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  • amorx2 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm with you! My podcasts now pause as soon as I leave the new podcast app to open other apps or surf the net, whereas before--when they were accessed via music--I could start up the podcast & click out of it & it would still play. Same thing happens when the 'auto-lock' kicks in. I had the auto-lock set to kick in after 4 minutes of idle time, but now I have to disable it while podcasts play. I can accept the inability to move to other apps or surf the web, but it's ridiculous that podcasts pause when the display locks. I wish it could be accessed via the music app again; I just want to be able to listen to podcasts again without having to restart them several times during a single episode.

  • Chszak Level 1 Level 1

    delete the podcast app and restart. You'll be able to play podcasts in the music app like before.  I did this on the suggestion of someone else on the thread and have had no problems since doing that.

  • spankeys Level 1 Level 1

    Ok, acting like a QA guy, I tried multiple things trying to debug the problem a little bit.  iPhone5, 64G, iOS 6. 


    I noticed that The problem goes dormant only if:


    You kill the podcast app (double tap the home button, tap and hold the podcast app in the bottom bar, tap on the minus badge).


    Then you restart the podcast app


    And you do not leave the podcast app while you listen to the podcast of your choice.


    Thus, to me, the symptom is that there is some interprocess communication problem.  If I visit another app while a podcast is playing, the podcast app seems to think it's being interrupted by something else and ceases playing (over and over). 


    Further, it seems irrelevant which app is causing the conflict; I tried checking mail, or starting WAZE, or switching to iTunes, etc...and all cause the behavior.


    I wonder if this is prevalent enough that Apple will take action... I don't see alot of threads about this, so I'm a little nervous that they might not fix it. But for me this is a dealbreaker, in that it totally kills my ability to listen to podcasts...a lifeblood activity for me with my horrendous commute.  It's also shocking that they didn't catch this in QA.  This seems to be a fundamental problem with one of their new flagship apps.


    God, I hope they fix this fast.

  • phnuff Level 1 Level 1

    Yay it works - delete Podcst and restart gives functionality back to Music.


    Just from interest, I had noticed that if a call was made while listening to a podcast, it didnt pause it, merely dropped the volume so that all the way through the call, the podcast played and provided an unwelcome background to the Podcast.


    Remember the story of Jobs calling the Mobile Me team into a room and tearing a strip off them, Tim Cook needs to get the Podcast team into a room and do the same. It is the worst app I have ever seen Apple produce and questions must be asked if it was a third party app, would it have ben approved?

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    I totally agree. These guys need a full on Job's style reaming. If the app worked, I might get into it. It is so bad that it was unuseable for me. I removed the app and I am happily using the regular music app again, although it blocks the downloading of podcasts directly. I get them from syncing to my Mac anyway.


    I also noticed that my podcast kept playing when I turned off my car. It used to stop when I did that with iOS 5.

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    I deleted the Podcast app, restarted, and nothing is showing up in the Music app. I even tried making a playlist in iTunes on my computer with the podcasts, and that won't sync. I can't search for it, or find episodes anywhere. I've restarted the phone a couple times, any suggestions? Or do I have to reinstall the God-awful Podcast app again?

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    The app only recognized about 1/3 of my podcasts!  The rest were in some kind of "limbo" on my phone.  Thanks for the tip, I was able to restore podcasts to the music app and all is well again.

  • drews222 Level 1 Level 1

    This is the worst part of my iOS 6 Update.  I have shut down the music app and powered off and on.  Podcast continues to freeze even when I am not using the phone for anything else.  Apple - You need to fix this immediately.

  • tfresca Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah these are overpriced devices already. For an essential function to be taken out in such a sloppy way is inexcusable. This app refuses to actually download podcasts. I have about three shows that have been preparing to download for ours.  This app is going to force me to go pay for a third party app to do something these devices have been doing for years now. This was really a horrible mistake. I hope Apple falls on its sword like it did with the map fiasco.

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    I just deleted the podcast app, restarted phone and I see my podcasts in music....yesterday, I did the same but did not restart (not slide to power off...hold the sleep switch and the function button until the screen goes black and contiue holding until the apple logo comes on) and it did not work.


    So, in short...delete this piecie of crap and wait for fixes...this app has some GREAT potential...but in 1 day I used over half of my bandwith on att....even though I was on wif...and the pausing when using a sound dock...not acceptable...

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    Hey Apple guys, don't you see that the first solution is to switch back to the old app and that the next move will be just to switch to Samsung ?


    The workarounds (restarting the phone, launching Podcast with nothing else open ...) are more like windows 3.1 than iOS 6 ...


    Seriously :

    - Maps : crap

    - Podcast : crap, or I mean, good app, but it just fail doing the most important stuff for a podcast app : seamlessly download your podcasts so that you have them when you need

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    Same thing on my phone. It started with the last update. Now the app is completely useless. It randomly pauses playback, when you try to resume it will play from the start of the podcast. In addition it tries to establish an internet connection for previously downloaded content, it loses previously downloaded content at random times. It randomly starts downloading content just by going to the pages that list the content. This was all working nicely in the previous version. What was the update actually trying to fix. Because it makes the app completely unusable. Please fix this.

  • tfresca Level 1 Level 1

    Nobody seems to care. The app has like a 1 star rating and hasn't worked since it was released. I broke down and bought a third party app for what was once a core function of the device. Downcast works great but it still irks me that I had to pay extra to get a program that worked.

  • pauldy Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for this, I was about ready to rage over this craptastic app.  Stopping the music app in the background and it's been running fine since.  Still has other major isues but at least i can limp by with this now.

  • One Million Dollars in Pennys Level 1 Level 1

    I am very dissapointed that this app is not working.  This is not a complicated piece of software.  Apple is putting out a lot of unfinished work lately.  I am considering leaving the apple ecosystem.