IOS 6, it currupted my data doing it.



    I did it over iTunes.

    My brother did it OTA.


    guess what, same results, our profile, even backing it up,... since the upgrade, it currupted our profiles and our app store search somtimes works.


    the genuine tab, i can barely go throu 10-15 apps display without crashing every once in a while. almost right away it crashes half the time.


    All i said in my forum i posted weeks ago was, it works when its set as a new device, our backup is curropted when transfering systems from IOS 5.1.1 to IOS 6, thats pretty much it when i found out in September.



    my apps used to crash but not anymore. i guess it had to get used to the new IOs for abit to take afffect which it really shouldnt n shouldnt really mattered at all.


    all i can say is this, IOS 6 beta 2, beta 3 and beta 4 on my ipod touch 4G running itunes, apps store were as good and working, minus the part some of my apps often crashed during the beta's but it got better n no longer crashed munch anymore by the time of the beta 4.


    ino it had to happen in the IOS 6 GM which part of the info in settings at the buttom is a tad different but not munch, beta's had 4-5 tabs, now GM u see 3 tabs.


    and Genuine wasnt working yet n still in progress still throu the whole beta's


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    The things that doesn't match is that Genius data isn't backed up.  What I wrote is that I did restore from a backup that was experiencing the issue with the AppStore.  If corrupted genius data is was, turning it off and on solve the issue.  But here, I did mention that I was talking about restoring on an iPod Touch 5th gen.  And I don't think you would have posted a week ago about it or you did got yours pretty early.


    The thing with it is that it really seems related that a memory issue. Restoring as new would only left a small amount of apps and therefore, a few genius results.  The crash appears when a large amount of result is showing up.  As I stated previously, trying a narrow search did work without crashing but a larger search that return couple hundreds crash each time.


    I think that's good to know that it doesn't seems related to the backup being corrupted.  That would avoid many deleting their backup to start anew without solving the issue at the end.

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    So, i had jail Brocken my iOS and installed an add-on that allowed me to see how much ram i had what i noticed is that usually when any of my apps crashed it was because i ran out of tired of my jail broken ipod and un jail broke it the ios 6 came out and i installed it whenever i try to open up AppStore or iTunes it would load and then crash the only thing i could access was the updates i thought that this was maybe because ios 6 was meant for the newer versions of ipod and iphone and the older ones simply did not have enough processing power to keep up with the very nice new appstore so what i did was close all running apps and opened the appstore i did a search for an app and found if i just had patience and didnt scroll to fast or anything it would work after about 2-5 trys  i really hope i can downgrade to ios 5.1.1 if anyone knows how please post it.

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    So what are those of us with screwed up 4th generations supposed to do? Because frankly, I'm not able to buy a 5th generation.

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    I found a website that allows you to download older versions of Apple. Im having the same problem and I am going to go back to the 5.1.1 ios. here is the link:

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