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For those of you who can't upgrade to 10.7 due to hardware limitations or you are afraid that it will mess up iTunes on your computer (which has been an ongoing issue for many), I recently updated my iPod Touch to iOS 6 and found that iTunes 10.6 not only recognizes but syncs and backs up fine.  I backed up and transferred purchases before upgrading, and then I upgraded through the Settings app.  So far, my iPod is fine and has all my data and is working with iTunes 10.6 fine.


Hope this helps anyone

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    Thanks so much for that - I've been trying to find the answer to that little potential problem, but various Google searches haven't discovered the answer yet!! I have an old G4 Powerbook which currently runs iTunes 10.6.3 and syncs to my iPod touch (4G) currently running iOS 5.1.1.


    iTunes 10.6.3 has offered me the iOS 6 update for my iPod but I wasn't sure if that would stop me syncing my iPod with iTunes afterwards. As you say, upgrading iTunes isn't a possibility due to Apple ending support for PowerPC Macs with iTunes 10.7. Buying a new Mac isn't really possible at the moment due to lack of funds.


    That's given me some glimmer of hope that I don't need to shell out on new hardware if I updated to iOS 6. If that was the case, I'd seriously consider switching to Windows - even though I'm an avid Mac user, I find the decision to continue supporting Windows XP - an 11-year old operating system! - but not their own PowerPC Macs (some of which are less than 5 years old) very disappointing!! iTunes is just a utility to copy data back and forth to their devices, there's no technical reason why they couldn't have made iTunes 10.7 available for PowerPC users running 10.5.8 - this is more a case of abandoning their loyal customers.


    Apple are getting more and more arrogant with their legacy customers - and I say that as a Mac user of over 20 years now.


    Once again, thank you so much for this info!

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    I'm here to say there are problems with this on Windows. I can't get 10.7 to install. I have ITunes Now, since I upgraded my Iphone to IOS 6, I can't connect on my PC. What gives?

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    What is working for me is I used the Setting app on my device to update and not iTunes itself - it's a bit easier and I don't lose any data (back up of course).  iTunes 10.7 has been having some install issues but they might be fixed now or perhaps a coming patch is on the way.  Either way for Windows or Mac users, this has been a disappointing release.

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    Just updated my iPod touch (4th Generation) to iOS 6.0.1 - as the iPod had already automatically downloaded the update* I thought I might as well install it. So, I did the install on the device itself, rather than via iTunes. Took a good 30 minutes and the progress bar seemed to stall for ages, making me think it had all gone wrong - but I left it to do its thing and it eventually completed.


    All seems to work fine, and it still syncs with my iTunes 10.6.3 - cue a huge sigh of relief!!


    *I wish there was a way to turn off iOS automatically downloading, there doesn't seem to be any setting for this, which is pretty annoying. But, that's another rant, for another day!

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    Hi Stevenharrington,

    I was wondering whether ios 6.01 would work with iTunes 10.6.3, it's good to see someone else has managed it.

    Does the update have to be done through the device like you did rather than through iTunes to work ?

    Giant Peeje.

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    I don't think it has to be done on the device itself, that's just how I did it because the update had already been downloaded automatically - without asking me, I might add, Apple!! Surely, this should be an opt-in option for the future, please!