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  • JKMonty Level 1 (0 points)

    Mine seems to drain 10% per hour and that's without doing anything but checking emails.  I've also experienced issues with charging.


    I've completely erased my phone and started from scratch and the results are still the same.  It seems like IOS6 and iPhone 4 are not compatible.


    This is so annoying.  Might be time to try a non Apple phone.

  • JKMonty Level 1 (0 points)

    Tried this and it made no difference for me. 

  • DavidG74 Level 1 (15 points)

    Sorry to hear that. The battery issue is being produced by too many different factors so something that is affecting one device is not the source of the problem for another one.


    Whatever is the cause or causes are I think that turning off services cannot be a definitive answer. It is impossible to conceive that you have yo cripple your phone so you can squeeze one or two hours more of battery life.

  • Mackidockie Level 1 (0 points)

    Isn't this something! I've tried everything suggested in this thread with no success. Did anyone at Apple beta test iOS 6 on a 4S? Anyone at all? Rushed to market to improve quarterly results. Beta testing Apple products is not in our job descriptions.

  • doebtown Level 1 (0 points)

    Here is what's driving me crazy: the fact that Apple has no response to any of this. Not "here's a solution", not "we're working on it", not even "soon as we fix Maps, we'll get to it". Just nothing. Radio silence.


    Google pulls this same stuff when folks start posting en masse about problems with their products. But Goolge's products are free and it's easy to respond with "well, you get what you pay for ... for free, you don't get customer support."


    But my iPhone 4S is a pretty far cry from free. And while it's not the most current version, I can't get on board with the notion that they're mothballing a device that's one generation removed from top-of-the-line.


    I just wish Apple would live up to their own high standards for customer service and weigh in on what's going on with this battery problem, whether there are any viable solutions, or when (if ever) it will be resolved.

  • NatePer Level 1 (0 points)

    I was experiencing the extreme battery juicing (avg -20%/hr) on my 4S since installing iOS6. I saw a “Genius” at Apple. They advised to do a factory reset (which I had already done) & they recalibrated my battery. I was given the following instructions:

    Let the battery drain completely
    Charge to 100%
    Leave plugged in at full charge for at least 2 hrs
    Let the battery drain completely again

    It seems to have had some effect as my battery is lasting noticeably longer. Currently at 54% after 10.5 hrs of various use (calls,text,standby,games,misc apps).

    Hope this helps!

  • bgpat Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same battery drain problem with my 4S.  It will not shutoff, but instead reboots back on. If it is plugged to the charger, it will shutoff. Is everyone else experieincing this too?

  • lttnono Level 1 (0 points)

    The only workaround I found to avoid my battery draining with IOS 6 and my iPhone 4 was to put it in "plane mode".  Shuts off all radio emissions...But then you can't use it as a phone.   First inconvenience I have ever experienced with my iPhone but I can't say I'm that pleased about this situation.

  • jgrinager Level 1 (0 points)

    Kind of along the lines of what NatePer said, that may be what actually worked for me. In the process of turning certain things off and still letting it drain fully overnight, I would then almost completely recharge it (~60-70%), wait about an hour, then actually recharge it fully. I know with any Lithium Ion battery they recommend the first time you use it you completely let it drain, completely charge it, completely drain it, then completely charge again to maximize the lifespan of the battery as well as its charging capabilities.


    I say this because since the battery has been "working" again, I've turned location services and a few other things like iCloud back on and the battery works just fine. Never saw a genius for them to re-calibrate it, it just fixed itself apparently.


    bgpat-that sounds really weird, never saw that. Was able to turn it off when it was draining, and once plugged in with a drained battery, it would stay off until a 4% charge was established, then it could turn back on. Yours unfortunately sounds like an actual hardware battery issue because of the inability for it to turn on/off. Might be worth seeing an Apple genius on that one.


    Still hoping Apple comes out with some heal-all update or patch for this issue for everyone, as this is terrible customer service out of them denying it to other people. Best of luck to everyone.

  • TelmoChaparro Level 1 (0 points)

    MIne does the same. charges over the night and than in the morning is about 75%


    Iphone 4 IOS 6

  • BDHowner Level 1 (0 points)

    Mine is also acting like that.


    The first few days I had iOS 6, I personally experienced improved runtime (also did my favorite website in their review).


    After a few days, I noticed that my iPhone 4 runtime was decreased very badly. I hardly reach the end of the day with a full battery.


