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  • Funkyred100 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for posting this. It sounds promising that one day, maybe something's will get sorted out...maybe. For me, just a normal user without any technical knowledge this is hard to follow. I imagine that over 50  percentage of users are like me so it's not really.


    So I've restored the phone and now I've deleted my email accounts and reset the phone. The battery is still frazzled. I've started to delete apps now.


    I'm thinking that apple should just give me a new phone for all the messing around. What they are asking people to do reset, delete this, turn that off, put that on, reset this, turn it off, turn it on again, give it a shake......blah, blah is beyond reasonable requests. Apple has a duty of care which they are shirking.  Apple is rotten at the core!

  • bts7 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have recently upgraded to 6.1.2. I have not added any apps or changed any settings in mail, icloud, etc. The battery usage has gone down the tubes. I can watch the battery percentage change a percent every few minutes. I own personal and use, at work, many Apple products, but it looks like the iPhone is not something I will keep using. This is horrible that a software update lowers the utility so dramatically. Apple needs to fix this.

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    I'm having the same issues with battery life.  Installed the most recent update, which was SUPPOSED to fix the problem and it has not helped one iota.  My battery was at 99% 45 minutes ago, and I did some email checking & game playing on my lunch, and it dropped down to 85% WHILE IT WAS PLUGGED IN and showing that it was charging.


    This is the worst patch ever.

  • Robert Grandmaison Level 1 (30 points)

    I'm draining battery power like I've never experienced before. Last night 100% charged. Woke up  this morning...down to 75% and the phone wasn't even in use last night!


    It's dropping like 10% every hour of use..this is NOT normal. What the heck did that 6.1.2 update do?!?!?


    I've even turned off all location and notification services and still see a horrific drop in battery power.


    This has GOT  to be remedied Apple!

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    Total usage 1hour 37 mins and battery 83% with 7hours 13min of standby

    But the thing is that it was 94% after Round 5hours of standby and 40mins of usage and after that I turned on the cellular data and it came down t0 83% with just a another hour of usage and the usage stood at

    Total usage 1hour 37 mins and battery 83% with 7hours 13min of standby.

    I had this result after letting my phone completely down that made it shut down  and charge it to full 100% but I have turned all push notification of by deleting all the accounts except my gmail app.

    Pleae help friends am I having the iPhone 4S battery drain on ios 6.1.2 on my iPhone 4S running ios 6.1.2

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    Yay! 6.1.2 fixed things for me. On my 4S in iOS 5, I used about 40% per day, so I only had to charge once overnight, then in the afternoon a couple days later. This was consistent for the whole ~year I was on iOS 5.x. iOS 6 broke that, making me use 60% per day so I couldn't even get through two whole days on a charge. I crossed my fingers with each update but it never got any better, but after about a week on 6.1.2 I can say I'm right back where I used to be: comfortably using 40% per day.


    Now, if only I could have Maps as good as they were in iOS 5. Neither Apple's nor Google's map apps in iOS 6 are as good as plain-old Maps was in iOS 5. Both apps have more junk and fewer useful features. To this day, I'd roll back to iOS 5 if Apple would allow it. Oh well.

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    Currently my phone is not draining battery on standby mode but while using wifi and screen on texting it goes down by 1% roughly every 3-4minutes



    I am on ios 6.1.2

    I recalliberated my battery my letting it shut down and charged it to 100%. It helped but can anyone help to fix the problem of battery going down a percent every 3mins while using!!

    Please help

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    MY IPAD HEATS UP when charging AND THE BATTERY DRAIN IS REALLY BAD. lucky to get 4 hours.

    GOT A DAY AN  A HALF LIFE BEFORE I UPDATED TO THE LATEST OS. guess we have to wait until Apple gets its finger out an gives us yet another update. :(

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    Man I thought my battery was bad before. But after updating to the latest IOS .2 it had gotten worse. I can actually watch it go down while using my phone.

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    SOLVED --- IN A WAY----


    OK.. Now we all agree that there is a battery problem and its after upgrading to IOS 6 and later.... I have struggled like the rest of you and still no close to resolving the problem.....


    But I have a workaround that atleast solves the issue of my phone having about 50 to 70% battery when i return home in the night.....I consider this a million times better than returning home with a paper weight in my hand ( Am talking abt my iphone thats switched off)


    So this is what I did, i just had a hunch that this might be a battery calibration problem since i saw battery going from 90% to 100%  and in some occasions 40% to 20% and sometimes it even turns off at certain percentage of battery remaining.


    Every morning I would TURN OFF my iPhone 4 for about 15 to 20 mins. And then when I turned it on it would show the correct battery %. Then i would charge it to 100% takes a max of 2 hrs. Then am good for the day...


    I sometimes turning it of at night also if am planning to charge it or if am heading out and need an accurate remaining battery value...


    Hope it helps someone atleast...

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    PLEASE HELP ... I am getting angrier by the day, and my blood pressure is going through the roof !


    Since installing iOS 6.1.2 on my iphone 4 like many others who have contributed to this thread my battery life has fallen off the cliff...... I tried restoring the phone.. No difference....


    In desperation I called the apple help desk who said it was probably that it needed a new battery which i thought was a bit strange that the problem showed up immediately after downloading the update, but  if I went to an apple store they would run a diagnostic test on my phone, which would confirm wether it was a dodgy battery or the software.  However  They failed to tell me that before anyone will talk to you in an apple store you must make an appointment .


    So today (tuesday) i drove 40 miles to the apple store in Lakeside especially to get the problem sorted only to be told when I arrived that they couldn't help me as I don't have an appointment , and the first appointment would be Saturday late afternoon . Needless to say I have steam coming out of my ears........


    I have read the various fixes on this thread but unfortunately they are all a bit too clever for me to attempt and just want someone to fix my *€^%<~~*y phone !

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    I stupidly upgrades my iphone and ipad at the same time... I am 37 weeks pregnant and now am constanly panicked that my phone will not work when l need it to.. take today for instance, I left home at 8.30 with a fully charged phone by 12 it was at 20% and sometime before 1pm it was dead... I had driven a fair distance from home, if l happened to go into labour I had no way of calling my husband, no way of organising someone to pick up my child from school, and no way or sorting out care for my 3 year old... does this now mean that l am a prisoner in my own home because l can't rely on my phone?  In 18 years of relying on my mobile phones l have never had this experience...  I have been a strong advocate of apple for some years now, this has ruined it for me... Apple what are you going to do about this?  You cant just wash your hands of this, are you going to help me when l am stuck on a road somewhere with no way to call for help?  I have had to borrow a phone twice this week (i upgraded on Monday) when l have had to travel at night.

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    iOS 6.1.2 Software Update

    Fixes an Exchange calendar bug that could result in increased network activity and reduced battery life.



    Didn't this release fix the issue ??

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    No, the problem only started after i downloaded iOS 6 1 2 . I don't. THINK I have ms exchange on my iPhone as its not a programme I know about so I don't think it's that.     In desperation I have had a new battery fitted , but that has made no difference


    So I have made an appointment at my nearest apple store to get them to sort it out, so that's another 100 miles I have to drive just get my phone sorted out......I'm not happy !