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  • reluctant_apple_support Level 1 (0 points)

    We are having the same problem with car stereo.  My android works flawlessly but iPhone 4S with IOS6 baulks. Apple will have to repair this situation. It would appear that Apple have decided to use the "standard" for bluetooth, which is fine, except they won't (not don't) support previous "standards" of bluetooth... like every other phone manufacturer does.

  • Nlapierre Level 1 (0 points)

    Forget about pairing to your car, stereo or hands free devices. My iPhone 4 IOS 6.0.1 won't even pair with my MACBOOK PRO. So is Apple going to tell me its a manufacturers incompatibility? I used to tether my iPhone to my MacBook with IOS 5, maybe I need to go back to a PC?

  • Virtual-Q Level 1 (0 points)

    After about a month of aggrevation, dropped calls, interupted conversations, I finally figured it out.  I went to the Apple Store and bought an iPhone 5.  Now everything is now working perfectly.





  • sdwegner2 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same issue with my 2013 Traverse and iPhone 5. It worked perfectly well with my previous Traverse. Can't receive a bluetooth call. Also the keyboard and text notifications are silent. It will pair up and place calls normally. Extremely frustrating!!

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    What really upsets me whenever there is a major bug in iOS is that every customer experiencing the problem posts their issue in hopes that another customer has figured out a way to resolve the problem. Conspicuously absent from the discussion is any Apple rep to tell us what they are doing to correct the problem.


    Like everyone esle I recently upgraded to iO2 6.01 and my Bluetooth connection to my car, which used to work flawlessly, is worse than two tin cans and a string. I get a call on my phone and the the car does not connect the call. I answer the phone and 15 to 30 seconds later, the call switches to the car. In a two minue call, the Bluetooth connection terminates and switches back to the phone and then reconnects to the car several times. It is not worth the hassle of trying to use it until Apple fixes THEIR problem.


    We would dearly love to hear from someone at Apple to acknowledge that they have a problem and are doing something to fix the problem!!!

  • reluctant_apple_support Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree with you. People complain about Windows and Android "bloatware" and praise Apple's small OS, but my Android will support all past bluetooth standards. Apple also assumes that its customers will embrace the new standards and the associatef cost and waste of upgrading all hardware that are no longer running the current standard software.

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    I take back my original problems with IOS6 and my Creative D200


    the D200 was cutting out Bluetooth wise and I had to keep re-syncing etc


    well finally the D200 wouldn't even turn on - RMA'd back to amazon, got a replacement, and all AOK


    so in my case the speaker was faulty not IOS6 - all working perfectly now


    just thought I'd provide an update, was just an unlucky conincidence that the speaker started going faulty just as I updated my Iphone

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    I totally agree with your comments and have notice that not all my comments have been posted, so someone is reading this forum apple would rather push the new mini ipad for the Xmas sales and spend money on advertising than fix the ongoing problems that everyone is having.

    My iPhone was the best phone I have had,but now is of no use to me whatsoever, having no Bluetooth means I can't use it in the car anymore, so I'm now going to have to get another phone, also I can't use it for photo sharing with my ipad. I was looking at getting a mac but all these problems have put me off

  • Steelers211 Level 1 (0 points)

    So does anybody know when ( or if at all ) apple will be fixing this bug?

  • bluecrab1 Level 1 (0 points)

    A workaround is to disable Wi-Fi. With Wi-Fi disabled, bluetooth audio streaming no longer drops out every 30 seconds or so.

  • highlandjock Level 1 (0 points)

    Still doesn't work

  • highlandjock Level 1 (0 points)

    The more people that get involved the better send email w a t c h d o g, I have to write it this way or it be deleted

  • bluecrab1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I tested this with my iPad3 (iOS 6) last night and it worked flawlessly.



    iPad3 streaming music (via iTunes/Music) via bluetooth to my home stereo (which has a bluetooth receiver).



    With WiFi enabled, the music would drop for 1-2 seconds about every minute or two. Very annoying.



    With WiFi disabled, the music played perfectly with no drops. Tested for about 30 minutes and playback was flawless.


    In both tests, I also had cellular data (LTE) disabled.


    Maybe it's a network issue. Try disabling WiFi *and* cellular to see if that helps.

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    It's my iPhone that won't connect bluetooth, on the page where I switch it on/ off, it works but navigate off the page it switches off. Even on the page it doesn't search for other devices, 1000's of people are having the same problem

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    A workaround is to disable Wi-Fi. With Wi-Fi disabled, bluetooth audio streaming no longer drops out every 30 seconds or so.


    This above solution posted here makes no sene at all if you like to stream from a radio station or from pandora.

    This is a really frustrating situation with these drop outs and the fact that apple has not addressed the issue.


    I've never owned any thing put apple computers and products from the apple II c, but I am considering, looking at an android tablet. given this one single and very frustrating issue. Makes using the pad for linking to Bluetooth speakers totally useless.

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