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  • rosendogrojas Level 1 Level 1

    YEs information is being constantly sent back and forth. From another discussion one tip was to turn off mail accounts, disable auto date and time, and turn off iCloud which is a joke anyways. I have all my location settings that I need on, I have push and fetch on, web surf and everything I need to and I now get an easy full 24 hours on a single charge. I can go two days now without haveing to worry about dying. 2 days would be pushing it, I'd say a good 36 hours. I'm using an iPhone 4S.

  • Jdm_justin4213 Level 1 Level 1

    Thank u jmy but my friend and girlfriend all have a iphone 4 me n my gf have the 4 with 16gigs and he has a 8 gig 4 and they can het through a whole day with out charging with about 4 hrs usage and 22 hrs stand by i just dont get what makes my phone different n die so much faster i hope apple can fix this in the ios update i shouldnt have to turn all the features  of my phone off in order to use the phone.

  • Ambervfromwa Level 1 Level 1

    I have an iphone4 and had the same issue. I tried all of the suggestions out there that I could find to help this issue and gave up. Then when I couldn't take it any longer, I started messing with my phone. I found a solution!!! It at least helped me and then I gave my sister (iphone4 also) the same tip and it worked for her also.


    Anyways, I noticed that in settings - general - cellular that personal hotspot is running constantly. You can see this by the circle that is going around and around next to it. Well I don't want personal hotspot and people that are using it may not notice the issues I have. So in playing around with it, I eventually got a screen to pop up asking me to set up personal hotspot. Then i noticed when I backed out of it, it no longer had the rotating circle and simply said set up personal hotspot. Hmm could it work? Yes it has and as long as I don't go back into that cellular screen it stays the same with no rotating circle. Of course if you go into cellular, you could always get it back to say set up personal hotspot again.


    Here is how you do it:

    Go into Settings - General - Cellular. Once in Cellular, look for Personal Hotspot, tap personal hotspot until it asks to set up personal hotspot then leave it alone and back out of cellular screen with Set up Personal Hotspot displayed. (Just a heads up that it took me awhile to get it to switch from Personal Hotspot to Set Up Personal Hotspot - I had to tap all over the personal hotspot bar numerous times until it showed up.)


    Hope this helps!

  • Jordan286 Level 1 Level 1

    Mine is doing this so bad! It went from 80% to 25% in 3 hours. I wasn't using anything, my applications were cleared, and my screen is really dim to save the light from brightness.

  • Jordan286 Level 1 Level 1

    The whole point of a smart phone to me is to be able to use email and what not? It shouldn't have to be disabled just to have an efficient phone! But, I suppose I will try that so that I have an actual phone! Thank you!

  • JKMonty Level 1 Level 1

    Lot of great ideas here, but nothing worked for me.   My final idea is to convert my iPhone 4 to an iTouch when my AT&T plan expires next month.   Apple probably wont care, but Nokia will be happy about this.


    Very frustrating.

  • Jdm_justin4213 Level 1 Level 1

    mine hasnt gotton any better and its not under warrenty. and apple says my battery is fine but i dont see how, i think im just gona blow 80$ and get a charging case from target so i dont have to worry about this anymore but still i shouldnt have to blow money like that for a efficent phone.

  • @mol Level 1 Level 1

    Once change did the trick for me, the battery performance increased drastically. Not sure if its been discussed in the forum but thought worth sharing.

    Go to

    Settings -> Privacy -> Facebook and turn it off.

  • mlk240 Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same issue as everyone with my iphone 4. A Genius told me my battery was fine, and so then I did some research and found this thread. After reading a number of responses, I completely disabled icloud, and my phone battery is no longer being drained and is no longer hot to the touch. I hope that helps!

  • Kaka Dongguan Level 3 Level 3

    Hi Friends,


    I have found a solution for my battery life: recharge the mobile battery until reach 80 to 90%. Make a full recharge justonce a month (IOS 6 User's Guide).


    Hope it will be helpful

  • j17case Level 1 Level 1

    I have done a lot of research and testing and the problem appears to be with Push services.  I realize that push services do reduce some battery life however there appears to be a defect in iOS6 that causes push services to drain the battery.  I have been running on both iPhone 4S and 5 with iOS 6 and both exhibited the issue and once I disabled push services on all accounts the battery issues would go away.  With them enabled it would rapidly drain the battery just by simply enabling push services on any email account Gmail, iCloud...etc.


    I have been using no push services for several months with ZERO issues with my battery.  Today I enabled push on one gmail account and it totally kills my battery life and I'm at 50% within a few hours and no usage on my phone.


    Its really unacceptable and I don't understand why it hasn't been resolved yet.  Do Apple testers not use Push services with their email when testing??


    Anyways, on iOS 5 I had 5 email accounts and all were using Push and while the battery life was not as good as without Push enabled it was acceptable....


    I hope Apple reads this and can resolve this issue!!  Its obvious that many others have these types of problems.

  • britishaussie Level 1 Level 1

    I have an iPhone 4 and upgrading to iOS6 has been the worst possible experience. Battery life is appalling, on iOS5 with the same settings I would get double or triple the battery life. No setting changes and even turning off everything still uses huge amounts of power.


    As a sidenote to upgrading; Apple Maps is vastly inferior to Google Maps. Apple Maps can't find businesses or plot public transport, it's a very poorly researched and implemented maps application. I've resorted to using Google through Safari.


    I feel like Apple has taken the iPhone 4 and ruined it with this latest upgrade. Whilst I don't subscribe to conspiracy theories, I do feel like Apple is deliberately crippling older (and by older I mean barely 18 months old) devices to force product upgrades. However at least all of us on iOS6 have a poor maps application; sadly Apple refuses to let the software for our own hardware be dictated by the owner, once you're iOS6 powered, you're not allowed to undo the damage.

  • mobius1053 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, lot's of people are experiencing this problem. It's Apple's problem to provide us Iphone 4 and 4S users an immediate solution or give us, free of charge without any extended commitment to our provider, an Iphone 5 that isn't affected by the shorterned battery life caused by IOS 6 and 6.01 on our iPhone 4s and 4Ss.  It's not the users responsibility to fix their problems.

  • Amourady Level 1 Level 1

    I am facing the same problem for some time now....I tried all suggested solutions, the only one that really worked for me is not disable cellular data and 3G !!!!!

    The battery gets back to normal life span. BUT i didn't buy the phone to make only phone calls yeah! I'd rather got a 20$ nokia instead.

    When enabling the 3G the battery goes from 100% to 10% in 4 hours.

    I totaly agree with mobius1053, apple must compensate their customers, personally i missed 3 serious opportunities at work, as the phone went off without knowing.

  • AstroMacMan Level 2 Level 2

    mobius, enjoyed the satire!     However, you are being unfair in your rmocking of the complainers.  They're hardly contending that


    "It's not the users responsibility to fix their problems."


    They want to fix them; they're trying to fix them.  And your observation misses one *key* point: 


    Apple doesn't let people downgrade (at least no easy method) to go back to an earlier OS!!    


    If they did, the complaints might still be there, but would be of a different sort.


    "Yes, lot's of people are experiencing this problem. It's Apple's problem to provide us Iphone 4 and 4S users an immediate solution or give us, free of charge without any extended commitment to our provider, an Iphone 5 that isn't affected by the shorterned battery life caused by IOS 6 and 6.01 on our iPhone 4s and 4Ss.  It's not the users responsibility to fix their problems."

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