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So I have an iPhone 4S and IPad 2. I have updated them both to iOS 6 and am having Bluetooth problems on both devices... It connects and plays for about a minute and for some odd reason it cuts out every couple seconds/minutes. I have to keep pausing or skipping tracks in order for the music to play comfortably again. This happens to me on BOTH devices and also happens on my buddies iPhone 4S as well.


I never had any of these problems in iOS 5... So does anyone know if it could be a bug or how I can fix it?



Using- Beats  Wireless

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
Solved by MarkAlex2 on Sep 30, 2013 6:51 AM Solved
I upgraded to IOS 7 and the Bluetooth issues disappeared. My configuration: iPhone 4s, Pioneer receiver with AS-BT200 bluetooth adapter With IOS 5: no issuesWith IOS 6: 1sec drops every 30 to 40 seconds (WLAN enabled); no drops (WLAN disabled)With IOS 7: no issues, even with WLAN switched on I did not change anything on Pioneer side, just upgraded the iPhone to IOS 7 and did not even had to setup the Bluetooth connection again. This leaves the conclusion that it was a software bug in IOS 6.
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    I have the same issue with Bluetooth, but not as frequent as your symptoms.   I have an active post related to this same issue. Created approx. 4hrs prior to your post.

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    So far I have not seen any solution except for going back to (5.1.1) which I really do not feel like doing.

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    I have the same problem on my iPhone and my iPad.. I have another problem on my iphone when I am using my Bluetooth headset and switch over to my car Bluetooth, I lose my blue tooth connection to both.


    All of these problems happened after I upgrade to iOS6. The only option that I have right now is to go back to iOS 5.1.1


    Apple always has problems with all the wireless connections on the new devices or operating systems.. I remember iPhone 4 problems

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    I have a similar issue with ios 6 but mine simply doesn't read. I have a pioneer AVH 2400BT radio installed in my car which is licensed by apple for iPod connectivity. So I was very confused to learn that after updating my phone, the Bluetooth setting could no longer display weather or not the phone was connected at all but would still play audio. The biggest issue I have with this is that I can no longer control the audio through the radio, I would have to manually use my phone to know what my car is playing and to take phone calls, all of this with a apple licensed product? Needless to say I'm very disappointed.

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    I have several Bluetooth audio devices and all of them are having the audio skipping or stopping issue with my iPhone 4S and my 3rd gen iPad. Many other people are having the same issue. I already tried deleting the association between the devices and pairing them again but that did not work. I am thinking about trying a reset on the device to see if that resolves it.

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    I also have this problem i listen to alot of music and podcasts that i purchased from itunes and since iv updated my iphone 4 to ios 6, i listen through wireless headphones through bluetooth and its really unnacceptable that this is the case, i really want to downgrade to ios 5.1.1 but i dont know how? :-( as i mainly use my phone for wireless music and it was fine on ios5.1.1.       Grrrrrr.    Please apple help

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    Same problem with me and Dre Beats wireless headphones which are not cheap and a mere week old. I had some sympathy from some guys at Apple but little from their supervisor who said Apple could not be held responsible for the performance of third party equipment after software updates. I pointed out that the 'phones are still featured on the Apple store site as compatible - an effort was then made to say it was because I bought them elsewhere and the model number was wrong by one figure or something - all sounded a bit desperate. Controlled anger from me had the issue raised to one of priority and I am expecting a call in a couple of days. I'll update here accordingly.

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    Yep, the same for me. The sound cuts all the way since the IOS 6 update. Please Apple guys do something quick, we choose to have the best and the most expensive devices on the market to avoid this kind of problem...


  • natophonic Level 1 Level 1

    chrisfromhove wrote:


    ... supervisor who said Apple could not be held responsible for the performance of third party equipment after software updates....

    Wow... that's the sort of response I'd expect from a 2nd tier Andriod 'compatible' manufacturer, not Apple.


    I'll call in as well, and mention that it's happening not just with my setup (Logitech speaker adapter PN 980-000540, worked wonderfully with iOS 5 and iPad 3 and iPhone 3GS), but all the other combinations listed here as well.

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    I too will add my voice to the chorus of complaints about dropouts with the new is. My Bluetooth speakers bought only a week ago worked fine under iOS 5 but dropout every couple of minutes with the update.


    Some functionality issues with control via a Bluetooth device might ... Might  .... Be understandable with older devices and an update, but dropouts of an audio signal make a recently purchased device totally unusable.


    I too bought an I pad because it had the quality reputation that I felt justified the extra price. But this *****. BTW. This is the first time I have complained in a forum about an apple product since I bought my first IIc back in the dark ages. Never had a reason to complain before. :(

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    I have just upgraded to ios6. In my car the Bluetooth connection (for handsfree phoneing) was fine until this (BMW 5Series professional audio with Bluetooth). Now I can't hear the other party, but the radio is keep on sounding. Restart, re-pair the phone is done, but the still have the problem.

    Please fix it, because this is a must have thing.

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    I have same problem. Since upgrading to ios6 on iPad 3rd gen my Sony and Motorola Bluetooth headphones keep losing audio for a second or two every few minutes during video playback. Very annoying.


    Given it effects multiple BT devices from diverse manufacturers then the problem is clearly the apple BT support.


    You would think they would actually test such fundamental connectivity against a range of devices before release!

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    How can this be allowed i sont know which to throw up the wall first my headphones or my iphone!! Second thoughts bye bye iphone i reckon it would be, im so ****** off about this could kill the leader haha

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