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  • Drabs61 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thankyou Mr Kucharski, you should go into politics [most of them talk ***** too]


    and there are apparently millions of users who now have issues since the update.  I don't have a Samsung because I like the iPhone and iPad.  The software writers could sit down and recify this issue if they wanted.

  • DP48 Level 1 (0 points)

    My Iphone5 worked great with bluetooth in my Audi A5...about 1-2 weeks ago it nolonger will load directory and only show number coming in -- no memory for names, past calls, etc., although the phone hands free works


    I've tried deleting the phone and repairing to no avail.  I see the discussion here...what's the it the software upgrades?  The upgrade that just came out is no better.


    what's the story?  What to do?

    thanks anyone.

  • fresh1treuk Level 1 (0 points)

    if you want to  pair a Pioneer MVH-8300BT car radio.


    Here is the solution :


    Try pairing in Safe Mode. It works. Once done, you can use your iphone in normal mode. It will automaticaly pair when you are in the car. Bluetooth works fine.


    Thanks to everybody in this thread for helping.

  • gerofromronnenberg Level 1 (5 points)

    So I have a JVC KD-R821BT car stereo for about a year or so. Things worked flawlessly with my old iPhone 4s which was on 5.x. Now that I have an iPhone 5 on 6.xx, I'm still able to pair and unpair, hear music via Bluetooth without any dropouts. I can access my phone book and I can still make and receive phone calls via my car stereo. All of this without having to jailbreak/safe mode/whatever.


    But here's my thing - although I said I can make and receive phone calls via the JVC/Bluetooth/iP5, this function is next to useless since I got my iP5/iOS 6.xx because the called/calling party reports it can't understand me at all. They report my voice is utterly distorted.


    At first, I was angry about Apple as most of us here are. Then I checked with JVC and found out that since February, they are offering a firmware update for a lot of their models which has "correcting Bluetooth issues" as a single release note. Of course, for my car stereo, there is no update available! So I contacted JVC customer support asking for help. I said that they are obviously aware of that problem due to the fact that there actually are firmware upgrades available for a lot of other models. Brief reply: "At present, there are no firmware upgrades available for your specific model. Statements about further developments are not possible. We regret to not being able to give you any other answer than this."!


    Since I received this answer, I'm not angry with Apple anymore. I realized that Apple obviously upgraded (or at least changed) BT support within iOS to the latest version or something like that and that JVC actually are the ones NOT following that BT development, at least not on my specific car stereo model, even though they could which is proven by making firmware upgrades available for other models. Most likely, this is where my problems arise from. I don't know anything about backwards compatibility between Bluetooth versions, but it seems obvious that there is no backwards compatibility here.


    The thing bugs me most is that it wouldn't help to get a new car stereo. Who knows - the BT support within iOS may change again in a couple of weeks or months, and if there weren't any firmware upgrades for a possible new car stereo (like at present with my old one), I'd be fooled again. And as I'm not willing to spend a couple of hundreds of bucks every few months for a new car stereo, I will leave the situation as it is at the moment. I still hope that there might be a firmware update for my current JVC car stereo someday.


    Happy Easter everyone.

  • William Kucharski Level 6 (14,985 points)

    Have you added more contacts?


    Some with Audi's MMI have reported if you have more than a certain number of contacts, something in the Audi programming overflows.

  • DP48 Level 1 (0 points)

    good thought...had not added but I cut a good number out now...but it will not pick up the directory.  handsfree works but nolonger recent numbers, names, etc.

  • DP48 Level 1 (0 points)

    This is exactly what has happened to my phone over the last few weeks.  new upgrade did not help...

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    Same issues, drops Bluetooth devices. New iPhone 5, just got off phone with Apple support, they told me they could fix the problem, if I was willing to pay them for support??? Unbelievable business practices, getting rid of this thing immediately!

