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    Excellent answer and information!

    You have just explained why my wife's i-pain stutters and skips some songs. I have ripped from vinyl and old CDs at highest quality and let itunes control the mp4 to AAC conversion, except this is probably the only thing the Apple doesn't control.


    I googled  "iphone bitrate"  and confirmed this. It also confirmed my belief that the music my kids listened to was flat and lifeless as iTunes flattens the music when it converts to its format.


    Doesn't help bluetooth but does help me solve other problems with my wife's i-pain.

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    The bit rate should make no difference and is a red herring. I have the problem using pandora or live 365 or a radio station application. All of those are at very different bit rates ranging from 32 Kbp/s to 128. None of those rates should make a good Bluetooth connection stutter. All of these sources worked fine before iOS 6. There was also a useless suggestion to shut of wifi to eliminate the problem. That would solve the problem of a stream cutting out for me cause there would be no music to cut out.  :)

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    I have checked Pioneer's firmware support page and an ios6 update is now available. release date was 10/1/13

    My unit is a AVH-2400BT so hopefully full control will now be restored

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    I don't see any update on Pioneers site, drumbro.  Do you have a link to that page?

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    This is the uk page.

    I haven't found how you install it yet though.

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    I too am having the same issue.  New Ipad 4, iOS 6.01, bluetooth will not par with my LG HBS-700 headset.


    Did you ever get a solution to this?

    I am trying to determine if it is the iOS 6.01 upgrade or the new Ipad 4 that is causing a pairing problem.

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    I have successfully updated my NORTH AMERICAN Pioneer AVH-P2400BT using the file from Pioneer's website.  All meta-data is back, all controls are working as befor IOS 6.  The issue of "clogging" when switching from Music to Podcast (because of the new Podcast APP) seems to have been addressed as well.


    Pioneer's instructions for updating (Only available in Windows) are a bit kludgey, but if you read carefully, you can figure it out.


    I D/L'd the update file to a desktop PC running Windows XP.  I don't have a Windows product with Bluetooth capability, so I transferred the file to a USB thumb drive.  I used my wife's MacBook to do the updating, following the Pioneer instruction sheet TO THE LETTER.Also, to make sure there were no interference issues, I POWERED DOWN my iPhone COMPLETELY.


    When it came time to transfer the file from the MacBook to the AVH-P2400BT, I tried to drag-and-drop it from the thumb drive to the "update" folder in the AVH-P2400BT hierarchy.  That did not work - I did get a brief "transfering" dialog window on the MacBook, but nothing actually happened.  I had to use "Send File..." on the MacBook's Bluetooth menu and BROWSE to the update file on the thumb drive and the "update" folder on the AVH-P2400BT hierarchy.  The file began to transfer - That took less than a minute and the AVH-P2400BT display changed to "Updating" after the transfer was complete.  (Yes, there WAS a lost connection error message displayed on the MacBook, following the transfer - Pioneer's instructions say to ignore it.  It's logical, because Bluetooth would have to be turned off to be updated.)


    The "Updating" took a little over a minute, and the display went to "Completed".  After verifying the correct software version, I powered up the iPhone and tested it.  Thank you, Pioneer for taking care of your customers for an issue you didn't cause.


    I am still very disappointed in Apple for "breaking" Bluetooth compatibility.  Pioneer has made it right, but I know from reading all these forums that hundreds of other devices no longer function as desired or expected, and many will have no chance for a firmware update.

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    With iPad 3, IOS 6.0.1 and a Big Jambox, I have the same occasional 1/2 second dropouts when streaming music via WiFi from either Spotify  or TuneIn Radio.  I never have dropouts to the Big Jambox when playing music resident  on the iPad, only when streaming via WiFi.  No problems on iPhone 4 using IOS 5 or with an android cellphone on ICS using the same WiFi and Big Jambox.   This makes streaming via WiFi on IOS6 and sending it to a Bluetooth device useless.

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    I have the same pieces of kit as you and tried all that but if you watch a movie the audio and video are still out of be fair I listened to music for a bit and it seemed fine but I find it can do that for a while and the start skipping again....


    It ends an update from Apple I suspect ...... Any more advice welcome though as like I say the music situation certainly improved!!

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    Android is certainly a better OS now...


    I've skipped iPhone 5, was thinking of 5S...


    leaving iOS is a better choice..

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    More problems from Spain. Can't connect the Bluetooth of my iPhone 5 with any of the iMac devices I have tried:


    iMac 27" with Snow Leopard 10.6.8.

    iMac 27" with Lion 10.7.2

    iMac 27" with Mountain Lion 10.8.2


    The process is similar for all three. The phone is detected, the code appears on the computer and the message to link appears on the phone, but when I say OK on both devices the connection is refused.

    Apple vs. Apple.

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    There is a groundswell of anecdotes about iPhone related bluetooth issues on Twitter. 




    Tweet, retweet, add... make some noise. 

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    Question "solved". Somebody from AppleCare told me that is not possible to link iMac-iPhone 5 via Bluetooth. The only service available for that kind of connection is Internet sharing. For file transfer, as we all know, iTunes is the unique way.

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    The original problem is listed below.  What does 'iMac to iphone 5' have to do with this problem, and why does it solve it?



    So I have an iPhone 4S and IPad 2. I have updated them both to iOS 6 and am having Bluetooth problems on both devices... It connects and plays for about a minute and for some odd reason it cuts out every couple seconds/minutes. I have to keep pausing or skipping tracks in order for the music to play comfortably again. This happens to me on BOTH devices and also happens on my buddies iPhone 4S as well.


    I never had any of these problems in iOS 5... So does anyone know if it could be a bug or how I can fix it?



    Using- Beats  Wireless

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    Yes the uk software update works .. Basically apple updated the Bluetooth in ios6 and it caused all the stereos using the old protocols to stop working .. On my pioneer I could play music but lost control of switching songs on head unit and would not auto play when Bluetooth connects etc like it did with iOS 5


    After I did the update all it back to way it was .. I hope the US update includes showing the song name on the radio but ill take what I get


    Installing the update is kind of a pain I bought a Bluetooth adapter for my pc on amazon for 2 bucks lol


    Windows itself would not connect because of a driver missing for the head unit


    What I did is use the recommend option on the pioneer page installed the third party trial software and after getting it installed just follow the instructions


    Clear memory on head unit get computer connected .. Turn source off go to update then on computer drop the file in update folder you will see head unit go from waiting to installing and then say complete ..


    Then just re pair your phone to head unit

    I recommend deleting connection that is in your iPhone and make a new one that what I had to do to get it to pair


    And that's it its good to go maybe 10 min after you get software etc installed


    As for other devices I recommend researching how to update that's devices firmware also like because it extends beyond pioneer units

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