    I have no clue what is cousing it. I made a lot of changes in the settings, so my iPhone isn't anything close to default at all. I have paid more than average attention to all of the features in the settings that can affect power usage (I even made a list of +- 20 "things" by Googling). I turned of things like Bluetooth, put my brightness down and MUCH more like disabling push for many applications.


    I hope Apple is going to take this serious, I'm quite dissapointed at the moment...

  • morrisroe Level 1 (0 points)

    In desperation I have wiped the phone and restored from a previous back up in the cloud. Its still working, but PLEASE O PLEASE let my battery last longer than 3 hours. I'm just stunned that apple is doing nothing on this issue.

  • Ted5612 Level 1 (0 points)

    Morrisroe -


    Gutsy call to do a restore without any any specific outside direction for the cause of your troubles.  You'll have to share what you find out!


    For me, I knew I had the "Webbookmarksd" problem, so the DFU restoration was the last resort based on my readings.  I, too, had tried a restore to a New Phone and used a backup, but while it nicely restored all of my settings, apps, folders, and data, it simply recreated the problem.  Hopefully things will work out differently for you.


    - Update Since Last Post -

    When I last wrote I was in the middle of my DFU restoration.  Bottomline, it worked!  Problem solved, and no more Webbookmarksd looping or showing up in my diagnostics reports.  BUT, it was also a lot of work to get things back to where I was originally.


    The DFU restoration forced me to have to reset and recreate EVERYTHING: from my mail accounts, v-mail and other app passwords, to having to reload ringtones, photos, databases, all the while trying to remember all of the obsure settings I had turned Off or On so long ago.  I had also made backups beforehand of apps which had databases I would have to restore.  I knew all of that going into it, and that was the reason I knew a DFU restoration was the restoration of last resort!


    - Disclaimer -

    The cause of this iOS 6 battery drain problem is unknown at this time, and some things seem to work for some people but not for others, which is what makes all of this so perplexing and troubling.  I am in no way advocating a DFU restoration for anyone, as things could get messed up if not done properly, and may actually not be necessary if it's a different kind of problem, such as hardware.  I am simply recounting things I've experienced while on this journey, and by posting here it's been reassuring to know I wasn't the only one having problems and to compare notes.


    - Final Thoughts -

    Now that it is all behind me, things are finally back to normal and where they should have been.  I wouldn't wish this experience upon anyone, though, and I'm still miffed that I had to burn so much of my time on something that never should have happened.  I am not that technical, relatively speaking, but heaven help those who really aren't and are having similar problems.  My wife understands I won't be upgrading her iPad until all of this has been fixed by Apple, which could be a long wait.


    iOS 4 to iOS 5 was a breeze; this on the otherhand has been a complete debacle.  And the next time around, I think I may wait six months or more before I do an upgrade, if at all...


    Best wishes!


    - Ted5612

  • paapi79 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just add to the knowledgebase:

    I had original problem of quick drain on my iphone 4 after upgrading to iOS6.  Specifically it would die on me overnight - from 100% to <10% in 7-8 hours.  and get warmer then usual.


    After reading about and trying most of the suggestions covered page teh first 15 pages or so, last night i did this:

    connected phone to windows laptop, then put phone in DFU mode while connected.  it loaded drivers and iTunes recognized phne being in restore mode.


    i let it restore doing complete wipe, and then reswet as a new phone, no restores from backups.  then configured phone to settings that makes it still useful - location on, but only for those 2-3 services i want.  put some music, configured mail in fetch mode, and then charged it.


    was 100% at 1am, and surprisingly still at 59% at 8am!!!  so i thought it would at least be usable if not great back to 5.1.1 specs.  then the bad news.  now 10am and it is dead.  drained in 2 hours, while getting even hotter then before.


    back to the drawing board.

  • Julian1028 Level 1 (0 points)


         Just posting a picture of my usage statistics. I have been having problems about the battery since iOs 5.1.1. Like me, many battery problems have arised in 5.1.1. I updated through the air. Still, same problem. I have tried calibrating the battery a lot of times. (Use until 0% charge until 100%) I have also tried resetting all settings and use until 0% and charging until 100% then restore from back-up. I have also tried erasing all content and resetting all settings. Then set-up the phone like a new phone but restoring from back-up.

         None effective as of the moment. It's really irritating because I am insecured and battery-conscious. Some of my friends do not have the same problem. I think they have iOs 5.0.1. I have installed apps like battery doctor. Also ineffective. I haven't done a restore connected to a laptop. Which I will do now.

         But, has anyone solved this problem yet? How?

         I will report what happens after restoring.



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