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    I called Apple Support over a week ago regarding this same NEW iphone5 that I updated to ios6.x.x (pick one, because it doesn't matter) iphone4 worked fine and paired, etc...however, I hadn't updated my 4 to this phone won't work in my brand new car (previous phone did)...and won't work with my fairly new AirportExpress in my house to play music...iphone won't show ANY 'discoverable' devices at all!  This guy was supposed to personally call me back regarding this issue (I have a ticket #) last Thursday...never did. I can play music via airport express in my house long as I don't touch the 'bluetooth' option on my phone...then it just 'spins and spins' trying to find a discoverable device and keeps cutting the music out intermittently...same in the cuts out, can't play music in my car...unless I 'delete' my phone from the car and just use an aux cord, then I can play...Apple refuses to think this is an io6 issue at all!  Always blames the firmware...just a coincidence that thousands of people started having this problem?

  • William Kucharski Level 6 (14,985 points)

    Not a coincidence, also not Apple's fault.


    Read the thread and you'll see that this is due to a new standard being used in iOS 6, one that is backwards-compatible with older standards, as long as those standards were properly implemented.

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    If the said "new standard" is implemented correctly by Apple in the phone why I cannot remove my 2009 MBP from the phone's bluetooth list only in Safe Mode?


    Oh wait! Maybe Apple poorly implemented the bluetooth standard in my MBP and therefore it is not compaltible with the iphone's new standard. LOL.


    And if Apple did that, why there is not a single patch for this in the Mac OS? And if they cannot implement the said "new standard" in their own porduct how dare they expect to do that in other manufacturers device? Oh wait! Maybe it's just a serious problem which affetcs a lot of peolple and which needs to ber solved.


    Apple should figure out how solve the problem by themselves. I do not care about standards and other stuff. I just want my phone to work properly. If they have to implement two separate standards or six hundred I don't care. It's not my bussines. They should act because they created the issue. It's that simple.


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    Totally agree with TamasK

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    i just want to add my bluetooth experience.

    I have an iPad 3rd gen and have the same drop outs every couple minutes that drives many other people mad (with a sony bluetooth speaker). I also have an iPhone 5 and everything works fine with it (same OS version).


    So, it shouldn't be the problem of the sony speaker. right?


    I tried another iPad 3 with an old OS (my friend never upgraded to iOS 6) and voila, everthing works fine, no dropout, perfect streaming as it should be.

    Now, i called apple support, discribing my problem and they agreed that its probably an iPad issue. they replaced my iPad, i've got a new one, put back on my image and the iOS 6.x and i had the exactly same problem again.

    So, i think its strongly related to the iOS 6 and specific hardware. I will contact Apple again. I hope they have a better solution soon.

    I am sure there must be some changes from iOS 5 to iOS 6 in the bluetooth implementation, otherwise this problem wouldn't occure with so many devices after the upgrade.

  • William Kucharski Level 6 (14,985 points)

    natophonic wrote:


    chrisfromhove wrote:


    ... supervisor who said Apple could not be held responsible for the performance of third party equipment after software updates....

    Wow... that's the sort of response I'd expect from a 2nd tier Andriod 'compatible' manufacturer, not Apple.




    Apple can't be held responsible for third-party devices.


    It's like complaining to Ford if your Mustang doesn't like fuel from "Joe's Gas Station."

  • bailey#70 Level 1 (0 points)

    William Kucharski wrote:


    natophonic wrote:


    chrisfromhove wrote:


    ... supervisor who said Apple could not be held responsible for the performance of third party equipment after software updates....

    Wow... that's the sort of response I'd expect from a 2nd tier Andriod 'compatible' manufacturer, not Apple.




    Apple can't be held responsible for third-party devices.


    It's like complaining to Ford if your Mustang doesn't like fuel from "Joe's Gas Station."


    Not necessarilly... from my viewpoint it's like having a car that, for years, I was able to fill up at Shell, Texaco, BP. Then one day I take my car in for a service and the dealer fits a device to the fuel pump that stops it working if I use Shell and Texaco, forcing me to use BP, and even then the car runs sluggish when I put the aircon on.


    To recap... under iOS 4 my Bluetooth car kit worked perfectly, under iOS 5 and 6 it doesn't. Who made changes? Apple. Who's fault is it? Apple. Who needs to fix it? Apple. Who's refusing to fix it? Apple.


    Case closed.

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